Captain Price leads the charge in a packed new Season of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® including Warzone

Experience new ways to play and updates for Warzone, join Multiplayer battle in new modes across new maps and earn two free weapons in a content rich Battle Pass system, available for everyone.

Captain Price leads the charge in a packed new Season of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® including Warzone

Experience new ways to play and updates for Warzone, join Multiplayer battle in new modes across new maps and earn two free weapons in a content rich Battle Pass system, available for everyone.

Welcome to Season Four of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.     

The battle is heating up in Verdansk and the Armistice is on the verge of collapse. In an effort to shore up defenses and energize both Coalition and Allegiance forces to keep pushing forward, Captain Price arrives amidst the chaos to help put an end to the ongoing conflict. This is Season Four of Modern Warfare featuring multiple new ways to play including a new Multiplayer map, Ground War battlefield, and Gunfight map alongside more modes for both Multiplayer and Warzone.

The ongoing conflict continues in Verdansk as the opposition’s plans are being slowly revealed. As the enemy is turning Coalition and Allegiance factions against one another, it’s becoming harder to know who to trust. With Ghost and Alex already on the ground in Verdansk, prepare for an even bigger fight alongside new and old friends.  

Here’s a run-down of some of the new modes, maps, and other features that players can expect to see this Season including a host of content that’s FREE for everyone. But first, the trailer:

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Warzone Content: More Ways to Play

Warzone In-Match Updates

During some Warzone Battle Royale matches, be aware of three new twists that can occur. These have an impact on the strategy and approach to gameplay and can happen in any given match without advance notice. When they happen, they will always occur mid-game. E.g. after the first drop kit and before the Gulag closes. Prepare yourself for: ‘Jailbreak’, ‘Fire Sale’, and ‘Supply Chopper’.

A ‘Fire Sale’ temporarily discounts most of the items at a Buy Station up to 80% or even gives items out completely free. A Fire Sale is the perfect time to pick up a UAV, Armor Box for your squad, or even a lethal Killstreak. During a Fire Sale buying back a fallen teammate is completely free. If you’re short on in-match Cash, a Fire Sale might be the best chance to redeploy a squadmate. Note that even during a Fire Sale, Loadout Drops are not discounted. Fire Sales only last sixty seconds, so expect Buy Stations to be crowded and prepare for a fight.

A ‘Supply Chopper’ brings a non-lethal, but heavily armored helicopter to Verdansk. The helicopter will have a lot of health, and it will require a few rounds of bullets and maybe a rocket or two to bring it down. The helicopter will not shoot at you, but make sure that while you’re distracted enemy teams don’t take advantage. Once you destroy the Supply Chopper, it will drop high quality items for players to pick up. This includes three UAVS, two armor boxes and munitions boxes, a gas mask, a grenade launcher, and tons of Cash at a minimum. Supply Choppers leave after a certain period of time, so if you want to take one out start firing right away. Remember, that after taking down a Supply Chopper, you have to collect the spoils. Watch out for enemy teams who might try to take you out during the collection or steal your hard-earned rewards. 

When a ‘Jailbreak’ occurs, all players that have been eliminated will be released back into the match. Whether you were waiting for your 1v1 in the Gulag, or had been relegated to a spectator, now you’ll have another chance. You will get a one-minute notice before a Jailbreak happens to find additional armor or secure a weapon for your returning teammates. Jailbreaks can occur any time during the middle game of a Battle Royale match, so it may be worth it to spectate, just in case. Be mindful that when a Jailbreak occurs, it’s not just your teammates that are coming back, but tons of additional enemies.  

*Note that these will only occur during some matches. A Jailbreak, Fire Sale, or Supply Chopper will not always occur during a Battle Royale match.

Modes, Weapon Changes, and More Updates to Warzone 

Three Limited Time Warzone Modes will debut during the Season:

In Juggernaut Royale, a Battle Royale mode variant, the massive Multiplayer Killstreak drops into Verdansk - three airdropped care packages, specifically, hold the Juggernaut suit. Head to one of the marked locations to capture and don the Juggernaut suit. Once you have it on, you’ll have higher health, a mini-gun, and a sweet music track to accompany you during the Warzone match. You’ll still be able to ride in vehicles and climb ladders, and your zero-fall damage will be accompanied by a ground pound of damage that impacts anyone in the immediate area. If any of the Juggernauts are sent to the Gulag, after a brief delay period, a new Juggernaut care package will be marked on the Tac-Map and deploy into Verdansk. 

Realism in Warzone follows the same rules as the Multiplayer mode. You’ll have a minimal HUD and deal increased headshot damage. Make sure you make the most of it, but fire with precision. 

Expand your squad in an intensive large team battle in Warzone Rumble. Battle in Verdansk in a 50v50 Team Deathmatch face-off. Choose your loadout before you enter a match and work with your squad to secure victory. 

Players will discover a change in weapons as new blueprints make their way to Warzone in varying frequency, allowing you to switch up your approach to battle. Learn the strengths of these weapons to be at your best in Verdansk and consider gravitating toward loadouts that fit your playstyle while you get a better feel of the latest blueprints. 

Plus, free-to-play Warzone users can experience another Multiplayer Free Access Weekend on June 12 at 10 AM PT to June 15 at 10AM PT. It will include the latest 6v6 Multiplayer Maps Zhokov Scrapyard and Hardhat, as well as a few other fan-favorites. In addition, there will also be a Gunfight playlist during the Free Access Weekend featuring seven maps primed for fun, tactical and tension-filled engagements. 

Modern Warfare Content: New Free Maps, Modes, and More

Free Multiplayer Maps for Every Playstyle

This season a trio of new maps arrive at Season Four launch, free for owners of the full version of Modern Warfare. Each new map is crafted for a distinct mode of play – Multiplayer, Ground War, and Gunfight. 

Zhokov Scrapyard – Standard Multiplayer (Launch)

Scrapyard, from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, makes its debut this season, and the small, fun, and frenetic map is just as veterans remember. Watch your six in this resting place for abandoned airplane parts as close quarters combat and even snipers can find success here. Consider equipping your weapon of choice with FMJ to fire at targets through the strewn about airplane hulls and stay on the move as this map is bound to get busy.

Barakett Promenade - Ground War (Launch)

Warzone players will be in familiar territory in Barakett Promenade, the latest Ground War map, available at Season Four launch. No need to worry about listening for the soft hum of chests but stay alert for the sounds of multiple enemies on the map. Take advantage of building rooftops to add some verticality into your playstyle or come ready for close quarters combat and do a clean sweep of the interiors. However, you choose to play, be prepared for the heavy arsenal that typically comes with a Ground War battle.  

Trench – Gunfight (Launch)

As the name suggests, this Gunfight map is a network of interconnected trenches. Although players can exit the trench to move quicker throughout the map, you’ll expose your position to the enemy, so consider your options. Fast reflexes will serve you well with any weapon and be wary of the glint should you face off with marksman or sniper rifles. 

Additional Free Content: Multiplayer Modes and Missions

Three new modes including a classic, are scheduled to arrive during the Season alongside other Multiplayer playlist, moshpits and updates:

In Team Defender, a single player must hold the flag while their teammates defend them. Use communication, intel, and powerful Killstreaks to counter the opposition. 

One in the Chamber, a classic Free-For-All party game, starts players off with weapon and a single bullet. It only takes one shot to down an enemy, but make sure it’s on target or you’ll run out of ammo. Earn additional bullets by getting kills or with a melee attack. You’ve got three lives, so make ‘em count. 

Take out your opponents in All or Nothing. In this Free-For-All mode, players have limited armaments: only a handgun and a Throwing Knife. Aim with precision and get the most kills to claim victory. 

More Missions and Challenges for Multiplayer and Warzone can be found in the Challenges tab to help you progress through the Season’s Ranks. As you do, check the Rank Progression section to find all of this Season’s ribbons, challenges that unlock with each Officer Rank. Max out your Officer Ranks to earn this Season’s weapon blueprint.  

Battle Pass System (Modern Warfare including Warzone) Content

Two Weapons and More Free Content in the Season Four Battle Pass System

The Season Four Battle Pass system features two new weapons – the Fennec SMG (Tier 15) and the CR-56 AMAX assault rifle (Tier 31) that all players in Modern Warfare including Warzone can earn free.

In addition, all players can also earn a Legendary assault rifle blueprint the ‘Blank Stare’, a Legendary watch, an SUV vehicle skin, a Legendary sniper blueprint the ‘Brookside’ for those long Warzone engagements, a Legendary handgun the ‘Gavel’, 300 Call of Duty points, and more. Get these items and more across 20 Tiers of free content, available to be earned in the Battle Pass system just by playing.

The Fennec is a fast-firing SMG with solid accuracy and excellent control. Ideal for close to medium ranged engagements, players can extend the range with the ZLR 18” Deadfall or the ZLR 16” Apex barrel attachments. Let the Fennec shine on closer quarters maps like Rust and Shoot House and progress through the Battle Pass system to unlock a Legendary blueprint in its family at Tier 85. 

The CR-56 AMAX assault rifle is extremely well-balanced with extra heat in the damage category to swiftly put down opponents. With great range and fire rate out of the box, players can kit out this weapon to increase its mobility, handling, and control to fit their playstyle. A Legendary blueprint in its family is available at Tier 100 alongside a vehicle skin, a Legendary skin for Captain Price, and Operator Missions to unlock more skins for Captain Price. 

Level up both of these new weapons to find the best custom configurations for engagements in Multiplayer or Warzone in Gunsmith.

Get More when you Purchase Battle Pass

New Operator: Captain Price, Bravo Six 

Battle Pass: After helping take down Barkov at the end of the Campaign, Captain Price gathers intel on potential recruits for Task Force 141 – an elite squadron of fighters to help take down the Russian terrorist Mr. Z. With both Coalition and Allegiance fighters on the ground in Verdansk, including one of his own - Task Force 141 Operator Ghost, Captain Price joins the fray in this ongoing fight. 

With a Battle Pass purchase, get Captain Price and his Operator Missions instantly at Tier 0 which also includes an Operator skin and Mission for Rodion, a new battle horn customization item, and a 10% XP boost that lasts the duration of the Season. Progress to Tier 100 to unlock Captain Price’s NVG-look with the ‘Nightfall’ skin in a packed tier that includes a Legendary blueprint, a vehicle skin, and more. 

Sound your battle cry with a new customization item - the battle horn. Instantly unlocked at Tier 0 of the Battle Pass, the ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ battle horn plays this familiar anthem when you charge into any fight, after an epic victory, or following a valiant defeat of brave squad mate. May you survive the Gulag and live to fight another day. Play the song by using the battle horn which can be equipped in the Vehicle Customization menu. . 

More skins for vehicles arrive this Season, so players can deck out their rides in Ground War or Warzone with distinct looks. Get five unique skins, each placed throughout the Battle Pass system, one for each of the drivable vehicles in Warzone. The ‘Ambush Alley’ provides a muddy camo to the Cargo Truck and the ‘From the Ashes’ gives the helicopter a flaming new look. Check out all the vehicle skins in the Battle Pass system and equip them in the Vehicle Customization menu.

Across the Battle Pass system players can expand their arsenal with multiple blueprints for a variety of weapon classes. Get the ‘Sunset Hue’ LMG (Tier 18) with a cool blue and purple hue that will ensure you stand out with this high accuracy and high damage LMG. At tier 42 get a white SMG with gold accents, the ‘Glacial Polish’, which can be lethal on the latest Multiplayer map – Zhokov Scrapyard. At Tier 76, players can unlock the Legendary ‘Muckrake’, a marksman blueprint, that has the ability to prove fatal to enemies in Multiplayer or Warzone. Steady your aim with its bipod attachment and fire on opponents at range with lethal precision. 

In addition, players can unlock additional blueprints, XP and Weapon XP tokens, watches, up to 1300 Call of Duty points, and more. Head to the Battle Pass tab at the start of Season Four to get a look at all of the goods available to be unlocked this Season in the Battle Pass system. 

Battle Pass Bundle: Purchase the Battle Pass Bundle which grants access to unlock all 100 tiers and gives you 20 immediately activated tier skips. The Battle Pass Bundle can be purchased at any time throughout the Season. It rewards players on all of their previous tier progression, doling out any unlocked items that were behind locked tiers while advancing them 20 additional tiers up the Battle Pass system. 

New Operators and more in Store

Get even more content in Store throughout the Season including new Operator skins like ‘Bloodletter’ for Nikto, weapon blueprints, and more. Get the details on two new Operators arriving in Season Four:    

Gaz – Sgt. Kyle ‘Gaz’ Garrick returns to Verdansk to join the Armistice, following the events of the Campaign. A British Special forces officer and a member of Task Force 141, Gaz is an expert in prime target eliminations, demolitions, weapons tactics, covert surveillance, and VIP protection.

Roze – an ex-Ranger in the U.S. Military, Roze is a hunter/tracker from the Colorado Mountains. She excels in close combat engagements and joins the Allegiance as a part of the Jackals faction. 

Find Gaz and Roze bundles in Store later this Season.

Remember that purchasing or earning a new skin unlocks the Operator, if they aren’t already a part of your Coalition or Allegiance forces. So, expand your army and get new looks in Store and more throughout the Season.

Modern Warfare Free Trials Content

More XP in Season Trials

Test your skills in Trials. Solo experiences that hone the intangibles and reward XP your efforts. Players can take on these five new Trials this Season:

1. Price’s Alley – Infinite: Sharpen your decision skills while engaging waves of mixed enemies on Crash. 

2. Quad Race: Hop on an ATV and race through the course on Arklov Peak. 

3. Risky Parkour: Parkour through a unique course across diverse maps hitting all the checkpoints along the way on Gun Runner. Beware of the gas on the ground, so do your best not to fall. A further obstacle: prepare to take on this stage at night. Best of luck. 

4. Clear the Area – Eliminate the hostiles and sweep the area on Azhir Cave. 

5. Free Roam Parkour: Jump, vault, and hurdle over, around, and through obstacles on Talsik Backlot as fast as possible. 

Upgrade to the Full Experience

Have yet to drop into the full version of Modern Warfare? Get the Modern Warfare Battle Pass Edition now to experience a suite of Multiplayer maps, experience a thrilling Campaign and play through Special Operations that continue the narrative of Campaign through challenging team-based experiences. 

The digital Battle Pass edition of the comes with the following:

·  The full Modern Warfare game

·  3000 CP – enough for the Season Four Battle Pass Bundle and more

·  Battle Pass system with over 20 free unlockable tiers*

·  A Combat Knife with a custom skin

·  XRK Weapons Pack

Visit, select the Modern Warfare Battle Pass Edition, your preferred platform, and region to get the game. Download to start playing.  

Ready up and enjoy the new content available as part of Modern Warfare Season Four

Stay frosty.


* Call of Duty Points can be used for purchase of Modern Warfare Battle Pass. 

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