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Awesome Exotics And New Crucible Challenges Arrive With Destiny 2, Season 3

The third season of Destiny 2 adds new weapons that players will love getting their hands on.

By Dennis Scimeca on May 4, 2018
Level 7

The Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 are unique, powerful, and create heroic moments for the players that wield them and they’re about to get a whole lot better. Plus, fans of the player-versus-player Crucible are about to have their own special weapon to drool over.

The third season of Destiny 2 begins on Tuesday, May 8 alongside the launch of Expansion II, Warmind. The Season 3 changes are available to all Destiny 2 players regardless of Warmind ownership and are being delivered via Update 1.2.0. Bungie, in a Developer Insights video published on May 1 and hosted by Josh Hamrick, Sandbox Design Lead and Kevin Yanes, Senior PvP Designer, outlined the Season 3 changes arriving with the new update.

The first time a Destiny 2 player earns a golden Exotic Engram is a special moment. Exotics carry unique perks and characteristics and are some of the best tools in a Guardian’s arsenal. Update 1.2.0. brings improvements that will make Exotics even more prized possessions for the Guardians who wield them. “We’re making them significantly deadlier and more interesting and powerful,” said Hamrick.

Destiny 2 players will be able to earn Masterwork versions of Exotics that unlock the weapons’ new abilities. “Exotic Masterworks are hand-built to be awesome for the Exotic that they’ve been chosen for,” said Hamrick. Yanes cited the Tractor Cannon, already one of the most unique weapons in Destiny 2, a shotgun-type weapon that pushes enemies away with the force of its energy blast. After Update 1.2.0, the Tractor Cannon will also nullify the Super ability of any Guardian hit by the blast. “It’s going to be hilarious,” said Yanes.

Update 1.2.0. also delivers two huge updates to the Crucible. The first is Private Matches, where Destiny 2 players can choose maps and set conditions for player-versus-player battles. “It enables tournaments,” said Yanes. “It enables people to organize, to make their own tournaments, and you get to foster this community that strictly exists to showcase skill, to showcase mastery.”


Master Crucible players will be able to earn a unique reward, the pulse rifle Redrix’s Claymore, via the Glory Rank system where standing is increased when players win and decreased when players lose. “I think when players see that, when they get their hands on it, they’re going to realize immediately… I need to get this gun,” said Yanes.

Hamrick and Yanes had one more message for Destiny 2 fans: Bungie is not only listening to what fans want to see in the game. Bungie is also listening to how fans want to hear about the changes that are coming. “Give us feedback on the formats we’re choosing,” said Yanes. “Give us feedback on the streams, the YouTube video. If you like this, let us know. We’ll do more of them.”

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