Blackout Tips Part 5: More Advice for Surviving Alcatraz

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 – Blackout is free* until the end of April. In the final installment of Blackout tips, look for advice on redeploys, wall buys, and zombie containment.

Blackout Tips Part 5: More Advice for Surviving Alcatraz

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 – Blackout is free* until the end of April. In the final installment of Blackout tips, look for advice on redeploys, wall buys, and zombie containment.

Once you’ve dropped in to this uniquely chaotic Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout experience, you might be in need of some tactical help, as combat can get furious! With this in mind, here are links to the previous Blackout tips blog posts that cover a wide range of essential in-game mechanics that may help you on the road to a hard-fought victory:

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Part 5: More Alcatraz Blackout Tactics (see below!)

On the Subject of Redeploys (Part 2)

Another way to get intel from above is during wave redeploys.

Conducting some areal recon from overhead during redeploys to gain that informational edge could prove to be a helpful strategy. However, bear in mind that the later the game goes, the shorter the redeploy height is. This not only means less time to scout a safe drop point, but also less time to callout surviving opponents.

Wall Buys (No Purchase Necessary!)

Alcatraz brings in a novel way to grab weaponry; the Wall Buy from the Zombies game mode! As well as finding armaments scattered throughout the island, Alcatraz offers plenty of guaranteed weapons like the Spitfire and Essex for free! Yes; unlike the Wall Buys from Zombies, these don’t come with a cost: The Paladin HB50? Gratis! The Zweihänder light machine gun? Kostenlos!

Located on the walls of structures around the map and marked by the blue glows, the rotating Wall Buys on the map are great for outfitting a powerful arsenal. However, they are hot spots for engagements as the game rolls on and players respawn in search of a new weapon, so be prepared for a fight should you search for these free weapons.

Equipment Efficiency 101

When found on the map, equipment can make for unique and useful strategies for taking out or deterring enemy forces.

Thrown equipment — frags, cluster grenades, and combat axes, for example — may find more use in closer quarters when their limited range of effectiveness are negated by the tight spaces.

The razor wire and barricade can be placed at the entrances to multiple buildings around the complex, even when your team does not plan to hang around for long.

Last, but certainly not least on this list of examples, the grapple gun can disrupt a high-ground sniper’s game, or be an effective movement tool through short lines of sight.
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On the Subject of Redeploys (Part 3)

Although having multiple Redeploys is nice, they are limited; each player is only allotted five respawns per game.

While death isn’t permanent here, taking a planned respawn is definitely a risky strategy.

Furthermore, respawning in will only outfit you with a strife pistol, ammo, and bandages. While it’s totally possible to win a game of Blackout with this kit, those who stay alive to make a fully stacked deck of healing items, completely outfitted weapons, high-level armor, and equipment have an objectively better chance at survival.

Basically, use each life wisely and don’t take unnecessary deaths. Conversely, if you’ve dropped a foe and you’re about to finish them, keep them crawling for a bit so they redeploy later, usually to their additional disadvantage.

The Final Collapse and You

So, you and your team have made it far enough to see the final collapse. First, congratulations on getting to this point; earning a few kills and not burning all those lives in earlier stages is an accomplishment in of itself.

However, now is the time to clutch up.

No matter how many redeploys anyone has left, dying during the final collapse means true death. The circle will close in on one point, and that collapse definitely packs a punch to those stuck in it.

Save as many healing items as you can, as well as the Outlander perk, to increase the chance of survival in this late stage.

This stage of the game is a tough final push towards victory, so don’t be discouraged if you come this far to come up just short. Just load back into the lobby, dust those boots off, and try again.

Zombie Awareness is Critical

There is one final, extremely important, major detail about Alcatraz: this place has plenty of undead prisoners to fill up a whole cell block.

Like zombies on the original Blackout map, these shuffling wretches inflict damage by swiping at your flesh. While these attacks don’t do as much damage as, say, a .50 cal bullet, getting swarmed by zombies is a recipe for a quick death.

Keep a distance from these undead creatures, and once they are down, look out for them to drop loot. Speaking of loot, slaying enough zombies (ten, to be precise) will activate the mystery box, a loot stash that contains potentially powerful weapons and other goodies

Essentially, treat these zombies as a risk-reward mechanic: firing everything you have at them can lead to great rewards, but it will waste ammunition and may alert actual players to your location.

Alcatraz is a truly different experience from the original Blackout formula, and there’s never been a better time to play. Leave none standing to win!

The limited-time Blackout Free Access period ends on April 30, 2019. Available now on all platforms*.

*Online Multiplayer Subscription required for Console.

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