Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Cargo

Get a complete breakdown of this Gunfight map to prepare yourself for epic 2v2 engagements.

Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Cargo

Get a complete breakdown of this Gunfight map to prepare yourself for epic 2v2 engagements.

Gunfight serves up the smallest maps in the Multiplayer pool, and Cargo is no different. The locale may seem familiar as it is loosely based on Wet Work from Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare®. If you remember traditional Multiplayer experiences on that map that may come in handy, but Gunfight is a unique tactical and intense mode.

To prepare for your impending skirmish on this battleground, we’ve broken down Cargo in-depth, so read on for more details. 

Lay of the Land:

Cargo is an open-air map that takes place in the cargo hold of a ship somewhere at sea. The sounds of the waves and clanking metal can be heard as you traverse this map, but don’t let that distract you from your opponents.

The cargo hold of this ship is dimly lit and filled with containers and boxes, all of which can be mantled on to gain verticality during your match. Plus, the various set pieces can be used for cover, mounting weapons, and some you can even walk through on your way across the map. There are stairs on both sides of the eastern and western spawns that lead to gantries on both the northern and southern sides of the map.   

You’ll begin the Gunfight at the back of your respective spawn, completely protected behind a large shipping container. From there, you can choose to go up the stairs (one on either side) or stay on the ground, but once you peek from behind the container you may see the enemy. The center of the map is filled with boxes to crouch behind and mantle over which may offer some protection; however, it is completed exposed to the gantries above. 

Map Overview:

Cargo isn’t completely symmetrical, so you’ll have different tactical opportunities by going left or right from your spawn. While unique, each pathway provides ample cover for players who wish to rush or flank their opponents.

Heading north from the western spawn if you choose to bypass the stairs, you’ll have two remaining options to duck into the middle or to stay north and go through a shipping container. Bear in mind that the container gives you the best protection from the gantries but looking across the middle gives you the greatest visibility. There are also a few boxes you can mantle along this path shortly before the container that gives you a great look at the southern gantry and flank path. Choose a path or switch it up throughout the matches to catch your opponent off-guard.

Heading south from the western spawn, again bypassing the stairs, you can again duck middle or stay south for a tight path that falls directly below the gantry. On this path, you’ll have visibility straight ahead but not much else so be on alert once you pass the container that juts out into this path for enemies opposite you.

On the eastern side there is an extra container between you in the middle of the playing field. This container shortens the distance between being exposed in the middle and a row of boxes you can use for cover, but it might also slow down an aggressive assault across the center.

If your Gunfight match does go into overtime, the flag will spawn in the center of the map between two cargo containers, on the north and south, and a few boxes around, making it a somewhat protected flag. 

Armament Advice:

Without zones or objective game modes to cover, we’re breaking down a few ways to use the various weapon types that will appear in your random loadouts.

Here’s some weapon specific tips to playing to the strengths of every weapon class and equipment piece given in Cargo:

·      Handguns – Always a good option when precision fire is needed, the pistol fares pretty well when mobility is a player’s game. Try firing your pistol quickly after executing a slide on one of the flanking lanes to see if you can rapidly down a foe. And, remember that switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading.

·      Shotguns – Because of their limited mobility it may not be best to take a Shotgun on the gantries. However, utilizing the open containers and tight corners might be a fun way to successfully run and gun with these weapons.

·      Submachine Guns – With more range, submachine guns give you the ability to use all of the play space. To minimize recoil, if you find a stable position, don’t be afraid to mount your weapon before firing. Consider taking advantage of the weapon’s agility by adding more movement into your gameplay when handling this type of weaponry.

·      Assault Rifles – A versatile class of weaponry will always have its place in any Gunfight engagement. The mid-range capabilities will shine if you choose to take advantage of Cargo’s verticality.

·      Light Machine Guns – The slower ADS time of these weapons might make you considering mounting more often than not. Consider using tactical knowledge, strategy, and communication to predict your opponent’s location and ready your fire (or pre-ADS) so you can get your shots of quick.

·      Marksman Rifles – While playing with these weapons like standard sniper rifles is definitely option, leaning into their assault rifle capabilities might play best on Cargo. Your approach should be weighed based on your playstyle and tactics of your opponent, but whichever you choose mounting is never a bad idea.

·      Sniper Rifles – With the many containers and boxes, you won’t have many clear lanes and straightaways to get off long distance shots. However, the gantry provides fun opportunities as does the area, alongside the boxes, that are in the immediate left and right areas from spawn. Just be careful when you shoot, if you can see your opponent, they can see you.

·      Equipment – It’s never a bad choice to chuck a Frag or Molotov across the map as a Hail Mary, but there’s an option to hold back as well. You can use your equipment to gain insight on the location of your foes or to damage and even kill them. Just note that if you do get a hit marker or don’t, the opponent might be at a different verticality than you… so look up and down. 

General Tips:

·      Mantle: Cargo is a mantler’s playground, so utilize that ability when the situation calls for it. Gaining verticality can be one of the ways to surprise opponents, so don’t be afraid to go up and stay up. Just be mindful that if you are on top of the box, you can’t use the box for cover.

·      Know Your Spawn: Because the map isn’t completely symmetrical, there are different tactical opportunities available to both spawns and going in either directions. Learn your starting ground and play to that area’s strengths.

·      High in the Sky: The gantry is a risky play, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good one. On the gantry, you’ll have visibility on most of the map and the intel you can communicate with your teammate may be enough to put your team over the edge.

·      Close Encounters: The majority of Cargo is close quarters play, so weapons with high mobility might outpace others. Examine your entire loadout and see what works for the map. Just because it’s the primary weapon in your loadout that doesn’t mean you have to stick with it.

·      Flag’s Up: The middle of Cargo is lower than the rest of the playing field, and the flag is partially protected by two containers on the east and west of it making it a fairly protected capture compared to other maps. It’s very possible to cap this flag in a 2v1 scenario so don’t rule that out.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty. 


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