Modern Warfare® Beta Boot Camp: Killstreaks: Game-Changing Tools to Earn in Battle

You saw some Killstreaks in action during the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® reveal. Now, let’s dive deep into the Killstreaks you’ll be able to earn in-game.

Modern Warfare® Beta Boot Camp: Killstreaks: Game-Changing Tools to Earn in Battle

You saw some Killstreaks in action during the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® reveal. Now, let’s dive deep into the Killstreaks you’ll be able to earn in-game.

Killstreaks are back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Along with a Loadout and Field Upgrade, an Operator is deployed into battle with up to three Killstreaks.

Killstreaks are earned by getting multiple kills without dying in a game, and upon death, progress towards earning Killstreaks is reset. These powerful tools reward skilled players with the opportunity to turn the tide of battle if used wisely.

While some Killstreaks are easier to earn than others, those that require a bit more effort to earn are the most devastating modern weapons and technology that the game has to offer.

Here is a breakdown of every Killstreak you can equip in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:

Personal Radar

One of the easiest Killstreaks to earn is the Personal Radar, an escort drone that enables a radar that pings nearby enemies for its owner. Upon activation, the top left corner of the HUD will have a mini-map where friendly players will appear as triangles and enemies as red dots. While it is a great Killstreak for reconnaissance, be advised that it is a fragile drone that hovers over its user, so it may alert enemies to its owner’s position.

Counter UAV

Jam the enemy’s technology with this drone that constantly emits a scrambling signal. After placing it over a specific area of the map, any enemy within its range will have their mini-maps disabled and, as they draw closer to the center of the affected area, have parts of their HUD incrementally disrupted. As the name suggests, this Killstreak is a great counter to any UAV-like drones that provide visual intel.


While the Personal Radar gives reconnaissance only to you, the slightly harder to earn UAV gives your entire team access to their mini-maps and periodically reveals enemy locations. A Killstreak that immediately goes into effect upon activation, this recon ship flies around and scans the environment in short sweeps, picking up the locations of all enemies outside of those using the Ghost perk.

Care Package

Upon activation of this Killstreak, you will be able to throw a Care Package Marker on the ground, which will serve as the drop point for an airship overhead to send down a Care Package with a random Killstreak inside. Once it lands, you’ll be able to interact with it to receive what’s inside, or if you are feeling generous, you can allow a teammate to capture it instead. The Care Package has weighted odds towards less expensive Killstreaks – i.e. the Personal Radar and UAV – but it is totally possible to find an Advanced UAV, Gunship, or even a Juggernaut suit in a package. 

A few words of warning with the Care Package: it can crush you – or an enemy – if someone is standing directly on the Care Package Marker, the Care Package could land out of reach if the Marker is thrown out of bounds or under a building, and enemies can steal your package if you are not careful enough. 

Cluster Strike

Designate a mortar strike by pointing a handheld laser at any position within your line of sight. After aiming the laser towards an area and pressing fire, several artillery shells will pepper a circular zone in an explosive barrage.

Cruise Missile

Call in a long-range missile from high above in the atmosphere to deal death from above. By activating this Killstreak, your Operator will launch a Cruise Missile via tablet and release it from its airframe. Once it has been released over the map, you can steer it while it is airborne, as well as accelerate its fall with a built-in boost function.

Precision Airstrike

Throw on those binoculars to designate a twin jet precision strike on a path in your line of sight. Once you mark the airstrike location, two jets will swoop down one after the other on the area to take out any hostile forces that cross its line of fire.


Deploy and remotely control an UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) from your position. The vehicle comes with a powerful airburst turret the fires punishing cannon rounds. You have steering, aiming, view-changing, firing, and other capabilities. Top speed of the machine is around 25kph. Be mindful of its fuel and health reserves as you use it to deliver mass casualties to enemy forces!

Infantry Assault Vehicle

Call in a light infantry tank, and after it lands on the field of battle, enter the entrance hatch, reach the driver’s seat, and begin to demolish the enemy! While maneuvering the tank, you should be mindful of the vehicle’s health reserves, and the limited time you have to utilize this Killstreak. You can accelerate, brake, steer, and fire the vehicle’s main cannon (with an independent turret to aim). Or, you can switch to the turret gunner’s position and lay waste to the opposition using the 50-caliber machinegun. Bring along a teammate to enjoy all the vehicle’s capabilities at once!

This vehicle is only available on a selection larger maps, such as Grazna Raid. If this Killstreak is selected when loading into a smaller map, it will be replaced with Wheelson.

Emergency Airdrop

What’s better than a Care Package? Three Care Packages!

The Emergency Airdrop drops a trio of Care Packages from a large carrier right near a thrown Care Package Marker. Act fast and be generous with your team to scoop up all the random Killstreaks inside these packages, lest they fall into the wrong hands.


Dispatch a fighter jet to a marked location via tablet with this mid-tier Killstreak that acts in two stages.

Upon initial deployment, this VTOL Jet will drop several missiles on the designated area as a first strike attack. Following its initial missile barrage, it will make an Immelmann turn back towards the area and hover over it to provide defensive support. Should you want the jet to defend another area, simply press the same button that activated the Killstreak over the new patrol zone, and it will move over to continue providing support.

Chopper Gunner

Launch a Chopper Gunner to get right into the boots of a pilot and gunner that will bring plenty of offensive firepower against the opposition while it flies over the entire map.

While controlling the Chopper Gunner’s movement, fire away with its high-caliber Cannon Rounds and several Hydra Rockets, with the latter being capable of area-of-effect damage that could even destroy ground-based Killstreaks. The built-in vision system on this chopper can even switch into Thermal mode, which highlights enemies by their heat signatures in infrared light.

White Phosphorus

Cover a strip of the battlefield with a carpet bomb that releases white smoke flare canisters into a designated area. After positioning the strike via tablet and dispatching the carrier plane, a jet plane will fly over and drop White Phosphorus bombs in a straight line. Anyone who dares to traverse the affected area will become disoriented by the light of the white-hot flames, as well as be burned by the scorching heat should they draw closer to it.

Support Helo

Whistle to your comrades in the sky who are piloting a massive Support Helo with twin turrets. This helicopter is piloted by a friendly AI soldier who will circle around the whole map searching for enemies and contains two gunners who will fire at will towards any hostile force that appears on their radar. Don’t worry about having to direct your brothers and sisters in arms; just call them in and let them go to work.


This heavy assault Gunship comes with three types of ammunition: a massive 105mm cannon for pure area-of-effect damage, a mid-size 40mm gun for smaller area damage dealing, and a 25mm weapon to knock down individual targets. Use these weapons as your Gunship circles over the map overhead. Should you need help finding enemy forces, there is a built-in Thermal sight that can detect heat signatures and be toggled on and off. 

Advanced UAV

All the way from orbit, an Advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle will not only turn on the mini-map and reveal enemy locations for you and all allies, but also show what direction those enemies are facing. This is the ultimate tool for battle reconnaissance, so naturally, it’s one of the hardest Killstreaks to earn. However, with great risk and work comes great reward, as this tool will reveal plenty of intel on the enemy forces for everyone on your squad.


Call in a care package that contains the Juggernaut assault gear. After dropping a smoke grenade, a crate falls from the sky with an ominous insignia on the side. Access the care package and don the Juggernaut suit. Your name is flagged accordingly, and you’re able to lay waste to the battlefield with a minigun, while clad in this heavy armor, with more limited maneuverability. Naturally, the suit plays suitably raucous music, which you can toggle on or off while you’re mowing down the opposition.

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