Blackout Tips Part 2: Needing Vehicle, Weapon Sight and Game Mode Tactics? Then Check out the Second Set of Tips to Perfect your Battle Royale Plan.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 – Blackout is free* until the end of April. For those dropping in or needing a refresher, this five-part guide should help you get up to speed.

by James Mattone on April 15, 2019

Now is the perfect time to experience Black Ops battle royale. If you’re just getting started or need a refresher before you drop in, here are some quick tips that cover a wide range of essential in-game mechanics that may help you on the road to a hard-fought victory:

Part 1: Initial Onboarding (Original Blackout Map)

Part 2: Intermediate Tricks and Tips (Original Blackout Map) (see below!)

Part 3: Alcatraz Blackout Tactics

Part 4: Hardcore Mode Blackout Tactics

Part 5: More Alcatraz Blackout Tactics


Intermediate Tricks and Tips

9 for the Dive, 0 For the Landing

At the beginning of a match, a good drop can mean the difference between a quick death and a long looting period.

Once you decide on a drop point, skydive out of the helicopter and immediately angle yourself straight down to gain speed. After hitting about 65 MPH, or when you have three down arrows on your HUD (signifying ideal speed), level out to be parallel to the ground and pilot over to the pre-designated drop location.

Utilizing this drop strategy allows you to travel further and faster across the map. If you can get to the ground before enemies, then you most likely will find a weapon first and collect some easy early kills. Plus, dropping this way gives you the control to be able to land at a specific location with pinpoint accuracy.

The Pros and Cons of Vehicles

Vehicles, such as helicopters, ATVs, and patrol boats, are scattered around the Blackout map and provide an excellent way to travel between areas or away from the collapse. The fastest way from point A to B isn’t a straight line, it’s a vehicle.

However, those vehicles have engines, and they are louder than footsteps. To even an untrained ear, a vehicle can draw attention and give away your position.

If you need to get some place in a jiffy, a vehicle might be the best option. But, if you want to stay quiet consider alternative modes of transportation, such as walking, running, or a Grapple Gun, if you happen to find one on the map.

If you don’t mind the noise, load up your squad and peel out. Some vehicles have built-in weapons like the PBR and the ARAV which can help take out enemies. Plus, with land vehicles, you can drive over opponents on the ground to rack up swift kills.  

Set Your Sights (and Other Attachments)

So, you’ve not only found a weapon, but a cache of attachments. Well done! Now to outfit that weapon with as many Silencers, Grips, Stocks, and Magazine modifiers as it can handle, right?

Not exactly.

The attachments you choose should match your gameplay strategy. For example, a 4x Magnifier Scope may not be the best sight attachment for a Spitfire and a love for close-quarters combat. There are also situations and weapons where a 4x Scope is better than an ELO Sight, or where a Silencer can be more effective than a Long Barrel attachment and vice versa.

Use your best judgement when outfitting weapons, and don’t think that the more stuff a gun has on it, the better. If you’re unsure about whether an attachment is necessary or not, or want to be prepared for anything, it doesn’t hurt to use a few inventory slots on a spare Silencer or long-range scope that you can swap to in a pinch.

Specific Game Mode Tips:

Duos and Quads

While playing alone is entertaining, sometimes, partnering up with a buddy or three is just as enjoyable. Grab some friends, or load into a Duo or Quad lobby with an open mind, before working together to win against competing teams.

When playing in Duos and Quads, getting knocked down doesn’t necessarily mean death. A nearby teammate can revive you, but it leaves him or her open to an attack. Be cautious of reviving players in an open area, or if one of you happens to find a Medic perk, equip it to revive players faster and with more health..

Need more Duo and Quad tips? Then check here for different approaches to try in Blackout.

Shoring Up on Alcatraz? Get Ready for a Fast-Paced Fight.

The newest Blackout map is Alcatraz: Here, up to 40 players will drop in and fight on the island which has been the destination for a couple of Zombies map. Players can explore the entire prison island, pick up wall-buy weapons which may be familiar for Zombies players, and fend off shambling zombies, on this close-quarters map.

Alcatraz is a respawn map. This means if there is at least one teammate alive on your squad, everyone on the team who died will have a chance to fight again. You do have limited respawns on Alcatraz, so use your lives wisely to survive.

We’ll have more tips on Alcatraz in the coming days, but for now, just be prepared to get up close and personal with the enemy.

The Ultimate Tip:

Practice Makes Perfect

No matter what tips you learn, the sure-fire way to improving in Blackout is to play the game.

The rules and gameplay may come to you quickly but winning has its challenges. Set an initial goal of getting your first kill and build up your Blackout stat sheet from there.

Check back later in the week for more Alcatraz tactics. We hope you’re enjoying the Blackout Free Access. We’ll see you online.

The limited-time Blackout Free Access period ends on April 30, 2019. Available now on all platforms*.

*Online Multiplayer Subscription required for Console.

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