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The Skylanders Universe Expands with New Light and Dark Elements

For the first time ever, new classes of heroes of villains will arrive in Skylands.

By Scott Lowe on December 17, 2014 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

Ever since Skylanders first launched in 2011, the heroes and enemies of Skylands have always fallen into one of eight elemental categories — Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Magic, Tech, Life, and Undead. Now, for the first time ever, the universe is expanding with the introduction of two entirely new character classes: Light and Dark.

The new Light and Dark elements are marked by the arrival of two new Trap Masters, Knight Mare and Knight Light, which will allow players to unlock and explore new levels within Skylanders Trap Team, reveal new story details, and battle new, never-before-see villains. While there are plenty of new environments and enemies to discover, chief among their new adversaries are Luminous and Nightshade — powerful members of Kaos’ Doom Raiders.

Knight Mare and Knight Light will be offered as part of new Elemental Quest Packs, arriving at Toys”R”Us® stores nationwide starting December 21 for $29.99. The Light and Dark Elemental Quest Packs will include one Trap Master, a new Light or Dark trap, and a location piece that unlocks a special level within Skylanders Trap Team.

Check out the gallery above to get a glimpse at the new in-game characters and Light and Dark toys arriving later this month. For more on Skylanders Trap Team, be sure to follow @SkylandersGame on Twitter.


Level 1

where can I find den

Level 1

I do not understand the mindset behind the limited access of these and other pieces.  The store employees and sharks out there buy them up in bulk and turn around to sell them for 2 and 3 times the list price making more profit than the producers or the store.  Where is the since in this.  Maybe we should just boycott the whole mess.

why can't I find the trap team pieces that were to be released. very, very limited supply. only one ore two pieces per store at a time.  how are grandparents going to be able to buy the items you said are released when you have store employees buying them up before we even get a chance.?????????

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