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Guitar Hero Live: Introducing Hero Powers

Learn more about the new power ups launching with Guitar Hero Live on October 20.

By Matt-Clark on July 7, 2015
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The experience of playing music in front of an adoring—or possibly heckling, if you're playing poorly—crowd is at the center of the Guitar Hero Live experience. When the game launches in North America on October 20, you'll feel the pressure to keep nailing those notes to keep the live-action audience happy. And thanks to the redesigned six-button guitar controller, striking a chord feels better than ever. Plus, when you're not playing the rock star fantasy of GH Live, you can switch over to GHTV and enjoy the world's first 24-hour playable music video network.

While GH Live and GHTV offer two completely new ways to play, Guitar Hero Live also preserves series staples, like an evolution of the Star Power feature, now known as Hero Powers. Like Star Power, Hero Powers allow players to engage a temporary modifier to give their performance an edge, but now, there are a variety of unique bonuses to choose from.

If you checked out our previous look at the new six-button Guitar Hero Live controller, you probably noticed the Hero Power Button located on the bridge. You can kick in a Hero Power by simply tapping the button, or take the classic route and tilt the guitar's neck. And instead of just offering one type of power-up, Guitar Hero Live includes a number of different boosts with varying degrees of impact on your playing.

A Hero Power is selected prior to taking on a song and will remain the weapon of choice for the remainder of that track. Choosing when to activate a Hero Power, whether you're looking to raise the audience's excitement while playing solo or boosting past your friend in multiplayer, is a strategic choice. And since Hero Powers are acquired as rewards from playing through the game and attaining high scores, there are more reasons than ever to increase your skills on the frets.

Here's a rundown of just some of the Hero Powers, all of which are usable in GHTV:

  • Double Multiplier: A great way to boost your score when you're really sticking those notes, this Hero Power will, as the name suggests, double your score multiplier. Keep those note chains going, and you'll be leveling up in no time.
  • Dial Down: If you're having trouble getting through a particularly tough section of a song, Dial Down will reduce the number of notes for the duration of the Power. So long crushing solo, hello huge multiplier.
  • Dial Up: The polar opposite of Dial Down, this Hero Power will actually increase the number of notes you'll need to play. Activating this ability in an easier portion of a song can boost your score multiplier.
  • Clear Highway: Just want to get rid of a bunch of pesky notes? Tilt the neck or hit the Hero Power button and watch all the current notes on the highway turn into played hits, thereby boosting your score and multiplier immediately.
  • Score Chaser: If you're such an amazing axe-wielder that just regular score multipliers won't cut it, Score Chaser will actually double the maximum multiplier cap.
  • Safety Net: This Hero Power provides a little security just in case you stumble off the note highway. Your multiplier and score streak will remain at their current values, regardless of your missing a note.
  • Invincibility: You are the supreme master of GHTV, as all notes are temporarily played automatically and missing a note does not impact your score. Behold your awesome power.

We've got plenty more Guitar Hero Live to talk about here at the Activision Games Blog between now and launch day, October 20. But in the meantime, be sure to check out our in-depth preview of GHTV mode and the slate of announced song tracks. And of course, be sure to follow @Activision and @GuitarHero on Twitter for all the latest news.


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When will we find out details on Guitar Hero Live for Android? I'm very interested in finding out if I will be able to play on my Shield TV but no information seems to be available.

i also have a shield tv

how long will it be for guitar hero live on android tv

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