10 Tips for 2v2 Showdown in Call of Duty®: Mobile

Pair up and throw down W’s in some 2v2 Showdown with these tips for success

10 Tips for 2v2 Showdown in Call of Duty®: Mobile

Pair up and throw down W’s in some 2v2 Showdown with these tips for success

Who needs a legion when you have an unstoppable duo?

Showdown 2v2 is a new tactical game mode that came with the launch of Steel Legion, the latest season for Call of Duty: Mobile. In this cage match, two teams of two soldiers enter with random loadouts, and only one comes out victorious.

Here’s a breakdown of a standard Showdown, as well as our tips to help you and your duo conquer the 2v2 world:

Rules of Engagement

Two teams enter the lobby – each team has two players.

You can either bring your own duo into the lobby, or matchmake with a random player.

Your loadout: randomly generated. Custom loadouts will not work. Instead, the game will give all players the same loadout made up of random weapons.

This loadout changes every two rounds.

There are no Scorestreaks, Operator Skills, nor health regeneration in 2v2 Showdown.

Your mission: eliminate the enemy team or capture the overtime objective to win a round. If neither team captures the overtime objective, the victory belongs to the team has higher health.

Each round lasts for 40 seconds.

Overtime lasts for 10 seconds.

When a player enters the overtime objective, the timer will freeze and be reset, extending the round. It takes several seconds to capture the overtime objective.

The first team to take six rounds wins the match.

Top 10 Tips

10. Know Your Weapons. The weapons used in Showdown 2v2 are the exact same ones you can equip and play with in standard Multiplayer matches. If you are struggling with a certain type of weapon, try loading into some Frontline or Team Deathmatch with it to get some practice.

9. Know Your Maps. Much like your loadout, understanding your surroundings is key to becoming a Showdown superstar. Learn the routes across the map, the overtime flag location, and sightlines, and you’ll be well on your way to outsmarting the opposition. At mode launch, there will be only two 2v2 Showdown maps: Killhouse and Cage. Study the Games Blog Map Snapshots for Killhouse and Cage to help you master the maps. 

8. Use That Equipment! The weapons are usually not the only things included in your random loadout; some of them will have equipment that can be used to stun, disorient, or hurt the enemy. Don’t forget you have these in your back pocket, as they can be used to track down, or even take down, someone on the other squad.

7. Remember the Loadout Switches. Every two rounds, your loadout will swap to another random one. Think fast about what strategies can work with that weapon – e.g. don’t try to snipe with a shotgun – as the duo that can adapt quicker usually has the upper hand in Showdown 2v2.

6. Change Your Tactics. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In other words, an enemy team may catch onto you rushing forward every round, so switch up your tactics to keep them guessing, even if it means letting them make the first move.

5. Keep Track of Your Health. Because health regeneration does not exist in Showdown 2v2, every hit point matters. Always check what level your health is at before jumping out of cover, lest you give the other duo a free kill.

4. Clutching Up in Overtime. If a round heads into overtime, think about going for the overtime flag. Does your duo have less health than the other squad? Then it may be time to make a diving play for that objective.

3. Overtime Bait. Alternatively, if your squad has nothing to lose and have the health lead when overtime hits, the objective could act as great bait for finishing off the enemy team. Try luring them towards the promise of stealing the round at the objective, then crush their hopes with a few well-placed shots.

2. Communication is Key. Two heads are better than one, so use that brainpower to talk about strategies and enemy movements. A callout of where an enemy is heading could be the difference between life and death, so be sure to use the in-game voice or text chat.

1. Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork. The best Showdown 2v2 players are usually great friends or teammates, so call up your duo and get on Call of Duty Mobile to begin your campaign towards being the best Showdown squad in the world!

We’ll see you on the go, and online.


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