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Diary of a Guardian: Cursed Rheasilvia

Only you can remove the Taken from the Dreaming City. Are you up to the task, Guardian?

By Dennis Scimeca on 14 de noviembre de 2018
Level 7

The province of Rheasilvia in the Dreaming City is lovely if you catch it at the right time. Green mountains descend into silver pavilions with mists of blue stretching off into the horizon. If you visit Rheasilvia when the curse of the Dreaming City is at its worst, however, you will see Taken Blights spread across the sky.


Material from the Ascendant Plane will bleed into the city and float in the air like viscous drops of dirty oil. Cathedrals and towers that normally shine silver when struck with the light of the sun are covered in what looks like raw darkness. Thanks to the efforts of the Guardians the Dreaming City’s curse is always broken, for a time, before it inevitably returns, spreading across the city.

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