The Rank Up Report #44: A Guide to Season Five’s Officer Challenges Part Two: Completing the 10 Toughest Objectives

Our Lead Writer gives you the tips that can help you complete the Season Five Officer Progression and breaks down how to beat the 10 hardest challenges out of the 100.

The Rank Up Report #44: A Guide to Season Five’s Officer Challenges Part Two: Completing the 10 Toughest Objectives

Our Lead Writer gives you the tips that can help you complete the Season Five Officer Progression and breaks down how to beat the 10 hardest challenges out of the 100.

Operation: Rank Up Report #0044

Day 315 – 14:24:08 PST

Somewhere in California

AGB – Lead Writer

Howdy, Operators.

After taking a week off, the Rank Up Report is back just in time to wrangle in the toughest challenges of Season Five.

Let’s get to ranking up:

Operator of the Week

In (belated) celebration of his debut bundle, Morte is this Rank Up Report’s Operator of the Week.

I’ve written plenty about this Italian stallion and his love for the Old West,  in this feature which is a must-read if you haven’t checked it out already.

He, as well as the other featured Operator, is holding this week’s Gunsmith Custom Creation of the week.

Who is also featured? Shadow Company’s Roze in her ‘Near Dark’ skin. Earn it by completing her Operator Challenges available at Tier 100 of the Battle Pass. 

Top Rank Up Tip – The 10 Toughest Challenges of Season Five

Three reports ago, I detailed my stacking method for completing Season Five Officer Challenges quickly. Through that, a majority of those challenges can be completed “naturally.”

This week, I tackle the remaining and difficult few – the ten challenges where a bit more planning or skill is required for completion, with the rewards for doing so being a ton of XP and that sweet, badass animated emblem.

Weapon Pickup – Get 50 Kills with weapons from other players – Rank 70 (15,000 XP)

This requires remembering to pick up an enemy’s weapon after taking them down.

I’ve found that in Warzone, most players gravitate towards the “meta” of fast firing assault rifles and LMGs, or a sniper rifle. 

Therefore, this challenge is scarier than it appears. It’s only a matter of time played and picking up enemy weapons before its completed.

Quad Killer – Get 5 Quad Feeds (4 uninterrupted kills in the kill feed) – Rank 79 (12,000 XP)

Although I featured this type of challenge before, I have a new strategy for it:

Play party or non-core Multiplayer modes.

These allow for more opportunities for asymmetric combat that weighs in your favor, such in Drop Zone where Care Packages with high-end Killstreaks can be captured and used whenever. 

Go outside the “comfort zone” of traditional modes, and it may be easier to get those four uninterrupted spots in the kill feed.

In completing this challenge, you’ll most likely conquer another tough one at Rank 150: Fury Killer: Get 2 Fury Kills (4 rapid kills) (1,500 XP). Basically, it’s the same thing, except those four kills don’t have to be back-to-back in the feed.

Moving on… 

Finisher – Execute 2 Finishing moves – Rank 93 (1,500 XP)

Finishing moves require you to get behind an enemy and hold down the melee button.

This, in theory, is tougher to do in Warzone, but I have three solutions for that:

1. Teammate distractions, so an enemy can be snuck up behind.

2. Parachuting in right behind an enemy player, because you never know when they are oblivious to signs of an Operator dropping in nearby.

3. Riot Shield. Block bullets until that enemy’s reserves are depleted, then eliminate them with one simple Finishing move.

Quickscopes – Get 50 Quickscope kills – Rank 94 (12,000 XP)

I put this here because not everyone knows how to quickscope effectively.

Quickscope kills involves hitting a target in less than a second after “scoping in,” or aiming down sights.

Due to their handling properties and the aggressive style of play needed to complete this challenge, lever-action and bolt-action marksman rifles, such as the one I’m going to detail in the Gunsmith Custom Creation of the Week, are best for racking up 50 quickscope kills quickly. 

Equipment Dismantler – Destroy 25 pieces of enemy equipment – Rank 118 (9,000 XP)

The Spotter perk is key to completing this, as it highlights nearby enemy equipment pieces in bright red light. 

In using that perk within a loadout, you can also knock out the Rank 122 challenge Spotter (Equip the Spotter Perk and Destroy a total of 10 Enemy Killstreaks, Equipment and Vehicles, 3,000 XP reward)

Building heavy locales, such as Downtown Verdansk, are usually great places to put lethal equipment traps.

Try landing down there if you usually don’t see an abundance of Proximity Mines and other equipment pieces at your favorite usual landing spot.  

Speedster Hipfire – Get 2 Hipfire Kills within 60 seconds of each other 7 times – Rank 146 (6,000 XP)

This challenge is all about getting into close-quarters engagements, but it’s even easier to complete when using weapons, attachments, and tactics that aid in reducing hipfire spread.

In most cases, the 5mW Laser and the Merc Foregrip are the two most effective attachments in increasing hipfire accuracy.

Equip those, or equivalent attachments, on an SMG or shotgun, which are built to be hipfired, and crouch or prone to get an even more accurate spread when engaging in CQB combat.

Or, if you want to stack challenges, use a Sidearm that has the Akimbo weapon perk equipped for double the firepower while aiming from the hip. That way, you’ll also be chasing the challenge at Rank 152 (Secondary Hipfire – Get 15 Hipfire kills with your Secondary – 6,000 XP reward)

Popcorn – Kill 2 or more enemies with a single piece of lethal equipment 3 times – Max Rank (1,500 XP)

Destroying vehicles by using a C4, or other lethal equipment, will count towards this challenge.

See a duo or a squad on a vehicle without a Trophy System on it while roaming throughout the Warzone? Chuck some C4, activate it once it lands on or near it, and get the popcorn out while watching some sparks fly.

Gunsmith Custom Creation

If you haven’t already gotten Morte’s debut bundle, consider picking it up. It includes two weapon blueprints with red, white, and green tracer fire, with one being a marksman rifle known as the “Sagauro.”

This is also the weapon platform for a blueprint released during the Games of Summer, “Sporting Precision,” which is kitted for accuracy rather than speed.

Now, let’s take these two blueprints, add in two more from Season Two, and put them all together to create an accurate, yet still quick and flashy, lever-action marksman rifle creation.

First, we’re using the Saguaro blueprint as our base weapon, solely to keep the   tracer fire.

Next, we’re putting on the Monolithic Suppressor, which boosts range, and Tac Laser, which decreases ADS speed and increases steadiness while aiming and aim walking, stylized to how they are found on the Sporting Precision Blueprint.

Finally, the Season Two blueprints: I dug out the Brushstroke blueprint, found at  Tier 76 of the Season Two Battle Pass, for the optic and barrel attachments. The Thermal Optic gives the ability to see non-Cold Blooded enemies through smoke, and the FSS 20.0” barrel moderately increases range and recoil control. 

The other one is the Walking Stick blueprint, which came from the ‘Out in the Bush’ bundle. From that weapon, I took its Rubberized Grip Tape, which helps with recoil control significantly.

As for the name – Papa Precise – I like alliteration and ran out of room for “Papa Precision” when entering a name.

In summary, this configuration is all about landing precise, heavy-hitting shots at a mid-to-long range distance, all while being able to re-center aim quickly and cut through smoke.

Ideally, your squadmates will help soften up targets as you line up each shot, pull the trigger, then adjust to the next target. This weapon can only chamber six shots at a time, but that’s technically enough to wipe an entire trio single-handedly.

Whether you’re ready to master this Gunsmith Custom Creation or use one of your own this weekend, I’ll see you online.

Stay frosty.


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