Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Killhouse

The training course that veterans of the Call of Duty® franchise know like the back of their hands returns as part of the Mobile Multiplayer map pool. Strap on those boots and get ready to run the gauntlet with the help of this handy map guide.

Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Killhouse

The training course that veterans of the Call of Duty® franchise know like the back of their hands returns as part of the Mobile Multiplayer map pool. Strap on those boots and get ready to run the gauntlet with the help of this handy map guide.

Welcome to basic training, soldier… Or at least, the Killhouse, a live fire exercise area that becomes a battleground as part of Call of Duty: Mobile’s Multiplayer.

Compact and containing little cover, this map will test your fundamentals in a fast-paced experiencing, which is fitting given that Killhouse is, at its core, a basic training ground.

Here is our Map Snapshot of Killhouse, your guide to make mastering this Multiplayer map and defeating your opponents “just another day at the office.”

Lay of the Land

Killhouse is based on the tutorial level “F.N.G.” from Call of Duty 4®: Modern Warfare®.

This warehouse out in the United Kingdom has been converted into an obstacle course for soldiers training within an SAS military base.

To account for the increased commonality of urban warfare, the roughly symmetrical course is littered with brick and wooden walls, shipping containers, sandbags, and ruined cars.

At the warehouse’s center is a wooden watchtower where soldiers in training begin their exercise while their superior offices watch them run the course.    

Boot Camp: Basic Tips

Given the shortened Lay of the Land section, it is safe to assume that Killhouse is a rather small map.

From either initial spawn point, it is possible to take a few steps and see your enemies drop in on the opposite side of the map. Both spawn areas also have a small staircase leading to an open platform, which further helps those looking to hit a few shots across the map.

Killhouse’s size often makes the Call of Duty: Mobile Multiplayer experience as frenetic as it can be. You may not have much time between engagements, let alone a few seconds to reload your weapon in some cases.

In this game’s Multiplayer, every second matters, especially on a small map such as this. So, when your Primary weapon runs dry in the middle of a fight or in between encounters, it may be wise to switch to a Secondary weapon, such as a Pistol, rather than try to wait and reload.

There are also multiple areas within Killhouse that knifing an opponent could be more useful than firing a weapon; with how compact this map is, close-quarters battles could devolve into fisticuffs. Be slightly cautious when moving quickly throughout the map, as the next engagement could literally be just around the corner.

Mobile Master Tactics

A tall wooden elephant sits right in the middle of this room, and it is known as the watchtower.

The only way to reach the top of this tower is a ladder that leaves anyone climbing it exposed to crossfire. Should you make it to the top of this watchtower, your reward is a 360-degree view of the map. Yet with this reward comes some risk; it usually won’t take long for an enemy to spot someone on this tower and begin to focus fire towards it.

This potential barrage against anyone on the high ground may include some grenades, and in that case, one of the best counters to this is the Trophy System. Upon placement, this equipment piece intercepts grenades out of the sky before they can set off nasty effects, which could be helpful in defending a location.

Other than figuring out how the main watchtower fits your Multiplayer strategy, mastering Killhouse comes down to understanding the fundamentals of Call of Duty: Mobile.

Small maps with little cover, such as Killhouse, are great opportunities to practice simple techniques like movement and firing weapons. Take advantage of the limited space here to get back to basics – it is a training course, after all – and, ultimately, have some fun while doing so.

Scorestreak Field Guide

The Killhouse warehouse is partially exposed to the outside thanks to its unique roof. Here, multiple giant windows allow natural light and air to flow freely throughout the complex.

What does this mean, besides it being something for architectural designers to chew on? That aerial Scorestreak usage will take a bit more skill to use effectively.

The gunners on the Stealth Chopper and the Hunter Killer Drone’s AI are both capable of avoiding these barriers, but when using the Missile or VTOL, the task of avoiding the roof is in your hands. Pilot these Scorestreaks carefully when dropping them into the map, lest they be blocked and not make a meaningful impact.

It is also slightly more difficult to drop an Airdrop into a safe area within the Killhouse compared to other maps. You could drop it right down the middle of the map, but given the amount of crossfire that may occur here, it may be best to only use this placement as a distraction against enemies who could get tunnel vision fixated on this care package.

As for the main ground-based Scorestreak, the Sentry Gun, it can be placed wherever you feel it fits, but you might want to consider taking the long climb up the watchtower and placing it at the top. Here, it could take advantage of the wide perspective of the training course and lock on to enemies running about the complex.

Survey of Objective Play

Currently, Killhouse has no public playlists for objective game modes, so don’t worry about having to play around an objective on this map.

Top 10 Tips

10. Killhouse is one of the most frenetic maps in the Call of Duty: Mobile map pool. Drop in here ready to fight without worrying too much about untimely deaths.

9. “Remember - switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading.” When that Primary Weapon runs dry in between engagements, consider swapping to a Secondary Weapon to get back in the fight faster.

8. “Your fruit killing skills are remarkable!” Be ready to melee with your knife on this map, as fisticuffs may be commonplace given the amount of extreme close quarters engagement opportunities.

7. Want to climb up the watchtower? Better watch out; that ladder will leave you exposed on all sides, but the reward of Killhouse’s ultimate high ground might just outweigh the risks to get here.

6. When taking up a position on top of the watchtower, it might be a good idea to lay down a Trophy System to counter any grenades thrown up at you.

5. Speaking of lock-on war machines, the Sentry Gun could be useful when placed on top of the watchtower, as it can swivel around and catch enemies on multiple sides down below.

4. Aerial Scorestreak usage on Killhouse involves getting around the map’s unique ceiling structure. Fire through the open spaces on the roof in order to do damage to those on the training course.

3. Killhouse’s ceiling also may cause trouble for those who love Airdrops. If you want what’s inside these packages, it might not be wise to throw the marker on the main strip of daylight that runs down the middle of the map.

2. This map is built for training; with little cover opportunities and plenty of tight spaces, mastering this map comes down to having those fundamentals down pat.

1. Our most important tip, as always and for every map in Call of Duty: Mobile, is to have fun!


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