Activision Weekly Wrap-Up for September 20

The Modern Warfare® Beta* rolls out to everyone, and the blog goes in-depth to help you play. Plus, Call of Duty® Mobile gets a release date: Two Weekly Wrap-Ups: One cavalcade of content!

by David Hodgson on September 20, 2019

Welcome to the weekly wrap-up, where we gather the biggest Activision stories of the last week, though we’ve amalgamated all Beta content from the past two weeks into one robust list so you don’t miss any intel:

Call of Duty®: Esports Call of Duty Esports continues to expand with three new teams announced for the upcoming franchised 2020 league.

Call of Duty®: Mobile: Looking for the definitive Free-to-Play Call of Duty experience on Android and iOS devices? The game launches on October 1!

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®: The Modern Warfare Beta (now Open to all players!) is still going strong, and the Blog provided a wealth of content to ensure you get the most out of your Multiplayer matches:

The Landing Site, updated daily with links to all relevant articles as well as the state of the Beta, the maps, modes, and other intel, and more.

Beta Test Weekend One: Initial Beta information announced the roll out.

Your Guide to Getting Started in the Game: Read this to see how you get set up within the Multiplayer experience.

Gaining Complete Control (PS4): A deep diver into the HUD and control information on PlayStation® 4.

Gaining Complete Control (Xbox One): A deep diver into the HUD and control information on Xbox One.

Gaining Complete Control (PC): A deep diver into the HUD and control information on PC.

PC Customization Guide and Beta System Specs: We dug deep into the PC game’s specs to give you a detailed analysis of the options available.

A Look at the Operators on Deck: Whether you’re Coalition or Allegiance, there’s a host of Operators to pick. Here’s a first look.

Looking Over Loadouts: Load up and ship out into battle; here’s how to handle your Loadouts before (or during) every MP battle.

Killstreaks: We dive deep into the Killstreaks you can earn; game-changing tools to earn in battle.

Field Upgrades: We check out the announced Field Upgrades; your additional advantages in the combat zone.

Game Modes Overview (1 of 2): We give an overview of the returning game modes from previous titles.

Game Modes Overview (2 of 2): We detail the new and variant game modes you can try during the Beta: Including Ground War!

Multiplayer Maps: Join us as we reconnoiter some of the most impressive terrain ever seen in a Call of Duty game! Including Karst River Quarry!

Beta Test Weekend Two: Updated Beta information announced the roll out.

Weapon Customization: A deeper look at Gunsmith, a new level of Weapon Customization Options, and the free reward item for playing the Beta.

The Open Crossplay Beta: Modern Warfare players can join up together across consoles and PC. Here’s how!

Infinity Ward Blog: Make sure you visit the Community page at Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward’s website, as they ramp up content with frequent additional Blog posts!

Thanks for playing along with us. See you next week!


* Actual platform availability and launch date(s) of MP Beta subject to change. See for more details. Minimum Open Beta duration is 2 days. Limited time only, while Early Access Beta Codes last, at participating retailers. Internet connection required.

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