Call of Duty: WWII Rest and Relaxation Station Guide

Take a break on the battlefield and enjoy 15 classic Activision titles in the Call of Duty: WWII Headquarters’ R&R Station.

by James Mattone on May 04, 2018

When you’re not busy being a part of The War Machine in Call of Duty: WWII, how about a little Rest and Relaxation? Nestled at the bottom of Headquarters is an R&R Station where you can play 15 retro Activision games for only 10 Armory Credits a play. For an added dose of retro realism, you can even toggle them between color and black & white.

Here’s a guide to the games you can jump into in between matches of Call of Duty: WWII at the R&R station.

Release Year: 1982

Release your inner daredevil by flying a biplane through barns while avoiding windmills, weather vanes and geese. Use the Action button to accelerate the plane, release it to slow down, and push the joystick up or down to move through the air.

Release Year: 1980

Welcome to boxing in its purest form. The joystick moves your fighter while the Action button throws punches. Long punches are worth one point and short punches are worth two. Win by scoring the most points in two minutes or by earning 100 points before the time limit expires.

Chopper Command
Release Year: 1982

Fly around in an attack helicopter while protecting your convoy from enemy fighter jets and helicopters. Points are earned whenever you destroy an enemy vehicle and new waves of enemies arrive every time you clear the screen.

Cosmic Commuter
Release Year: 1984

Pick up passengers in outer space while dodging and shooting obstacles in this vintage shoot-em-up. Be careful to not run out of fuel while taxiing commuters back to your space shuttle!

Demon Attack
Release Year: 1982

Defend yourself from laser-shooting demons on a distant planet. Shoot down the demons with the Action button and move your ship around to avoid their nasty attacks.

Release Year: 1983

Will you outlast the competition in the National Enduro? Move your vehicle with the joystick and accelerate with the Action button. Overtake competitors to move deeper into the Enduro, where tougher racers and changing weather conditions will come into play.

Fishing Derby
Release Year: 1980

Take on a rival fisherman in a friendly contest to see who can be the first to catch 99 pounds of fish. Hook a fish by moving the joystick, and use the Action button to reel your catch in.

Grand Prix
Release Year: 1982

Drive your race car through one of four tracks to win the Grand Prix. Press the Action button to accelerate, release it to decelerate, and move the joystick up and down to navigate past slower racers.

Release Year: 1981

The Mad Bomber is causing havoc and can only be stopped by catching his bombs. Move your buckets back and forth with the joystick, and progress to the next wave with the Action button.

Pitfall® II: Lost Caverns
Release Year: 1984

Pitfall Harry is back to save his niece Rhonda and his pet mountain lion Quickclaw while searching caverns for treasure. Jump over obstacles such as crocodiles, bats, and quicksand by pressing the Action button. Don’t worry about losing this game, because you have unlimited lives and time to find everything.

Private Eye
Release Year: 1983

As Detective Pierre Touché, search the city for clues that will lead you towards criminal mastermind Henri Le Fiend. Drive around by pushing the joystick left and right and jump by using the Action button. Jump up to avoid obstacles and grab clues, like a money bag that has to be brought back to the bank.

Once you collect two clues, you can track down Le Fiend and bring him to justice once and for all!

Release Year: 1983

Take out enemy submarines and sharks as you rescue divers who ventured too far into the deep blue sea. Be sure to resurface often to recharge your oxygen meter, lest you end up in Davy Jones’ Locker.

Release Year: 1980

Hit the slopes and pass through the slalom gates as quickly as you can. Use the joystick to move your skier through the slopes and away from the trees. You can reset your run at any time by pressing the Action button.

Spider Fighter
Release Year: 1982

Protect your orchid of fruit from bugs who are looking for a light snack. Shoo them away from the fruit with the Action button and avoid their projectiles by moving your spider with the joystick.

No matter where you get your retro fix, we hope you have a totally radical time reliving these Activision hits from the past or experiencing them for the first time.

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