Trials Without the Tribulations Part 2: A Guide to Season One Trials in Modern Warfare®

Trials Without the Tribulations Part 2: A Guide to Season One Trials in Modern Warfare®

Trials Without the Tribulations Part 2: A Guide to Season One Trials in Modern Warfare®

Trials Without the Tribulations Part 2: A Guide to Season One Trials in Modern Warfare®

“His fruit killing skills are remarkable!” Hadir, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®.

If you made the Officer Ranks before December 3, you may have already experienced Trials, tests of skill that allow you to earn thousands of XP in only a few minutes. During that time, there were three Trials courses to take part in: the Gun Course, Behind Enemy Lines, and Marksman Challenge.

For Season One, Infinity Ward introduced another trio of fun Trials to tackle after each rank up in addition to the three original challenges. Just one Trial ticket will allow you three tries at the best time in a given Trial, with a three-star ranking giving you 10,000 XP.

And, as a reminder, those Double XP tokens you earn from the Battle Pass – or by other means – apply to those XP rewards, should the token be active during your Trial. In other words, that three-star reward is worth a whopping 20,000 XP, and if you know your way around these Trials, that XP boost can come within only a minute or two of your time.

How can you earn that three-star rating in all the new Trials efficiently? You’ve come to the right place; ready up and read up on these tips for Shooting Range, Heavily Armed, and Risky Parkour.

Shooting Range

Locate and shoot all targets in the area as quickly as possible while conserving ammunition.

An advanced gun course is set up around the live fire Gunfight map Speedball. Upon spawning in, you’ll see a rack of weapons ranging from pistols to light machine guns.

The Trial timer will start right when you step out of the white striped area and onto the course. Your final time will also be affected by accuracy; higher accuracy will shave seconds off your time.

This Trial is easy to complete, but difficult to master; getting a three-star rating – which can be done with a time of 40 seconds or fewer –requires you to know where every target on the course is, so don’t fret if you only earn a star or two on that first attempt.

Or, if you want to go into this Trial prepared, here are the locations of all the targets: (Note: multiple targets in a small location will be indicated with a number with the exact number of targets in that area).

The targets on this course shatter within one shot, which makes using single fire weapons – or toggling on semi-auto on whatever weapon you choose – a smart decision. Missed shots will mean less time shaved off at the end and being able to better control how many bullets are fired at a time may help immensely in limiting errant shots.

Speaking of accuracy, getting 100% accuracy will shave a full 5 seconds off your final time. However, like other target missions within Trials, if you get an accuracy rating of close to 100%, you can take even more fractions of seconds off.

This can be done in one of two ways: either lining up targets and causing collateral damage with regular bullets or using weapons that can spray pellets (i.e. a shotgun or shotgun attachment) and hit multiple targets at once.

Last, but certainly not least, the most important tip for this Trial is one that our old friend Gaz always reminded us back in the day: switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading. Consider picking up a pistol at the initial gun rack and taking it out when your primary runs dry so that you waste as little time as possible waiting to fire again.

Heavily Armed

Equip the Juggernaut suit and survive as long as possible against hordes of enemies and artillery.

Not all Trials have to be serious; case and point, the Heavily Armed Trial is all about blasting away as many enemies as you can on the map Shoothouse while wearing the Juggernaut suit.

Specifically, your objective is to don the Juggernaut armor and hammer as many enemies as possible without getting killed. The Trial begins once you pick up the killstreak crate and ends when the last enemy goes down.

The score to beat for a three-star ranking is 300,000, which looks harder than it is to obtain.

Racking up score is as simple as chaining together enemy kills. The bottom of the HUD displays your current combo multiplier and the remaining time before it goes away. Along with making sure this combo multiplier does not deplete, you should also chain kills rapidly together, as that provides an even bigger score bonus that is only amplified by that combo multiplier.

Whether it is keeping a combo up or making chain kills, it’s best to always keep firing that minigun. Because it won’t overheat nor run out of ammo, there is no good reason to be stingy with minigun fire.

During this Trial, you will have to face multiple Killstreaks including, but not limited to, Cluster Strikes, Support Helos, and a few Juggernauts (yes, expect multiple Juggernauts to come after you here).

Destroying the Juggernauts and helicopters will not only award you more points, but also will be imperative to your survival. As for the other Killstreaks that can rain down fire, be sure to avoid them by hiding in various buildings or under overhangs, as they can cause massive damage to you and your suit.

Speaking of survival, staying alive until the enemy forces must drop a Tactical Nuke to take you out will award you with a 50,000 “Total Annihilation” score bonus. So, in short, this Trial requires you to stay alive and cause as much destruction as possible.

Risky Parkour

Move through each checkpoint and finish the course as quickly as possible. Beware of the heavy toxic gas on the low ground.

This Trial should bring back some childhood memories: the floor will be lava – or filled with toxic gas – on St. Petrograd. Armed with only a knife or Riot Shield, you must navigate around these streets by hopping on boxes, cars, fences, and even the second floor of a building.

While this Trial is the simplest of the three, it introduces multiple important mechanics that will help you in any Modern Warfare game mode. The movement techniques – even if it’s how to get across St. Petrograd in a new or unique way – can be new tools that can be added to your overall skillset and may just improve that K/D in your next Multiplayer outing.

Your Trial ranking is based on how fast you complete the course; a three-star ranking requires a time of under 45 seconds. Any time that you spend in the toxic gas – in other words, on the streets of Petrograd – will add to your time.

Getting a three-star time boils down to knowing and memorizing the course, which can be done within the first attempt or two of this Trial. Or, alternatively, you can see this map below and plan your route accordingly.

The most obvious piece of advice is to never touch the ground. It may be harder than you think, as there are several tricky spots around the map like the small gaps in the stone fence towards the end of the route.

Faster times can be achieved by using two key pieces of movement tech: tactical sprinting and jumping rather than mantling.

Tactical sprinting is easy: just double tap the sprint button and your operator will run at a blazing speed. Bear in mind that you will have to react quicker while tactical sprinting, as faster movement gives you less time to turn.

The other tech isn’t as simple and will take some practice. Jumping through a window or over a ledge takes less time than having to mantle up and over it, so whenever possible, try to clear gaps and window frames cleanly to shave those all-important milliseconds off that final time.

Whatever you do, stay calm and don’t fret an attempt being blown by an errant misstep into the gas. Just dust yourself off, finish the try, and have another go at it.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.

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