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Xur’s Wares: April 7, 2017

A look at what the Agent of the Nine is selling this week.

By Luke Guidici on April 7, 2017
Level 6

Greetings, Guardians!

Welcome back to “Xur’s Wares.” In this weekly series I take a look at what that ol’ Agent of the Nine is selling and give you my opinion on what he’s got.

This week you can find Xur in the Tower, to the right of where you spawn in the hangar. Just headed towards Amanda Holliday, then hang a right when you see the ships. This week he’s selling: Crest of Alpha Lupi, Shinobu’s Vow, The Ram, and Invective.

And with the start of Age of Triumph, Xur has also brought us “Weapon Bundles” which include an Exotic Weapon and an Ornament. This week he has Invective and Storm’s Reproach, along with Truth and Heart of Gold. As usual, he’s got the usual non-rotating stock of curios, Heavy Ammo, Exotic Shards, Glass Needles and the like. Find out more about them here. Okay, let’s get started, shall we?


Crest of Alpha Lupi

This Titan Chest Piece, like it’s Hunter sibling, has two special perks. It creates an extra Orb with Supers, and it gives faster revives. Quick revives are key for game types like Elimination, Salvage, or Trials of Osiris. They are also handy in PVE, but keep in mind that the most challenging activities (Raid/Nightfall) have “revive timers," so you have to wait a while to help out your buddy. The extra orb is a great PVE perk, especially when chaining supers.

Shinobu’s Vow

These Gauntlets are specifically for the Bladedancer Hunter. Skip Grenades have become a very, very viable PVP option and the exotic perk on these gloves reads as “Improves Skip Grenade and you gain an additional Skip Grenade charge.”

These grenades have an insane ability to track, and these Gauntlets assist with that in two ways. They are “improved” which results in overall with better tracking, longer lasting, and greater speed. But that’s not all. They also give a second charge.

You can use these Grenades to chase enemies out of cover — throw one at the wall behind where someone is hiding and they will bounce back on them. Throw one through a doorway and they can ricochet towards and then chase the bad guy. In PVE, they would be a great choice for when the “Catapult" or "Arc Burn" modifiers are active, or when dealing with crowds of adds like Thrall or Dregs.

The Ram

Do you like infuriating people in PVP? if so, this Warlock Helm may be the exotic for you. It’s one of the few defensive armor pieces in the game. which sounds crazy, because isn’t armor about defense? At any rate, it gives you increased armor. If you pair that with maxing your armor abilities out in your skill tree, it will let you “tank” i.e. withstand a variety of attacks. This combined with the Sunbreaker Melee Overshield can make the wearer really, really hard to kill.

Invective (and Storm’s Reproach)

The ability to regen ammo makes this the Icebreaker of Shotguns, or is it other way around? Either way, the familiar, Clop! Clop! Clop! sound of an Invective unloading can mean “join in!” on PVE or “total dismay” in PVP, if you’re on the wrong end of the barrel of course.

This is a brutal gun with an insane rate of fire, regenerating ammo, and Solar damage. It’s a fantastic option against the Solar shielded Cabal. Most don’t have a ranged attack, so you can get up close and unload a full clip. The gun pulls pretty hard, so make sure to press down slightly on the right stick as you fire to counter the recoil. Definitely recommend picking this up! The “Storm’s Reproach” Ornament has a great craggy and damaged look. Peep it here.

Truth and Heart of Gold

Who's fast, tracks, and detonates in proximity? This guuuuuy. *Points at self with thumbs, then realizes self is not this rocket launcher* For a long time, Truth has been my go-to rocket launcher for Iron Banner. You can fire in the direction of enemies and get them with the proximity detonation. If you find the right group of bad guys, this can often result in multikills.

The tracking is very, very strong as well. If you’re able to get a lock on, it can mean game over. The rockets go fast, and can turn so sharp that it’s almost impossible to escape from them. Truth isn’t used too much in in PVE, but if there’s a Void Burn active, it could be a great option, especially for the purple-shielded Captains.

Truth also received a buff in the last patch where the reload speed was maxed out, which helps out a ton with a one-rocket mag. The “Heart of Gold” Ornament is pretty sweet. It reminds me of the “Gold Guns” from Modern Warfare, check it out on the Destiny Instagram here.

That’ll do it for this week! As usual, these pieces of armor can be had for 13 Strange Coins while the gun will set you back 17 Coins. The Weapons Bundles each cost 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust. Happy shooting, Guardians!

For more information about Destiny, be sure to check out and follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.


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