Master Face Off Grind, a new mode played in Gunfight arenas

Get tips and tactics on the 2v2 variant of the classic Multiplayer game mode, Grind

Master Face Off Grind, a new mode played in Gunfight arenas

Get tips and tactics on the 2v2 variant of the classic Multiplayer game mode, Grind

Grind is getting a smaller sandbox for its battles – Gunfight maps. Grind is an objective game mode where fallen players drop dog tags and their teammates must collect and deliver them to an objective location. To master the fundamentals of Grind, check out the Grind Mode Recon on the Games Blog.

With a tighter battlefield and a much smaller team, there is a different skillset needed to best your opponent in Face Off Grind. We’ve compiled a list of ten tips for you and your partner to overcome this classic Multiplayer mode making its debut on the small stage.

10. Die and Live Again: Although played on Gunfight maps, Grind doesn’t follow any of the Gunfight ruleset. So, like most Multiplayer modes respawns are enabled. Therefore, the cautious ‘play your life’ mentality shouldn’t hold as much weight in your decision-making. Still play smart, but now you can take risks with the knowledge that you’ll live to fight again. 

9. Custom Loadout: Players can choose their loadout, so choose wisely. Gunfight maps are typically small, so close quarters weapons are always a good choice. Ultimately, choose your weapon based on your strengths.

8. Secondary Rules & Regulations: Your secondary weapon is just as important as your primary in Face Off Grind. Consider an explosive launcher to clear the objective, a melee for close combat, and always remember switching to a pistol is faster than reloading.

7. Come Equipped: Rather than randomized equipment which one might expect on a Gunfight map, choose equipment that plays well for objective modes like Hardpoint or Domination. C4 works great for calculated and timed destruction or if your aim is true, choose a Throwing Knife for a quick one-hit kill.

6. Know Your Maps: Map knowledge is more important than ever as matches will most likely be much longer. Check out our Tactical Map Intel blogs on Cargo and Shipment to get a lay of the land, and an understanding of the symmetrical design of Gunfight maps. 

5. A Game of Duos: Grind with one player is a lot different than having five other teammates. Ensure that you or your teammate can actually collect the dog tags. Remember, collecting and delivering dog tags to the objective location is the only way to earn points. If possible, try taking down enemies in relatively safe areas, so you can retrieve and deliver to score.

4. Insight on Collecting: Not all dog tags are created equal. Some tags will be heavily exposed or too risky to gather. Weigh the pros and cons of collecting, before dashing out into the fray. 

3. The Drop Off: Map knowledge comes in handy here because you have to know where the objective is at all times AND know how to get there. A dog tag closer to the objective in an exposed area might be a better option than a tag somewhat far away. While Gunfight maps aren’t that big, it’s important to know the shortest distance to better your chances for success. 

2. Mic Check: Talk it up! Call out dog tags, enemy locations, and more to help your team win. If you chat before the game, consider choosing different loadout types and equipment to give your team versatility in battle. 

1. Play with Friends: Even better than turning on your mic is playing with a buddy. Shorthand communication goes a long way in a fast-paced battle like Face Off Grind. Also, insight on your partners strengths and weakness can help you both better strategize to finish the match on top. 

Enjoy Face Off Grind, available now for a limited time. 

Stay Frosty. 


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