Blackout Tips Part 3: Overview and Advice for Surviving Alcatraz

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 – Blackout is free* until the end of April. Break out as a top soldier in Alcatraz. Check out the following tips that could help you lock up victory.

Blackout Tips Part 3: Overview and Advice for Surviving Alcatraz

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 – Blackout is free* until the end of April. Break out as a top soldier in Alcatraz. Check out the following tips that could help you lock up victory.

Once you’ve dropped in to this uniquely chaotic Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout experience, you might be in need of some tactical help, as combat can get furious! With this in mind, here are links to the two previous Blackout tips blog posts that cover a wide range of essential in-game mechanics that may help you on the road to a hard-fought victory:

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Part 3: Alcatraz Blackout Tactics (see below!)

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Whether you’re about to experience Alcatraz for the first time or want to brush up with some tested tips, here’s a primer to this standalone Blackout map:

Rules of Engagement

Alcatraz Portal is a fast-paced game due to a smaller map and a respawn mechanic.

Currently, 40 players (10 Quads of 4) drop into a game at a time rather than the usual 100, due to the map’s smaller size compared to the main Blackout map.

That, along with Wave Redeploy rules (team members can be redeployed several times if at least one team member remains alive), makes for a high-octane, respawn-heavy affair that feels like a mix between traditional Blackout and Multiplayer.

In other words, those who love Multiplayer who haven’t given Blackout a try should consider dropping into Alcatraz Portal. Adjust your overall tactics accordingly!

Quad Up

In an Alcatraz Portal Quads game, you have the option of bringing in your party of four or grouping up with up to three random players into your Quad.

With Wave Redeploy rules activated, it’s highly advised that you Quad up with friends if the option presents itself. The more players communicating effectively in a Quad, the more of a chance that one can survive long enough for the rest of the crew to redeploy.

Even when flying solo, an impromptu alliance with a player in-game against a squad can mean the difference between a worthless free-for-all and a mutually beneficial team fight.

On the Subject of Redeploys

Portals are opened up for the recently-defeated to return, which means that teams that still have one player alive will get all their teammates back every half minute.

This further increases the importance of survival when playing on Alcatraz. Not every potential engagement is meant to be fought, especially when the opposition has a clear numbers advantage. Should you be down a few good soldiers, weather the storm until they come back to even the odds.

However, don’t doubt the power of slaying foes in general; once you take down an enemy, they drop all of their loot on the ground, which after a few good kills, could make for a phenomenal collection of armaments and equipment.

Get Ready to Get Up Close and Personal

Because Alcatraz is a more compact map, there are more opportunities than ever for close-quarters engagements.

Depending on your playstyle, certain Weapons and Perks could be particularly useful.

For example, shotguns, submachine guns, and fast-firing assault rifles all see a potential advantage in short-range gunfights. And Dead Silence is wonderful for sneaking around the island prison’s confines without foes hearing your footfalls.

It’s Still Possible to Keep a Distance

When looting around the map, it is wise to consider picking up more items that would fit into a close-quarters build. However, don’t just look for this specific kind of loot; anything that can be found has a use on the map.

Tactical rifles and sniper rifles can be used while sitting on top of the main Cellhouse in order to pick off enemies down below. Alternatively, they can be used on the tiny island southeast of the entire map, so that anyone on the mainland won’t see what’s coming.

Take the High Ground…

There are few notable locations that can be used to scout out enemies from above. Namely, these places are the Cellhouse, Lighthouse, and, in certain situations, on top of buildings.

When found, a recon car can do plenty of reconnaissance on the ground. However, most of the time, those eyes and ears are all you have to spot potential danger afoot.

Use these areas as places to not only snipe enemies that lurk below, but also to scout ahead. The sightlines from this high ground gives plenty of visibility — despite the gloomy and overcast location — so take advantage of that when the opportunity presents itself.

… But Don’t Overestimate it

If you plan on gaining some height in Alcatraz, be wary as everyone can potentially spot you looking around the place like a birdwatcher on vacation.

It may not be the best idea to stick to the high ground frequently, as with redeploys active, enemies will catch onto a camping sniper, or call them out to teammates.

On the flip side for those wanting to stick closer to sea level, keep those eyes peeled for soldiers perched high above. Especially on the Cellhouse, where there is very little natural cover, there could be an unsuspecting foe who doesn’t spot you in time and is open for a counterattack.

Check back later for more Alcatraz tactics. We hope you’re enjoying the Blackout Free Access. We’ll see you online.


The limited-time Blackout Free Access period ends on April 30, 2019. Available now on all platforms*.

*Online Multiplayer Subscription required for Console.

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