Mode Recon: Drop Zone

Hold the Objective, Secure the Drop, and Win the Game

Mode Recon: Drop Zone

Hold the Objective, Secure the Drop, and Win the Game

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® brings back the classic game mode: Drop Zone. Drop Zone shares similarities with Hardpoint and other objective game modes with two distinct differences: the only way to earn Killstreaks is by holding the objective and you earn additional points for each player inside the drop zone.

Before you jump into this objective mode, read on to get a refresher on the rules and tips to master it:

Rules of Engagement

Drop Zone is a team objective mode where players battle to hold objectives to win. Players earn points by being inside the drop zone. The first team to reach the required point total or hold the most points when the time expires is the winner. Killstreaks can only be earned via care packages that continually deploy while the drop zone is held.

You earn points for EACH team member in the drop zone. Meaning the more players inside the zone, the more points per second that you earn. The zone moves around the map and is designated by a Care Package marker and red smoke.

Strategies on Drop Zone

Drop Zone has some unique twists that separate it from the objective mode pack and adds in new gameplay strategies. The most important one securing Care Packages that are dropped to your team. The enemy team can steal care packages, so you it’s even more important to hold the drop zone after you’ve been rewarded with a package.

A Care Package can contain any Killstreak giving each one the potential to be game changing. However, you have to capture a Care Package which takes a little bit of time. Ideally more than one player is inside the zone, so one person can get the Care Package while the other person defends. If not consider using the Care Package or Smoke equipment as cover while you collect the goods.

If you do fall to enemies before a Care Package is opened, try to notify your teammates and be aware that the other team will have a Killstreak to use against you.

The other key point is to note is that while having more people on the objective nets more points; it isn’t always the best strategy. If your team is crowded in one space, you’ll be easier to eliminate with lethal equipment and aerial Killstreaks. While it’s good to have more than one person on the point, putting everyone there could put your team at risk.

Drop Zone and Map Zones

While the strategies for Drop Zone stay the same, here are a few map specific tips to master the locale:


The helicopter will always be a hotbed for activity in this map and in Drop Zone things are no different. If trying to hold this objective, remember only one person needs to be inside the point. Although in Drop Zone, the more people in the objective the more points you gain. Consider situating the rest of your team in overwatch positions and near various entry points to eliminate foes before they reach the center helicopter.

Arklov Peak

The side flanks in this map are fairly exposed. With that said, chose your path carefully when rotating to the next objective. Be on the lookout for enemy players lying in wait or travel with a teammate and tactically rush the flank—taking out any opponents along the way.

Grazna Raid

The Construction zone that connects to Apartments overlooks parts of the Main Street, Playground, Laundromat, Hotel, and exit points from the Backyard and Tire Shop. A power position with that much visibility may be crucial to command when the objective falls to that side of the map. Consider locking down Construction and giving your teammates callouts on enemy locations to hold the objective longer.

Key Tactics and Tips for Drop Zone

Still looking for clever ways to get the drop on your enemies and get a win for your team? Here’s a few tips ‘n tricks:

1.     Objective Play: More than most objective modes playing the objective is crucial to success. Even if you manage to rack up a lot of kills, you won’t be rewarded with Killstreaks. If you like playing on the move, consider using that agility around lanes and chokepoints that lead to the objectives.

2.     Sharing 101: Congratulations your team has been awarded a Care Package for holding an objective! Consider not all rushing to the Care Package at once, doing so will leave your team exposed to enemy forces. Instead, communicate with your teammates and have one person collect the Care Package and utilize it effectively for your team.

3.     Rotation: The objective moves in Drop Zone, so you should too. Watch the clock and consider having some of your squad rotate out of the drop zone before it moves. This might help your team secure the next drop zone or potentially stop a wave of enemy attackers.

4.     Capture It: Like most objective modes, the more people that are on the objective, the faster it will be captured. While going solo may work, it isn’t the best strategy. Consider attacking the point with a squad with all players in the objective and actively working to clear out any surrounding foes.

5.     A Complete Loadout: Since Killstreaks are turned off in this mode, tailoring your perks, equipment, and Field Upgrades is the best way to customize your loadout for Drop Zone. Consider using Smoke to capture under cover, Quick Fix to increase health regen while playing the objective, and Trophy System to protect your team from enemy equipment and projectiles.

Have fun playing Drop Zone and we’ll see you online.

Stay Frosty. 

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