Introducing the Call of Duty World League

New worldwide league to usher in a new era of Call of Duty eSports.

by Scott Lowe on September 24, 2015

Over the last four years, Call of Duty has grown into a global eSports phenomenon, thanks in large part to events like the Call of Duty Championship and in-game features like CODcasting, League Play, and more. Now, with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 set to make its debut on November 6 and Call of Duty eSports bigger than ever, the time has come to take competitive Call of Duty to the next level. Today, we’re excited to announce the formation of the Call of Duty World League—a worldwide eSports league operated by Activision.

The Call of Duty World League will bring competitive Call of Duty to new audiences and long-time fans alike with regional competitions and live-streamed events throughout the year. What’s more, the Call of Duty World League will offer new opportunities for amateur players and fans of all skill levels to compete and even earn a spot at the Call of Duty Championship. We’re also upping the stakes by tripling the prize pool to $3 million in potential winnings throughout the year.


The Call of Duty World League will feature multiple divisions—a Pro Division and a Challenge Division. The Pro Division will feature competitions in North America, Europe, and Australia—which kick off in January of 2016. Regional competitions will feature its own regional LAN championship, which fans can watch in-person or online. The results of each regional Pro competition will determine which teams advance to the Call of Duty Championship, which is moving from its prior spring time slot to fall 2016 to accommodate the new league structure. The Challenge Division will give amateur teams a chance to compete through a series of official LAN events and secure a place at the Call of Duty Championship.

But this is just the beginning; we’ll have more news to share, including broadcast plans, our new eSports team, and other partners in the months ahead. To stay in the loop, be sure to follow @eSportsCOD, @CallofDuty, @Activision, and the developers of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, @Treyarch, on Twitter.

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