Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Broadcast

This classic 6v6 map translates perfectly into the modern era. Get strategies and tips for winning your matches no matter your experience.

Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Broadcast

This classic 6v6 map translates perfectly into the modern era. Get strategies and tips for winning your matches no matter your experience.

There’s trouble at the news station, and we’re heading in for the fight. Welcome to Broadcast, a classic Multiplayer map that first appeared in the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Part of the Season Six content offering, Broadcast sets Allegiance and Coalition forces against one another in and around the broadcasting station.

Read on for a full intel briefing of Broadcast, including tips and strategies to beat back the opposition and secure the station.

Lay of the Land

Broadcast is a medium sized 6v6 map centered on the broadcasting station and its parking lot. The station’s main feature is the central broadcasting room where much of the interior action takes place. Access the upper floor via the front lobby or take the back stairs up to the roof. Watch your six in the hallways and side rooms.

The parking lot consists of abandoned vehicles and covered parking spaces in the middle section nearest the broadcasting station, with stone walls and some small buildings on the far end. Snipers can find some good sightlines into the upper station from this back area. Move fast when crossing the middle section as you’re open to fire from multiple angles.

Map Overview

See the following overhead maps for a clear look at Broadcast’s layout as well as objective locations in popular modes. Swipe or click left or right to cycle through them. 

Basic Strategies

Smart, aggressive play helps win matches on this map. Play smart by utilizing power positions at the right moment — cover the main broadcasting room from the meeting room window, or the parking lot from the station rooftop. Play aggressively by keeping on the move. Stay in one place for too long and you’ll be rooted out by enemy grenades and flanking attacks.

Play the map to your weapon’s strengths. Assault rifles compete well across the broadcasting room and in the parking lot where mid-range sightlines dominate, though watch out for snipers scoping in from the back parking lot or the rooftop. SMGs and shotguns shine in the station’s hallways and behind the parking lot walls. Move through the areas where your weapon excels to maintain the upper hand in battle.

Don’t neglect the main lobby as an overwatch position with quick access to interior and exterior views. There’s enough room here to move around so that you don’t become an easy target, and if you’re not surrounded you can fall back to either the station or the parking lot when you need to create some space.

It’s worth fighting for the upper floors, whether you’re inside the station or on its rooftop. You can do well on the ground floor, too, but the height advantage takes out some of the guesswork in figuring out where the enemy might next appear. 

Killstreak Field Guide

For the most part, put away your aerial Killstreaks on Broadcast. There’s too much cover in the station and even the parking lot provides some safe spots. A well-timed strike or Chopper Gunner can do well in objective modes when you need to clear an outside point, but otherwise it’s best to stick with ground-based Killstreaks.

The UAV and Counter UAV remain useful for their obvious advantages, though you can find success with the Care Package as well. Call in the drop behind the parking lot wall when the fight is elsewhere, and you might just get lucky with a high tier killstreak. The Sentry Gun can do well here, too, placed in the main lobby looking out or in a corner of the broadcasting room.

To really support your team, consider running Hardline with the UAV. On a map where it’s so vital to take the right power position at the right time, the extra intel you’ll provide will grant a huge boost to your team’s awareness, and with Hardline it’s possible to call in several UAVs in a match. 

Objective Play

Check out our maps to see where the objectives are located in popular game modes. In Domination, the A Flag sits back in the parking lot by an opening in the wall, while the C Flag is nearer the opposite spawn on the station rooftop. Pick one side to take and defend and then throw all your resources at B, smack in the middle of the main broadcasting room. Once you get it, hold onto it with everything you’ve got.

Switch between loadouts to meet your needs in Hardpoint. For example, take the Hardpoint from the enemy team using an assault rifle along with Shrapnel and frag grenades, then switch to an SMG class with E.O.D. and Battle Hardened once your team gets a firm hold on the point. Learn the rotations so that you can lead the charge to the next Hardpoint before it appears on the map.

In Search & Destroy, the focus is on the broadcasting station with both bomb sites inside. Notice the open skylight above the B site — players can use it to jump down from the roof to the site, or to throw explosives down into the room. With good timing you can even call in a strike to hit players on the site. There are fewer points of entry into the A site, making it slightly easier to defend.

Whatever the mode, be a team player and stick to the objective.

10 Tips

10. Explore Everything. First time here? It’s easy to get caught up in and around the central broadcasting room, but there’s so much more to explore. Check out the rooftop and the upper floor, and get familiar with the parking lot, too. The more space you command, the better.

9. Scan the Room. Try using the Snapshot Grenade to mark enemies in the main broadcasting room or up on the rooftop. Lead with the grenade, note the greatest threats, and then rush in and eliminate them before they can react.

8. Up, Up. We said it above and we’ll say it again: height matters in Broadcast. Use the ground floor to capture objectives and to move from one area to the next but favor the height advantage whenever possible.

7. Shotgun in the Stairs. The stairs connecting the hallway and lower roof are crammed in a small space, perfect for shotgun users to blast enemies at close range. In Domination, you can move between the stairs and the C Flag. But tread carefully and avoid getting pulled into long-distance engagements in the main broadcasting room or the parking lot.

6. Hit Up BCH4 TV in Warzone™. Warzone players will recognize Broadcast’s layout from the BCH4 TV Station located just northwest of Verdansk Stadium. Stop by and loot up in your Battle Royale and Plunder matches so you’re already warmed up when you switch back over to Multiplayer.

5. Smile for the Camera. Pick the Recon Drone Field Upgrade to mark enemies for your team, a valuable asset when determining whether to focus on the TV station or the parking lot. Navigate into the main lobby to tag enemies in both locations.

4. Patch Up with Quick Fix. In heated encounters you’ll fight enemy after enemy and Quick Fix will keep you in top shape after each engagement. You’ll also regenerate health faster while capturing and holding objectives, so get on that point, soldier.

3. Turn it Around. The broadcast station’s hallways and upper floor are prime locations to run into enemy Claymores and Proximity Mines. Use Spotter to find and hack them, turning their lethality on the enemy team.

2. Set Your Spawn. The Tactical Insertion is another valuable field upgrade to consider here. Set your spawn on the rooftop or in the back parking lot. This is especially useful for snipers utilizing long sight lines along the edges of the map.

1. Lights, Camera, Action! Broadcast is a classic Multiplayer map set up for epic gunfights and relentless action. Keep playing, find the loadouts that work best for you, and become the star you’re destined to be. There’s no time like the present.

Stay frosty and see you online. 

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