Designed for Engagement: Black Adder, Fracas, and Tarpon

Part one of a closer look at Season Five Battle Pass blueprints including strategies, tactics, and tips on how to use them in your Warzone™ loadouts.

Designed for Engagement: Black Adder, Fracas, and Tarpon

Part one of a closer look at Season Five Battle Pass blueprints including strategies, tactics, and tips on how to use them in your Warzone™ loadouts.

Season Five is in full force and the Shadow Company needs recruits to get Verdansk under control. To show we mean business, we’re highlighting three weapon blueprints from the Season Five Battle Pass that can help you send your enemies straight to the Gulag.

Read on for three suggested Warzone loadouts featuring these blueprints so you can hit the ground running.

Strike and Clear with the Black Adder

Primary Weapon: Black Adder (Tier 8)

Secondary Weapon: Phantom Limb (Earn Free at Tier 1)

Perks: Kill Chain, Pointman, Spotter

Equipment: Heartbeat Sensor, Frag Grenade

Field Upgrade: Dead Silence (*Field Upgrades are only useable in Plunder)

Play the vanguard for your squad using the hard-hitting Black Adder. This Epic weapon blueprint is kitted out for range and accuracy with a four attachment spread including the Monolithic Suppressor for extended range and sound suppression, the Merc Foregrip and Rubberized Grip Tape for improved recoil control and hip fire accuracy, and the PBX Holo 7 Sight for a wide, clear picture that performs well in close and mid-range fights. For the fifth attachment, consider Sleight of Hand for a faster reload speed or the Tac Laser to speed up weapon handling.

Swap to the Phantom Limb when fighting up close or during a heated skirmish when reloading your primary will take too long. Use Kill Chain to find more killstreaks in Supply Boxes, and Pointman to award your squad more Cash when completing missions. Pair Spotter and the Heartbeat Sensor to root out enemy camps and lead your attack with a well-aimed Frag Grenade. In Plunder, activate Dead Silence on your way in to avoid giving up your position.

This loadout is great for players who like to loot and clear out buildings and take the lead on Contracts, particularly Bounty Contracts since you’ve got two silenced weapons making it more difficult for the enemy to peg your location right away. Try it out in Plunder for big payouts.

Snipe on the Move with the Fracas

Primary Weapon: Fracas (Earn Free at Tier 21)

Secondary Weapon: The Gallows (Tier 38)

Perks: Cold-Blooded, Overkill, Amped

Equipment: Stim, Throwing Knife

Field Upgrade: Stopping Power Rounds (*Field Upgrades are only useable in Plunder)

Just because you’re sniping, it doesn’t mean you can’t move. Exhibit A: the Legendary Fracas blueprint, free for all players upon reaching Tier 21. This powerful sniper rifle switches out the usual long-range optic for the faster handling and mid-range 3.5x magnification Cronen C480 Pro Optic. Tac Laser further improves handling speed, and Focus keeps you on target even under fire. When you still need to take that long shot, crouch or go prone for better recoil control via Bipod, paired with extended damage range using the Monolithic Suppressor.

With Amped, you can rapidly swap to the Gallows SMG blueprint picked up via Overkill for situations where the Fracas is too slow. And when you’re caught in a sniper battle, Cold-Blooded will keep you from lighting up on thermal optics. Use Stim to top up your health and recharge your Tactical Sprint, and the Throwing Knife for quick kills when you need to finish the job fast.

This is a great loadout to try in the newly opened Stadium. Stick to the outer hallways where there are views toward the pitch so you can take down players with the Fracas, and then pull back and switch to the Gallows when their squadmates come looking for you.

Support Your Team with the Tarpon

Primary Weapon: Tarpon (Tier 35)

Secondary Weapon: RPG-7

Perks: Double Time, Restock, Tune Up

Equipment: Smoke Grenade, Thermite

Field Upgrade: Trophy System (*Field Upgrades are only useable in Plunder)

100 rounds per magazine with extreme accuracy? Yes, please. The Epic Tarpon blueprint is not to be messed with, complete with the Muzzle Brake for recoil stabilization, the Operator Foregrip and Rubberized Grip Tape for improved recoil control, and the Tac Laser to maintain a solid aim down sight speed. Consider an optic for the fifth attachment for greater precision at range, or perhaps the XRK Ultralight barrel attachment for snappier handling. 

Keep up with your team — or the enemy — with Double Time, and maintain a regenerating supply of Smoke Grenades and Thermite via Restock. Use the Smoke Grenades to cover your movements and Thermite along with your launcher to scare off enemy vehicles. And in the unfortunate case of a squadmate going down, Tune Up gets them back on their feet fast.

This loadout shines in a supporting role and can be especially fun when travelling around in a vehicle. The combination of an LMG and launcher gives you the suppressive and explosive power to take on whole squads at a time, even when they’re gunning after you in their own ride. Great for aggressive teams who move fast and pursue a high kill count.

Blueprint Specific Tips for Warzone

1.     Consider the 30 Round Mags attachment for the Black Adder if its default 20 rounds feels too restrictive in sustained firefights. It’ll cost you some handling speed, which you can help negate by switching out the Rubberized Grip Tape for the fast handling Stippled Grip Tape.

2.     Fracas feel a bit too slow for aggressive sniping? You don’t need the Focus perk if you’re not getting shot. If you’re confident in your movement and patient about starting engagements, Sleight of Hand might be the better choice.

3.     All aboard! If you really want to have fun, equip the Tarpon and hop on the train. Sure, it’s tricky to aim when you’re moving on the track, but with such a hefty magazine you’ve got plenty of chances to land the shots that count.

4.     Overkill too overkill? If you’re an active looter, save the Perk 2 slot for another ability. Better yet, pick up a Scavenger Contract early on and you’re likely to find a powerful match for your blueprint primary.

5.     If you’re just starting out with one of these loadouts, consider jumping into Plunder so you’ve got the full kit right at the start and after each respawn. Work out all the kinks and make the necessary adjustments for your playstyle so you know exactly what to do when the Loadout Drop lands in Battle Royale.

Purchase the Season Five Battle Pass and progress through the tiers to get these three distinct weapon blueprints alongside other goods including Operator skins and missions, vehicle skins, the Legendary Nevermore Finishing Move, 1300 Call of Duty points, and the newest Operator — Shadow Company leader Lerch. Preview all the goods of the Battle Pass by visiting the Battle Pass tab in-game. 

Want more information on Warzone? Read the Free Official Warzone Strategy Guide for over 250 tips, an interactive atlas of Verdansk, strategies on game modes, and more. 

We’ll see you online. 


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