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Sandbox, Ornaments, and Armor - Oh My!

Details from the final reveal for Destiny’s Age of Triumph

By Luke Guidici on March 23, 2017
Level 6

Today was the last and final reveal for Destiny’s Age of Triumph. This stream featured DeeJ, wearing a fabulous jacket, along with artist Ian McIntosh and lead designer Josh Hammrick discussing new Armor, new Ornaments, and the Raid Weapons making a comeback. There was also a brief discussion about the weapon and ability rebalancing that will go live on 3/28/17.


Let’s start with the rebalancing. First off, Auto Rifles are getting a "boost overall”, according to Josh. This will include a buff on their range with less damage falloff. So, hit enemies from further away with more damage. Hand Cannons on the other hand are getting their range reduced “just a hair.” These decisions were made with a lot of data, research, play testing, and listening to the community, and I know from my own experience that in the last Iron Banner, I got killed with almost nothing BUT hand cannons, so a change in the meta will be welcome.

The other big change coming is with Sidearms. After March 28 you will not be able to carry ammo reserves through death. Once you respawn you’ll have one clip worth of ammo. To get more you’ll have to pick up a Special Ammo crate just like with the other Special Weapons. A cool change with those crates is on the way — now, if you have your Sniper, Shotgun, Fusion Rifle, or Sidearm equipped when you activate the crate, it will automatically reload! This matches how Heavy ammo crates work and will be very handy.

Another change that will affect both PVP and PVE is a tweak to the way the Memory of Skorri Artifact works. Having it equipped when you have a charged Super allows you to help your teammates’ Supers recharge quicker. After the update, you’ll need to kill one opponent while you have a full Super in order to activate. That means, no hiding at the back of the map waiting for a recharge. You’ve got to go out there and do some damage!


After killing an enemy, this charge will last for one minute and the entire thing will reset at the end of the round. That is, your one kill / one minute will not carry through rounds in Trials of Osiris. There are some other changes to Recovery, Blink, and a few specific weapons. Make sure to check in with the patch notes that will be released 3/28 at 10am on

One of the coolest parts of the Age of Triumph is the return of Raid Elemental Primaries. I remember many of these fondly from Year One. These were the go to weapons when there was an Elemental Burn in the Nightfall and could make a huge difference in slaying enemies. In the update these weapons will be coming back, with one important change. There will now be “Adept” and “Legendary” versions of the guns.

The Adept version will be an Exotic and will have an Elemental Damage type, while the Legendary version will function like a normal “purple” weapon with Kinetic Damage. So if you want to run, say, your Fatebringer on a Heroic Strike that has an Arc Burn — grab your Adept Exotic and equip it. But if you want to play PVP and use your Plan C as a secondary, grab the Legendary version of the Fatebringer. Make sense?

It is also worth noting that there will be new Elemental Primaries from both the King’s Fall and Wrath of Machine Raids, and every Primary from every Raid will have a new Exotic Adept version.

A big part of the Age of Triumph is celebrating the missions we’ve completed, the enemies we’ve bested, and the loot we’ve earned. As such, there’s a whole slew of new ways to show off and customize your Guardian. Each Raid will have its own new set of Armor AND new Ornaments, and there are some very cool new looks to be had. I personally am looking forward to wearing a few of them at one time and seeing just how glowy and awesome I can make my guardians. But seriously, these look awesome.


One particularly cool thing is how some of the Ornaments interact when you take damage. For instance, the Crota’s End Ornaments have these spiky, green, energy flowing things, but when you are hurt, they break apart and then reform. That’s an awesome detail. How do you activate these you may ask? Good question. By beating the Challenge Modes you’ll receive Ornament Tokens. These can be applied to any new Raid Armor set. For example, you can get tokens from Crota’s End and apply them to any new Vault of Glass armor pieces you may have earned.

There’s also a new set of Armor that will be rewarded through the Treasure of Ages reward boxes. This set references the early days of Destiny and is the only new set to be “chroma-fied,” so you’ll be able to customize the color of the glowing areas. It also features some rare Chroma-able class items, including a Warlock Bond that changes every few seconds. Another reason to play those weekly activities!

Check out this concept art for these new sets!

It’s an exciting time, lots of new goodies on the way, and ways for us to celebrate the memories we’ve created in the game.

I’ll see you in space next week, Guardians!

For more information about Destiny, be sure to check out and follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.


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looks awesome cant wait to get my hands on destiny!

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