Modern Warfare® Beta Boot Camp Landing Site [Last Update: 9/20 at 7:30PM PDT]

Welcome to the Beta* Landing Site! This page links to all Blog-related and daily Beta Intel. It is constantly updated to let you know the exact Beta content, as more modes, maps, and other intel rolls out during both Beta Weekends.

by David Hodgson on September 20, 2019

Current Beta Status (Updated 9/20 at 7:30PM PDT): Beta is Live (Open: PS4, Xbox One and PC)!

Additional Notes:

The Modern Warfare Crossplay Open Beta (available to all players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC) starts now!   

PS4: Beta is Live and Open (for all PS4 players).

Xbox One: Beta is Live and Open (for all Xbox One Players).

PC: Beta is Live and Open (for all PC players).

Xbox Live Gold is required to play on Xbox One.

PS+ is required to download the Beta in Germany.


PC Players: Instructions

Go to

  1. Create a Blizzard Account or log in if you already have one.
  2. Enter your code into the field provided. 
  3. Download the Beta on the Blizzard Launcher.


Beta Content Rollout (Updated 9/20 at 7:30PM PDT)

Welcome to the Beta Rollout! The following information shows the accessible content available on each day of the Beta Weekend. Check back here each day to discover what maps, playlists, and other intel becomes accessible. 


Weekend 2: Crossplay Beta

Friday, September 20:


            6v6 Gun Runner

            6v6 Grazna Raid

            6v6 Hackney Yard (Day)

            6v6 Hackney Yard (Night)

            6v6 Azhir Cave (Day)

            6v6 Azhir Cave (Night)

            10v10 Grazna Raid

            NOW LIVE! 32v32 Karst River Quarry


            Game Mode Filter: TDM (Team Deathmatch)

            Game Mode Filter: Dom (Domination 10v10)

            Game Mode Filter: HQ (Headquarters 10v10)

            Game Mode Filter: Cyber (Cyber Attack)

            Featured Playlist: NVG (Night Vision Goggles: Dark Mode)

                  Hackney Yard (Night)

                  Azhir Cave (Night)

            NOW LIVE! Featured Playlist: Ground War

Other Intel:

            Player Progression: To Level 20

            Quick Play Filter: Unlocked        

NOTE! The Modern Warfare Crossplay Open Beta is NOW OPEN!   


Beta Boot Camp: Content Articles (Last Updated 9/20 at 7:30PM PDT)

Welcome to the Beta Boot Camp! The following articles detail your introduction to the Beta, including guides and overviews of every facet of the game. As new game content rolls out, Blog content will update to reflect this information.


Concerns or Problems with the Beta?

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Pre-Launch Intel: Additional Information and Content

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*MP Beta Early Access starts September 12, 2019; Open MP Beta begins September 14, 2019 on PS4™ system. Actual platform availability and launch date(s) of MP Beta subject to change. See for more details. Minimum Open Beta duration is 2 days. Limited time only, while Early Access Beta Codes last, at participating retailers. Internet connection required.

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