Mode Recon: All or Nothing

Begin the fight with bare armaments and take down foes to have it all in this Free-For-All party game mode.

Mode Recon: All or Nothing

Begin the fight with bare armaments and take down foes to have it all in this Free-For-All party game mode.

All or Nothing makes its Modern Warfare debut this Season, and this mode features the same fast-action and novel gameplay as fans remember. For the uninitiated, here’s the plan: You start with a knife and some minimal perks, but have to scavenge, literally, for supplies to keep the pressure on during the fight. 

Read on for rules, strategies, and tips to finding success in All or Nothing.

Rules of Engagement

All or Nothing is Free-For-All mode where players must get 20 kills to win. However, instead of a traditional loadout, all players begin the game with a Throwing Knife (that also acts as a Combat Knife) and an empty handgun. There is no loadout selection, perk selection, Field Upgrades, or Killstreaks. 

The Specialist perk is activated by default and you gain additional perks as you get kills. Scavenger is the first perk you get, and it enables you to pick up ammo from fallen players. From there you can continue using the Throwing Knife (if you retrieved your knives) or employ your handgun.

Anytime you are killed, your Specialist streak restarts and the ammo in your pistol goes back to zero. Winning the game requires you to get 20 kills or be at the top of the leaderboard when the game clock expires. 

Strategies to Give it All

A helpful strategy for All or Nothing is to stay mobile, utilize your active Specialist perks, and never forget about your Throwing Knife. Play a few matches to get accustomed to the cadence of perks you earn and play to their strengths. Tactical Sprint is often severely underutilized, and can be a secret weapon, particularly if your opponent has no bullets. Quickly close distances before executing a throw or use it to sneak up on an unsuspecting opponent and finish them off. 

Even after you’ve gained some ammo, the Throwing Knife is still arguably the strongest part of your arsenal. It’s a quick, one-hit kill that also punishes the enemy by stopping their Specialist streak. Add this lethal equipment to your loadout in other Multiplayer modes or play solo Trials to practice your skills. 

Map Specific Tips

Talsik Backlot

Backlot is a map with a high building density, so that can make it easier to get your first kill. Once you have ammo, find overwatch positions like at the Destroyed Building and easily pick off opponents. 

Shoot House

The Junkyard lane that stretches back to Shanty Town is a dangerous area and a likely spot to fall victim to Throwing Knife kills. If you’re Throwing Knife aim isn’t precise, move through the map on the Containers side. You’ll have some additional cover and something to ricochet your knife throws off of. 


The incline around Elevator Structure and the Cherry Picker zones are the easiest areas to get Throwing Knife kills. Wait until an enemy is mid-way up the path and toss from the top of the incline. Throw slightly in front of your foe if you need a bounce to help you land the kill. 

Key Tips and Tactics for All or Nothing

1. Knife Life. At the beginning of the match, you’ll just be an Operator with your knife. Remember, it’s always easier to thrown down at an opponent or at a distracted or stationary enemy. Lastly, don’t forget about gravity. 

2. Bankshots. Banking a knife kill is not just an epic play; it’s often a necessary strategy, particularly if your throws aren’t perfect. Uses corners inside buildings to ensure one of your ricochets are favorable or bounce off the ground to counter players who may duck or slide. Pre-positioning for an accurate Throwing Knife kill can go a long way in hitting your mark. 

3. On the Move. The only way to collect ammo and take advantage of Scavenger is to move around. You can’t pick up bullets if you stay in one spot, and you don’t automatically earn ammo when you get a kill. In short, if you want ammo… get moving. 

4. Play Your Life. All or Nothing is not a single life mode. However, every time you die you lose your Scavenger perk and are relegating back to the knife life. If knifing isn’t your strength, try to stay alive and go on streaks, otherwise it will be difficult for you to win the game. 

5. Be Aggressive, be be Aggressive. Winning the game requires getting a certain number of kills, and one of the best ways to get kills is to go after them. Consider checking the leaderboard and trying to eliminate the top player. They’ll be forced to play with knives only, and you can use that time to catch up on the scoreboard. 

Have fun playing All or Nothing. We’ll see you online. 

Stay Frosty. 


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