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Get an Early Look at Destiny: The Taken King with Bungie LIVE

Tune in for live gameplay and reveals each week, starting Wednesday, August 19.

By Matt-Clark on August 18, 2015
Player Support

The next great chapter in the Destiny saga, Destiny: The Taken King, is under a month away. In preparation for the September 15 launch, the team at Bungie will be providing an in-depth look at the new content and features through three planned live streams, kicking off Wednesday, August 19. You can watch live, right here on the Activision Games Blog or by visiting Bungie's official channel. Check out the full schedule of topics and guests below:


Wednesday, September 2 – 11:00a.m. PDT – Court of Oryx

Oryx, if you didn't already notice from the prologue cinematic video, is kind of a mean Hive god. And venturing into his capital ship will surely test even the most courageous Guardians. But fear not, as designers Ben Wommack and Luke Smith join The Cool Kids' Table's Laced Up Lauren for a Patrol of the spooky hull of the Dreadnaught.


Previous Broadcasts:

Destiny Year Two (Originally Aired Wednesday, August 19 – 11:00a.m. PDT)

If you've enjoyed battling your way through the galaxy over the last year, you may have a few eager questions as to how the next year of Destiny will evolve. Executive Producer Mark Noseworthy and Senior Design Lead Tyson Green will take a closer look at the new and improved Tower, changes to character leveling, and how the actions of your Guardian in year one will affect the story going forward. Watch the replay:

Strike the Dreadnaught (Originally Aired Wednesday, August 26 – 11:00a.m. PDT)

Join Design Lead James Tsai and YouTuber Mr. Fruit for an exciting look at the newest environment in Destiny, the Dreadnaught. Maybe you're wondering how differently boss battles will play out in The Taken King? Or maybe you just want to check out a Strike against the Cabal in this new far-away land? You'll have the chance to see both, plus an in-depth look at the new Guardian sub-classes.

As always, keep it tuned right here on the Activision Games Blog for all your Destiny news, and be sure to follow @Activision, @DestinyTheGame, and @Bungie for all the latest on The Taken King, launching September 15.



I must say that all of this content being added in the Taken King looks marvelous. It is really bringing something special to Destiny and I am glad that it is on its way. However, I can't help but feel that this is all stuff that should have been there from the start. Easy of menu use, story, characters and objectives I care about, selectable quests; all of these qualities are things that are in a finished game, not DLC. There is also a lot of discussion going around that the original Destiny isn't a finished project. If this is true then shame on you Activision. If I sold you a waffle iron that you had to buy an attachment to make sure it actually cooked the batter, you would be upset. So, why are you selling me a game that needs several attachments to be a finished game?

Level 1

Hi there, I got the same issue and I fell cheated. When u miss selling your products, telling me that I got early access to my surros pack plus the other 2 adds pack which respond by errors on downloadSmiley Sad i want my refund, my money back please!!!! Thank you and shame on u buggy and activison!!...!!

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