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Bungie And Vicarious Visions Reveal The Exciting Content In Destiny 2’s New Expansion, Warmind

Save Rasputin, Destroy The Hive, And Wield Awesome New Gear

By Dennis Scimeca on April 27, 2018
Level 7

On Tuesday, developers from Bungie and Vicarious Visions teamed up on Twitch to reveal Warmind, the second expansion for Destiny 2. A new story, new character, and new gameplay mode will be included when Warmind arrives on May 8.

Warmind is a bonanza for long-time Destiny players and especially for fans of Destiny lore. The expansion is set in a brand-new landing zone named Hellas Basin, located in the polar ice cap region of Mars. When the Warmind Rasputin, a powerful artificial intelligence and a central character in the Destiny universe, wakes from his slumber the resulting calamity begins to melt the polar ice.


The melting ice reveals the legendary scientific research complex Clovis Bray, the source of humankind’s greatest technologies during the Golden Age of Mankind, including the Warminds. Emerging from the ice alongside Clovis Bray is a fresh horde of the sadistic Hive. Guardians will be guided by a new character, Ana Bray, through their new adventure on Mars to save Rasputin and defeat the Hive. 

Bungie and Vicarious Visions also revealed a brand new, wave-based public event that will take place on Mars called Escalation Protocol. Like all public events, when Escalation Protocol is taking place any Guardians in the area will be able to jump into the action. Unlike regular public events, however, Escalation Protocol can be started whenever Guardians want to begin the challenge.

In an Escalation Protocol event Guardians will face seven waves of Hive enemies. Players will have to solve puzzles and execute new mechanics in order to progress through all seven waves. The seventh and final wave will feature a fight against one of five powerful Hive final bosses. One final boss will be featured each week.


Escalation Protocol drops weapons, armor, and vanity items unique to the new public event. Some of those weapons have perks that make the weapons particularly useful in Escalation Protocol events. Destiny 2 players will have plenty of reasons to keep up with the final boss rotations because each final boss drops loot unique to that boss.

Escalation Protocol was tuned in response to feedback from early testers in the Destiny community to be one of the most difficult challenges offered yet in Destiny 2. Guardians will certainly earn the rewards they gain from this new content. 

Warmind coincides with the arrival of Season 3 and some of the many changes revealed in Bungie’s Development Roadmap for Destiny 2. Exotic weapons and armor are being tuned to make them even more powerful and unique compared to Legendary gear. Warmind will be delivering some old Exotic favorites from Destiny 1 and some brand new Exotics to Destiny 2 to take advantage of the new changes to Exotic gear overall.

Crucible fans will be able to demonstrate their prowess with two new Rank systems. Valor Rank increases as Guardians complete Crucible matches and wins generate faster increases than losses. Glory Rank is increased by victories and decreased by defeats in Competitive playlists specifically. Warmind delivers new Crucible maps to help Guardians enjoy these new Crucible challenges, and also heralds the arrival of private Crucible matches to Destiny 2.


Get ready for your return to Mars, to greet Rasputin, and to conquer the Hive in the all-new Escalation Protocol public event when Warmind launches on May 8.

For more information about Destiny 2, be sure to check out and follow @DestinyTheGame and @Bungie on Twitter.


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