Warzone™ Mode Recon: Armored Royale

Kick off Season Six in Warzone by dropping into a Battle Royale fought on reinforced wheels. Read up on the official intel for this mode, including tips that can help drive you towards victory.

Warzone™ Mode Recon: Armored Royale

Kick off Season Six in Warzone by dropping into a Battle Royale fought on reinforced wheels. Read up on the official intel for this mode, including tips that can help drive you towards victory.

As part of Season Six in Warzone, combat gets reinforced with powerful armored Cargo Trucks in Armored Royale, the latest Limited Time Mode for this epic free-to-play experience.

In Armored Royale, the Cargo Truck, a notorious vehicle in standard Battle Royale gets a serious upgrade through reinforced armor plating, a built-in turret, and a custom mobile Buy Station for vehicle upgrades in the flatbed.

Here’s everything you need to know about this new mode, which will only be available for a limited time in Warzone:

Armored Royale Overview

Just like a standard Battle Royale Quads, squads of up to four players will infiltrate Verdansk with only a pistol to their name and will have to scavenge for weapons, equipment, and Cash. With the option to bring in their own custom Loadouts via Loadout Drops, squads will encounter and engage enemy squads while avoiding the deadly circle collapse in order to be the last team standing.

Despite these similarities, there is one massive, hulking, and motorized difference between a Battle Royale and an Armored Royale: the Armored Cargo Truck, which brings a few new mechanics that amp up the Warzone formula via heavy vehicular-based combat:

Driving School – Armored Truck Basics

In place of an infil plane, squads will begin the match by dropping over their designated armored Cargo Truck. Its health (“armor” bar )is below that of the entire squad.

This truck comes equipped with plenty of armor plating to reinforce its already strong base health, as well a fortified gun turret located above the driver’s cabin. The high caliber machine gun mounted on this turret can rip through enemy armored vehicles and easily annihilate infantry. The turret is manually controlled by a squadmate regardless of whether someone is driving the truck.

A squad’s strategy for success will be built around their truck, as it holds the key to respawning in this special battle royale. No matter how an Operator dies, if their squad’s truck is still operational and is within the safe area that Operator will re-infil after a short period of time with no fuss, as this mode does not include the Gulag. However, after the sixth circle collapse, all respawns are disabled, so make that life count as you drive (or sprint) towards a potential victory.

As soon as that truck is turned to scrap metal, however, the whole squad loses the ability to respawn. Squads can buy a new truck for a hefty price at a regular Buy Station located around Verdansk, which also offers its standard menu of items it keeps in stock for Battle Royale games.

Upgrades on the Go – Mobile Buy Station

In addition to stationary Buy Stations, squads can also spend Cash at a mobile Buy Station located on either side of the truck below the end of the flatbed. This mobile station differs from a regular Buy Station in that it mostly offers upgrades for the vehicle, specifically:

·      Armor Upgrade – Increases the amount of armor for the truck, allowing it to sustain more damage before it is inoperable.

·      Trophy Upgrade – A Trophy System is added to the vehicle. This system can intercept enemy rockets and equipment pieces. Upon purchase, a small counter will appear next to its icon on the HUD showing how many more projectiles it can intercept before it is destroyed.

·      UAV Upgrade – A radar sensor is added to the vehicle. This radar will reveal enemy positions nearby if they don’t have Ghost equipped, similar to a Personal Radar in Multiplayer.

·      Turret Upgrade – Improvements to the truck’s turret, increasing its overall damage-per-second capabilities.

Each purchase will result in a physical change to a vehicle, as well as a small icon that appears below the truck’s armor bar on the HUD. Munitions Boxes and Armor Boxes can also be bought from this mobile station.

Of course, when the truck explodes, so does the mobile Buy Station, but a truck can still be repaired before it reaches that point of no return.

Keep on Truckin’ – Repairing Your Vehicle

After sustaining damage from enemy squads or via the circle collapse, trucks can be repaired via mobile Buy Station purchase, which adds a small chunk of armor back onto it. Or navigate to a designated Repair Station zone to have repairs down for free.  If a truck hasn’t taken any damage within the past 15 seconds, it can be driven into a Repair Station. Once in the station, any sustained damage will begin to be gradually repaired.  

All Repair Stations are marked on the Tac Map and the overworld with a blue wrench and steering wheel logo. These zones appear at every gas station in Verdansk, as well as a few other areas such as airplane hangers, near white tents, and in other miscellaneous outdoor locations.

When a truck is in a Repair Station, that station’s logo will turn from blue to yellow, which means every squad in the lobby will know that it is in use.

End of the Road (Endgame)

It is entirely possible for a game to end without any remaining trucks or with an epic clash between multiple, fully-kitted out vehicles.

Either way, the circle collapse will limit the playable area, potentially limiting access to Repair Stations and regular Buy Stations while forcing squads to engage with one another.

The last squad standing will win the match, regardless of whether their truck is in pristine condition or has its pieces scattered around Verdansk.

Top Five Tips for Armored Royale

5. Use the Environment to Your Advantage. Cargo Trucks have trouble fitting through dense forests, let alone getting inside most buildings. Keep this in mind both when you are driving the truck around Verdansk, or need to hide from other players if your vehicle is destroyed.

4. Roam if You Want To. Although protecting your squad’s truck is key to victory, nobody is required to stay with their vehicle. A viable strategy could be to have squadmember roam and cause chaos for other squads, softening up their armored vehicles before their own truck arrives at the scene to finish them off.

3. Let Me Upgrade You. From additional armor to a Trophy System that intercepts rockets and equipment, the mobile Buy Station rivals the built-in turret as each truck’s most important feature. Determine what upgrades need to be purchased first based on the game’s flow and set a course to turn that armored truck into a vehicular juggernaut.

2. Wake Up Operators, Let’s Get That Bread. On top of needing Cash to upgrade the truck, it can also result in getting game-changing Killstreaks, squad buybacks, and even a fresh truck at regular Buy Stations. Complete Contracts and find Supply Boxes to increase your squad’s reserves and be prepared to fight for control of areas around grounded Buy Stations due to their increased importance.

1. Come Prepared with Loadout Drops. Explosive equipment pieces, rocket launchers, and FMJ-equipped weapons, especially high-caliber LMGs and assault rifles, are all great against armored Cargo Trucks. Your standard anti-vehicle or anti-Killstreak loadout should suffice if you have one, but if not, it would be wise to create one before dropping into this game mode to potentially increase your Loadout Drop’s effectiveness.

We’ll see you online.

Stay frosty.

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