The Rank Up Report #37: Getting the Most Out of the Season Four Battle Pass with Operator Missions

Want to earn tens of thousands of XP, two dozen Operator Skins, and a dozen Calling Cards and Quips? Check out the Season Four Operator Missions and our Lead Writer’s breakdown of them so you can use them to rank up fast.

The Rank Up Report #37: Getting the Most Out of the Season Four Battle Pass with Operator Missions

Want to earn tens of thousands of XP, two dozen Operator Skins, and a dozen Calling Cards and Quips? Check out the Season Four Operator Missions and our Lead Writer’s breakdown of them so you can use them to rank up fast.

Operation: Rank Up Report #0037

Day 259 – 10:04:04 PST

Somewhere in California

AGB – Lead Writer

There are tens of thousands of XP worth of tips this week, and only so much time left in the season, so let’s get to ranking up:

Operator of the Week

At Tier 100, Captain Price gets his signature NVGs on a trio of skins. The immediate unlock at this Tier is ‘Nightfall,’ but I’m featuring the ‘Phantom’ and ‘Dead of Night’ skins instead of Tier 100’s base skin.

How do you get these versions of the skin? Well…

Top Rank Up Tip – Season Four Operator Missions

If you want to get the most out of the Battle Pass, I can’t recommend Operator Missions enough.

These not only reward you with XP, which is great for ranking up, but also alternative skins for Operators as well as calling cards for your profile and quips – Operator-specific voice lines they spout after they’ve sent an enemy straight to the Gulag or to the Killcam screen.

I’ve already covered two of these Missions in previous Rank Up Reports, and I’ll link out to them when they come up. Here, we will go over the remaining Missions and a weapon blueprint you should consider using to complete it. 

Also, one final note: all these Missions must be done with the given Operator selected as your faction’s chosen Operator. For example: you can tackle Price’s Tier 0 Mission at the same time as the Allegiance Mil-Sim’s Tier 10 Mission, if you have both those Operators chosen as your Coalition and Allegiance representatives regardless of what faction you play as in game.

Tier 0 - Captain Price 

Covered in Rank Up Report 31.

Tier 10 – Mil-Sim Allegiance (Urzikstan SSG)


1. Get 10 Kills using an SMG

2. Get 3 Longshot kills

3. Activate 5 Killstreaks

4. Get 15 Kills while using the Battle Hardened Perk

Tip: Running Personal Radars while using the Hardline Perk in Multiplayer, or Kill Chain in Warzone™ are two viable strategies for knocking out the third and hardest Objective.

Tier 20 – Talon

Rank Up Report 32 covered this.

Tier 30 – Mil-Sim Coalition (USMC Raider)


1. Get 10 Kills with an LMG

2. Get 3 Hipfire Kills

3. Get 2 Kills using Lethal Equipment

4. Get 15 Kills while equipped with the EOD perk

Tip: C4, Thermite, and Shrapnel hits on vehicles count for the second Objective, so lob them at will towards any four or six wheeled vehicles (or Helicopter).

Tier 40 – Azur


1. In Warzone, Survive inside of the gas for 7 seconds

2. Activate the Cluster Strike Killstreak 3 times

3. Get 15 kills using a weapon with 2 attachments

4. Get 2 kills using the Throwing Knife

Tip: As this Mission is mostly based in Warzone, it can be easier with friends. See if your friends will share in-match Cash for a Gas Mask and Cluster Strike or distract enemies while you go for Throwing Knife kills. 

Tier 50 – Mil-Sim Coalition (Lagunari)


1. Get 10 Kills using an LMG

2. Get 15 Kills while equipped with the Quick Fix perk

3. Get 5 Headshot kills

4. Stun enemies 3 times using a Concussion Grenade

Tip: Concussion Grenades in interior spaces can be fantastic openers to an engagement. Work with a squadmate who has a Heartbeat Sensor or Snapshot Grenade, pop a UAV, or use your senses to detect someone indoors before throwing a Concussion Grenade in there.

Tier 60 – Alice


1. Activate 5 Field Upgrades

2. Call in 3 Precision Airstrike Killstreaks

3. Revive a teammate in a Warzone match using the Kiosk 1 time

4. Execute 1 Finishing Move

Tip: Instead of getting worse squadmates for Objective 3, if you are really struggling to complete it, try amassing a $4,500 stipend and playing pacifist until a squadmate goes down.

Tier 70 – Mil-Sim Allegiance (Russian FGF)


1. Get 10 Kills using an Assault Rifle

2. Get 15 Kills while equipped with the Amped perk

3. Get 3 Kills without dying 2 times

4. Execute 1 Finishing Move

Tip: The blueprint weapon has the “Fast Melee” perk, making your melee attacks quicker. Ideally, you want to pull off Finishing Moves with a melee weapon, but in a pinch, that weapon perk can shave crucial frames when going for those epic finishers. All and all, assault rifles are great utility weapons, and this one is superb for tackling this Mission.

Tier 80 – Raines


1. Get 3 Hipfire Kills

2. In Warzone, pick up 3 weapons

3. Get 5 Headshot kills

4. Deploy the Munitions Box Field Upgrade 5 times

Tip: All of these are pretty simple, but just keep in mind that the final objective overlaps with the Ammo Drop Officer Challenge at Rank 115 (Use the Munitions Box Upgrade 40 times) AND the Ammo Provider one at Rank 112 (In Warzone, Purchase a Munitions Box from the Kiosk 10 times).

Tier 90 – Iskra


1. Get 7 Kills using a Pistol

2. Get 5 Longshot kills

3. Call in 5 Killstreaks

4. Get 2 Kills using Lethal Equipment

Tip: Longshot ranges can be different for specific weapon types, with handguns being the shortest. Keep that in mind as you attempt the second objective.

Tier 100 – Price (NVG)


1. Deploy 5 Field Upgrades

2. In Warzone, Drive Vehicles for 5 minutes

3. Get 15 Kills while equipped with the Ghost perk

4. Call the UAV Killstreak 5 times

Tip: A speed-run of the second objective could involve using a Helicopter or Cargo Truck, two of the most resilient vehicles in the game. Consider throwing a Trophy System on either vehicle for even more defense.

Gunsmith Custom Creation

A good number of these Operator Missions are based in Warzone, and in playing this mode, I noticed a trend in what players, especially those considered at the elite level, are using. I could sit here and argue popular meta – honestly, I have a few weapons I’ll highlight one day as my “meta breakers” – but for now, let’s talk about this LMG that many players have gravitated towards…

And before we begin, if you want to customize this weapon from the LMG Foxtrot family, you’ll have to unlock it first. Here’s the quick guide to that, as well as for a popular assault rifle that came out in Season Two (Grau 5.56).

My Gunsmith Custom Creation for this week – the Dream Eater– is a good example of how this LMG is being configured for a well-balanced primary weapon. Specifically, this has the base and Barrel of the Synthetic Dreams blueprint, the 60 Round Mags of The Glitch blueprint, (found in the Season Three Encryption Store Bundle), the Merc Foregrip and Stippled Grip Tape from the Phoenix Ignition, and a stock Tac Laser.

This build extends the weapon’s effective range (XRK Summit 26.8” Barrel) and gives it some more recoil control and some hip fire accuracy (Merc Foregrip), while keeping its snappy aim down sight (ADS) speed from the rest of the attachments.

Other attachments to consider are the Monolithic Suppressor for more range and sound dampening, and an optic – usually a 3.0x zoom scope – for a magnified and more precise sight picture.

In general? It’s a meta weapon for a reason. Fast-firing assault rifles and LMGs with decent damage profiles at all ranges are jacks of all trades and simple enough to pick up and play with. 

However, there are plenty of weapons that can outclass it at any range, just not at everyrange. If you keep your positioning in mind and work with your other teammates to maximize utility, I could list a few weapons that could easily outslay a player that uses a “meta weapon.”

But that is for another Rank Up Report – for now, I’ll see you online.

Stay frosty.


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