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Going Hands-On with Destiny 2!

At the Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal in Los Angeles, Calfornia, we were able to get some time in the Inverted Spire Strike, PVP, and the Homecoming level of the campaign. Watch the gameplay and see what we thought about it inside.

By Luke Guidici on May 20, 2017
Level 6

Greetings Guardians!

If you’ve been on the internet recently, you probably know that there was some rather big news about Destiny 2 in the form of a big ol’ live event full of reveals, gameplay, and new details about the highly anticipated sequel. I was fortunate enough to be at the event in person with my friends and clanmates, Colton Dunn and Mark McKinney. Together we got to experience the new Inverted Spire Strike, the new PVP mode Countdown, and we got to play the first mission of the campaign, Homecoming.

There’s nothing like playing video games with your friends and getting to experience the first taste of Destiny 2 with them was pretty dang sweet. You can watch some of our gameplay in the video above, and hear our initial reactions to all the new features. Enjoy and get hyped!


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