Designed for Engagement: Black Tie Affair, Black Cat, and Catacombs

Speed is the word in part two of a closer look at Season Five Battle Pass blueprints including strategies, tactics, and tips on using them in your Warzone™ loadouts.

Designed for Engagement: Black Tie Affair, Black Cat, and Catacombs

Speed is the word in part two of a closer look at Season Five Battle Pass blueprints including strategies, tactics, and tips on using them in your Warzone™ loadouts.

Season Five is well underway, and the Shadow Company is proving themselves a worthy new adversary. Join the new mercenary group in their fight for Verdansk and look good while doing it with these three weapon blueprints we’re highlighting from the Season Five Battle Pass system.   

Read on for three suggested Warzone loadouts featuring these blueprints so you can hit that victory screen with ease.

Strike in Style with the Black Tie Affair

Primary Weapon: Black Tie Affair (Earn Free at Tier 55)

Secondary Weapon: Renetti with Mk3 Burst Mod

Perks: Cold-Blooded, High Alert, Amped

Equipment: Gas Grenade, Proximity Mine

Field Upgrade: Deployable Cover (*Field Upgrades are only useable in Plunder)

Get classy with this sleek black marksman rifle blueprint outfitted for snappy long-range engagements. Hit distant targets using the Sniper Scope optic and pull up your weapon fast with the combined FTAC Sport Comb and Stippled Grip Tape offering improved aim down sight speed. For the fourth and fifth attachments, consider the Tac Laser for even faster handing and the Singuard Custom 21.2” barrel for a lightweight increase to damage range and bullet velocity.

When the enemy closes in, swap to the burst-fire Renetti or switch it out for another weapon in the field. Add in Cold-Blooded to stay off enemy thermal optics and to negate High Alert from giving up your position when scoping in on a target. Pick High Alert to notify you when another sniper or flanker gets you in their sights and use Amped for rapid weapon swapping when you need to switch from your rifle fast. Place the proximity mine in the path of pursuing vehicles and throw down the gas grenade to block enemies from getting to you when you need to make a run for it.

This is a great loadout for squads on the move. With the Black Tie Affair’s snappy target acquisition, you’ll be prepared to respond to sudden threats in a flash. 

Pounce on Your Enemies with the Black Cat

Primary Weapon: Black Cat (Tier 71)

Secondary Weapon: The Gallows (Tier 38)

Perks: Cold-Blooded, Overkill, Tracker

Equipment: Smoke Grenade, Molotov Cocktail

Field Upgrade: Dead Silence (*Field Upgrades are only useable in Plunder)

This one’s for the players who like to get up close and personal. The Black Cat assault rifle blueprint is all about handling speed so that you can keep up the pressure as you push toward the enemy position. The 8.1” Compact Barrel and Skeleton Stock improve your aim down sight and movement speed, while the 5.45x39mm 30-Round Mags ups your fire rate and recoil control. Snap onto close targets with the G.I. Mini Reflex, and switch mags fast using Sleight of Hand.

No time to reload? Swap to the Gallows SMG to finish the job. When you need to close in on the enemy, Double Time provides extra tactical sprint duration so you can get into a flanking position fast, and Tracker helps you hunt down any fleeing enemies. Your equipment is focused on disorientation — pop the Smoke Grenade when you need to cover your tracks across long distances and use the Molotov Cocktail to block escape routes or to force the enemy out of their position.

This loadout shines in clearing buildings and collecting loot and Contracts. Don’t get stuck out in the open or you risk going up against stronger ranged weapons. Take the fight to them instead, always pressing forward and pushing for the initiative. 

Blast them Down to the Catacombs

Primary Weapon: The Catacombs (Tier 76)

Secondary Weapon: Meltwater (Tier 65)

Perks: Quick Fix, Restock, Shrapnel

Equipment: Stim, Frag Grenade

Field Upgrade: Trophy System (*Field Upgrades are only useable in Plunder)

This skull emblazed legendary LMG blueprint turns expectations upside down with a configuration that performs best up close. The FTAC 8.98”, No Stock, and 30 Round Mags all work toward improved movement speed and aim down sight speed, while the Merc Foregrip and 5mW improve hip fire accuracy for those tight engagements when spraying is called for over precise aiming. This LMG’s got SMG envy, and it works.

For your secondary, we’ve opted for the Tier 65 Meltwater handgun, boasting an impressive 32 Round Mag for suppressive pistol fire when your LMG is empty and you need to keep that pesky enemy off your back. Overwhelm the enemy position with your Shrapnel-improved frag grenades — don’t be shy, because Restock will fill you back up between fights. Stim and Quick Fix keep you in top shape during heated engagements, so keep up the aggression and don’t let up.

This loadout is especially fun in Plunder, where you can really press the enemy without losing too much if you’re taken out. Get in there, create chaos, and force the enemy back.

Blueprint Specific Tips for Warzone

1.     For greater versatility at the expense of long-range targeting, switch out the Sniper Scope for the Scout Combat Optic on the Black Tie Affair. Combined with the blueprint’s rapid target acquisition, you’re one elite sharpshooter not to be messed with.

2.     Pick up a Most Wanted Contract and make the enemy come to you when using our suggested Black Cat loadout. Post up in a close-quarters locale where you can blast incoming enemies with your dual primary weapons, making them sorry they ever crossed your path.

3.     Yearning for more ammo with the Catacombs blueprint while wanting to maintain its close up lethality? Consider switching 30 Round Mags for Stippled Grip Tape. Your reload speed will take a hit, but you’ll maintain the blueprint’s quick handling speed.

4.     Are you the cautious type who prefers your tried and true loadouts? Pick one of the above loadouts and warm up in a Multiplayer Ground War playlist. You’ll get the wide open feeling of Warzone with constant respawns so you can tinker with your kit until it’s right where you want it to be…

5.     …and don’t stop tinkering even then. The more you experiment with your blueprint’s attachment spread, the greater the possibilities you’ll encounter in finding that perfect sweet spot for every Warzone playlist.

Purchase the Season Five Battle Pass and progress through the tiers to get these three distinct weapon blueprints alongside other goods including Operator skins and missions, vehicle skins, the Legendary Nevermore Finishing Move, 1300 Call of Duty points, and the newest Operator — Shadow Company leader Lerch. Preview all the goods of the Battle Pass by visiting the Battle Pass tab in-game. 

Want more information on Warzone? Read the Free Official Warzone Strategy Guide for over 250 tips, an interactive atlas of Verdansk, strategies on game modes, and more. 

We’ll see you online. 


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