Warzone™ Mastery: Verdansk Subway System (Metro)

An all-new fast-travel system is coming to Warzone, and we have the tips needed to master this subterranean system.

Warzone™ Mastery: Verdansk Subway System (Metro)

An all-new fast-travel system is coming to Warzone, and we have the tips needed to master this subterranean system.

As shown in a recent trailer, Farah and Nikolai have brought the Verdansk Subway System, known locally as the Metro, back to life in search of Al-Qatala members hiding underground.

With this transportation system fully operational at the start of Season Six, all operators in Verdansk can now use it to get around the Warzone faster than ever before between numerous points of interest. And of course, there is now a few new areas to explore, complete with Supply Boxes and loose loadout items which can get your whole squad on the right track towards victory.

This is your Warzone Mastery guide to the Verdansk Subway System:

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Lay of the Land – Verdansk Subway System 

At the start of every Warzone match, the Metro will have a number of open stations to explore. All of them have the same layout, thanks to the massive urban planning initiative Verdansk underwent when these were first constructed.

From the ground level, head down a large staircase set and hop past a set of turnstiles to reach the first landing. Here, a set of archways and a tiled wall breaks up an otherwise open space that leads to an inaccessible ticket office. 

Once down at this landing, turn left or right to find a staircase down to the station’s platform, where old posters are plastered onto the walls along with a handy graphic that marks what station an operator is currently at.

The platform itself is broken up into two halves, with each side dedicated to a different direction of the subway line. Both sides have a small room, such as an employee break area or equipment closet, that can be accessed via double doors. Nearly every one of these rooms also has a near escape ladder, which leads up to a hole on the surface a few dozen meters from the main subway staircase entrance.

Whether it’s in these rooms, on the platform, or even back at the previously accessible ticket office landing area, there is the potential for items, Supply Boxes, and Contracts to populate these otherwise abandoned subway stations. 

After scavenging for items, head to the main platform and hop aboard the subway to access the new fast travel system. Trains will arrive frequently at each station during their journey around the map in a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion through the following locales in order:

Each train’s interior design may not have been updated since this system was first built, but despite their “retro” appearance, they are still equipped with some state-of-the-art technology that mitigates issues involving the circle collapse and combat.

Specifically, a subway train will not move to a station that is under the effects of the circle collapse. This avoids a situation of a squad hopping aboard a subway that leads to an untimely death… unless, of course, it’s at the hands of another squad waiting at the next station.

Speaking of fighting, there is no room for roughhousing onboard the Metro. In fact, the subway will not move at all if there is any conflict on board, or between the train and the platform, so keep fighting to the platform, stairwells, and outside the station.

Top Ten Tips

In summary, here’s how you and the whole squad can master the Verdansk Subway System:

10. The Fastest Way to Get Around Verdansk. At its core, this is a smart fast travel system that can be used by any and all operators. While not a massive new zone in terms of surface area, expect its impact on getting around Verdansk to be game-changing.

9. The One True Safe Area. Remember that the subway will not move if there is fighting aboard a subway train or between it and the platform. Use this limited downtime to reload weapons, swap items around the squad, or just take a breather before getting out at the next stop.

8. Mind the Gap. This almost goes without saying, but don’t try to step onto the subway tracks. Not only is it a recipe for death, but your squadmates will most likely be unable to pick up any belongings after your misadventure.

7. Leave No Corner Unchecked. Much like other interior spaces around Verdansk, there are plenty of item gathering opportunities within each subway station. Especially in those small rooms on the platform level, there is now more to these metro stations than what appeared on the surface.

6. In Case of Emergency, Use Ladder. The escape ladders found at every Metro station can either be used as an alternative entrance to the fast travel system, or as an emergency exit in case fighting underground becomes unbearable. However, because these ladders lead to holes on the surface, be extra careful around the subway stations, or you might step over an escape hatch and take an embarrassing trip to the Gulag.

5. Detours and Flank Routes. These tunnels were key for AQ forces moving around Verdansk quickly without much of a trace. Using the subway system as they did could be a great strategy, as riding the subway for a few stops and popping back up across the map may help your squad shake an enemy team in pursuit or catch a high value target.

4. The Express Track for Contract Completion. Along with avoiding Bounties, the fast travel system could help with a few contracts that may require travel around the map. For example, a Supply Run could lead to a Store mere steps from a station two stops down the line, while Most Wanted Operators can duck into the system to avoid hotly contested zones.

3. Fire in the Hole! Whether it’s down an escape hatch or a set of winding staircases, bounceable equipment pieces, such as Frag and Snapshot Grenades, can be great tools for smoking out enemy players that lurk below the surface. Just make sure that equipment piece will bounce at the right angle down towards the enemy, lest you and the squad be blinded by a mis-thrown Flash Grenade.

2. A Haven for CQB Play. Although larger areas, such as the first-floor landing and station platforms, open up for more mid-range weaponry, SMGs and shotguns can be extremely effective within every subway station. Especially within the stairwells, an operator who isn’t afraid to be up close and personal may find the most success in surviving the Metro.

1. Ambush. Ambush. Ambush. Because of the potential impact of this fast travel system, don’t let your enemies use it for free. If you suspect an enemy squad is underground, try setting up equipment traps in stairwells or surrounding the entrance to catch them as they exit.

For a more in-depth look at Verdansk, check out our Warzone Official Strategy Guide, which features an interactive Tac Map with over 300 points of interest – including the ones at the Stadium – along with tips that span from the initial infil to the Gulag.

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