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Diary of a Guardian: The Arcologies of Titan

Enjoy your trip to the ocean while avoiding the monsters who want to rip you limb from limb!

By Dennis Scimeca on August 18, 2018
Level 7

Titan, one of the moons of Saturn, is home to some of the most magnificent structures built by humanity. Now lying in ruin, they are haunted by creatures of pure malevolence who are ready and eager to meet and kill you.


The arcologies of Titan are gigantic, floating cities. Standing on the deck of one of the ocean rigs that in the past served as ports for seafaring vessels and provided landing pads for ships coming down from orbit, Guardians can enjoy a wonderful view of these mammoth, disc-shaped cities. They were once teeming with human beings, but now the arcologies are infected by the Hive.

Anywhere you find the bones of the Golden Age you’ll almost certainly meet packs of Fallen scavengers, so it should be no surprise that you will face Fallen pirates when you visit Titan’s arcologies as well. Whether it’s destroying Fallen Walkers or eliminating Hive Wizardas, Titan has a challenge for every Guardian that pays a visit.

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