Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Shipment

The classic Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare® map known for cage matches and frenetic gameplay returns in Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare® Tactical Map Intel: Shipment

The classic Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare® map known for cage matches and frenetic gameplay returns in Modern Warfare.

When Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released, its map pool had a variety of locales, including one that was significantly smaller than the rest…

The name of that map was Shipment.

Regarded as the smallest map in Call of Duty history (before Gunfight mode existed), Shipment was the original site of many grudge matches and ridiculously frenetic Multiplayer sessions 12 years ago. 

Today, as part of the free content included in Season One, it returns with an updated look, accessibility on both regular Multiplayer modes and Gunfight, and one new trick. However, it is still the Shipment that veterans know and love.

This is our Tactical Map Intel for Shipment:

Lay of the Land:

This version of Shipment is based near the main port of Verdansk. One could see other shipping container stacks and cranes in the distance, but of course, the only playable area is this small collection of metal storage units boxed in by chain link fences.

Some of these containers are left partially or fully open, while others – presumably with their contents still in-tact – are locked up. Outside of containers, Shipment also features some forklifts and a van parked right on the map’s boundary.

Map Detail:

Shipment, in a word, is small. In fact, it’s one of the tiniest maps in Modern Warfare, rivalling Gunfight locales like Atrium in its size.

Still, it can hold a full Multiplayer lobby and does have named zones, which can be seen in the carousel below along with objective locations.

The three zones of Shipment are:

1. Container Wall

2. Center

3. Van

Map Overview:

Map Zones Overview:

1. Container Wall

The Container Wall makes up the western third of Shipment and is where Allegiance members will spawn into in team game modes.

Here, a container that’s open on both ends defines this third of the map, acting as the only source of cover from aerial Killstreaks. 

To the east is another storage unit with one door open, although it is technically part of the Center zone. This is another place that can act as cover from enemy Killstreaks, although a high caliber bullet can rip through the back of it.

A dumpster on the Container Wall’s south corner can be mantled up on to hop onto the red and blue containers. This brings up a new trick to Shipment: the containers as a platform for combat. Although there is risk to hopping up onto here, those that do get some fantastic sightlines across all three of the map’s lanes.

2. Center

The Center of Shipment has three container stacks and one set of two units with one… that is in serious need of some cleanup.

Although there are zero safe areas in Shipment, its Center is probably the most dangerous place to run through. Standing in the direct center not only leaves you exposed to sightlines on all four cardinal directions, but also the tops of the northwest containers and the southeast container stack.

One could get onto either of these high ground spots with a bit of parkour. The covered containers offer more protection than the others, although there are less sightlines from here and may have a bit more notoriety.

Outside of the direct center, this third of the map also includes the containers on the map’s northern and southern border. The one on the northern border has only one entrance facing the Container Wall, while the other container has an entrance facing the Van.

These containers do offer protection inside of them, or unique sightlines when they are mantled upon.

3. Van

Shipment’s eastern third is the home of the Coalition’s spawns as well as a van packed with chemical cleanup materials.

Like the Container Wall, this portion of the map has dumpsters, barrels, and a forklift to be used as partial cover against enemies firing from the west. Also, this area has a container open on both ends which can be used as a shield against aerial Killstreaks.

The entrance to the aforementioned southern container is on this side of the map, as well as a small blue barrel that can be mantled upon to reach open container stacked in Shipment’s Center.

Armament Advice:

Because Shipment is also a Gunfight map, we wanted to give you a full breakdown of the weapons you could have while playing on this map.

Whether you have a random loadout or are building your own, there is a case for all types of weapons on Shipment:

·     Pistols – These secondary sidearms are super-effective in close quarters when that primary runs dry. Don’t count them out on this tiny map.

·     Shotguns– Deadly at extreme close ranges, using a Shotgun on Shipment boils down to moving quickly and striking fast before your enemy even knows your presence.

·     Submachine Guns – An SMG can be great in short range duels against shotgun users while not leaving you totally exposed down longer sightlines. Picking up an SMG for a regular Multiplayer match or two of Shipment is never a bad idea, while in Gunfight, getting an SMG is a license to play fast and flank hard.

·     Assault Rifles– Versatile and effective in any situation, any Assault Rifle is the jack-of-all-trades on Shipment. While it may be outclassed by weapons on either end of the range spectrum, it can hold its own in any situation, whether that be gunning down a shotgun user at range or knocking down a sniper at close range.

·     Light Machine Guns – The high caliber bullets on LMGs are great for kicking people out of containers, as their damage can pierce through the steel walls of these storage units.

·     Marksman Rifles – The Marksman Rifles nearly have all the stopping power of a Sniper Rifle without the high-powered scopes, making it a solid choice for snipers who want to use a long-range weapon without getting tunnel vision.

·     Sniper Rifles – Those who want to use Sniper Rifles on Shipment – or be randomly given one in a Gunfight loadout – might want to use as many long sightlines as possible. A CQB operator can’t do much if they are caught on the wrong end of a longshot across the map!

·     Launchers – With little room to run on Shipment, Launchers could be multi-kill machines while also being absolute necessities to take down deadly aerial Killstreaks. Just beware of that splash damage hitting you, or if you are playing on Hardcore modes, your teammates.

·     Equipment – Tactical and Lethal grenades won’t have to travel far on this map to hit something. However, because lives are usually short on Shipment, make sure to use equipment pieces before you lose them. For those looking to defend against Equipment, it is never a bad idea to bring a Trophy System into Shipment.

General Tips:

·      Compact Carnage. You may have noticed that our guide to the main areas are relatively short. That’s because Shipment is a tiny map, and combat takes place across all three areas frequently. Be prepared to fight in close-quarters constantly on this map.

·      Fast and Frenetic.Shipment’s size also creates a high rate of engagements. Always be sure to watch your six while playing on Shipment. Or, if you want to worry less about getting stabbed in the back, consider a Riot Shield as an Overkill secondary weapon.

·      Nowhere to Hide.Trying to duck into a container and hide from your enemies? Sorry, a high caliber bullet will snuff out any campfire. Attempting to avoid Killstreaks? Good luck. Shipment encourages you to play actively, whether that’s against opponents or taking down Killstreaks.

·      Hardcore Parkour. The new trick to Shipment is mantling up on top of containers, which offer unique sightlines across the map. It is possible to get from one side of the map to the other without touching the ground, although this strategy, as well as parkour around the map in general, may find more success in Gunfight rather than a hectic regular Multiplayer match.

·      Don’t Take it Seriously. Those looking to use this map as a springboard to a better K/D should look elsewhere. Shipment is all about having fun, especially in a full Multiplayer lobby. Grab your squadmates, hop into Shipment, and just focus on having a good time!

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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