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Destiny: One Month Since Launch

Celebrating Destiny’s community of over 3.2 million daily players.

By Scott Lowe on October 13, 2014 Communications Manager, Activision
Level 11

It’s hard to believe that Destiny launched just over a month ago, but I suppose it’s easy to lose track of time while partaking in daily Strike missions, waging battle in the Iron Banner, or braving The Vault of Glass. Fortunately, the team at Bungie has been keeping track and recently released a fresh batch of stats to commemorate Destiny’s one-month anniversary.

In a post on, Bungie reports that each day Destiny sees over 3.2 million players spanning average gameplay sessions of roughly three hours. In the past three weeks, Destiny has seen more players online than the same period for two of Bungie’s biggest games, combined. And the Destiny community shows no signs of slowing — the average Destiny player has logged 20.9 sessions in the last month, with most playing multiple times a day at an average rate 1.8 sessions each day.


"It's been an incredible first month for Destiny," said Pete Parsons, COO Bungie. "Players are logging more hours per day then any game we have ever made, our servers have withstood millions of guardians experiencing Destiny and none of it would have been possible without our amazing community.  Thank you all for the great first month and we look forward to sharing many more with you."


In the weeks and months to come, Destiny players will get to experience new in-game events, like the recent Queen’s Wrath bounties and the Iron Banner. And, of course, Destiny’s first expansion The Dark Below is slated to arrive in December. In the meantime, check out the complete range of one month stats and a closer look at The Iron Banner on and be sure to follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.


Level 43

Hopefully people will still be hyped and still be playing well into next year. I hope Bungie brings something bigger into the game rather than more bounties, maybe some story missions? But thats just me.

I want trade options and more ways to get strange coins besides waiting a week for the next weekly strike or hoping to get lucky to get it in crucible, how about motes of light to trade for strange coins, only can be possible to trade them with Xur, because my exotic luck is bad and It takes awhile to get them coins!

Level 43

Tell me about it. Especially for Exotic weapons. I heard of things called Exotic bounties? Psshh, I've never seen one in person. Im still rocking on Rare weapons.

My hopes is that Bungie will release matchmaking for the Vault of Glass and Weekly Strikes.

Same and how about daily strikes for 2 strange coins! (with matchmaking) they can replace it with that iron banner (aka the faction that is so hard to get to rank 3) I don't even see people wearing the emblems anymore!

Level 43

I dont know about strange coins, but heres a link for some hidden coins,

7 Hidden Coins - Destiny Wiki Guide - IGN

Them coins in there can't be collected though

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