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New Voice Chat Options Coming to Destiny

Opt-in Voice Channels arriving with upcoming update.

By Scott Lowe on November 13, 2014 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

With a variety of team-based Strikes and Crucible modes, collaboration is integral to the Destiny experience. To make it even easier to work together with other Guardians, Bungie has announced an expansion to Destiny's voice chat functionality that will enable you to communicate with players met through matchmaking. Arriving as part of Destiny Update 1.0.3, Opt-In Voice Channels will give players access to two unique channels for chat — Fireteam Chat and Team Chat.

With Fireteam Chat, players can speak to anyone that's part of their party, whereas Team Chat will become available in any matchmade activity, like Strikes and PVP matches in the Crucible. After the update, whenever Team Chat is available, players will be given a prompt. To access Team Chat, all you have to do is pull up Navigation Mode and select left or right on the d-pad to toggle between Fireteam Chat and Team Chat. Best of all, you can swap between both chat channels anytime they're available.

The choice to enter a Team Chat is manual by default, however, you can also change your settings so that you'll join the Team Chat channel anytime you're playing alone and not part of an existing Fireteam. Just pop into the voice menu from within the settings interface and choose "Automatic Opt-In When Solo."

For more on Destiny and Opt-In Voice Chat, check out and stay tuned to the Activision Games Blog.


Level 43

Good deal. With the game boasting about being social, its about time they gave us an option to talk.

This is great news! Thank you Bungie!

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