This Week in Call of Duty® - March 23

All the intel on the happenings in Call of Duty

This Week in Call of Duty® - March 23

All the intel on the happenings in Call of Duty

The Lead:Modern Warfare®

今週の​Modern Warfare​​は新コンテンツが満載! マルチプレイヤーファン向けの新たな戦略や戦術を試せる新マップ「Khandor Hideout」をはじめ、新バンドルではTalonと彼の頼れる軍用犬インディアナがCOALITIONに参戦します。​Warzone​​では収集と装備可能な4つの新武器が登場、さらに​ Warzone​ ​の制作の舞台裏が見られる限定コンテンツからも目が離せません。アップデートに含まれる新コンテンツは今週配信されます。•••

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Get more details on Warzone this week in an exclusive Behind the Scenes video. This video offers a look behind the curtain at Warzone, the free-to-play and free-for-everyone massive combat experience, from the world of Modern Warfare

「Khandor Hideout」で新たな戦場を体験しよう。このウルジクスタンにある中規模マップでは6対6の戦いを楽しめます。遠くまで射線が通り、また屋内スペースも存在するため、様々な戦い方を繰り広げることが可能です。中央に大きく構える倉庫は、近接戦が好みのプレイヤーにとって活動や避難の拠点になります。敵を追跡し、「Khandor Hideout」の通りを狙って射撃してくる狙撃兵に注意しましょう。この新マップは今週配信となります。準備万端で戦場に飛び込みましょう!


Four weapons - the 725, MK2 Carbine, .50 GS, and EBR-14 will be available in the world of Warzone. Find these armaments across Verdansk in both Common and Uncommon rarities, then take aim against your opponents. Each weapon comes with distinct strengths in its class, consider equipping them in loadouts to see how they match up on the battlefield.

In Warzone, the Battle Royale Solos playlist continues this week. Take the role of a mercenary and fight to outlast the collapse and the competition in Battle Royale Solos. Brush up on tips and tactics in this Games Blog article for Solos or pick up even more in-depth information in the Free Official Warzone Strategy Guide

ストアにCALL OF DUTY基金ディフェンダーパックが再登場しています。マルチプレイヤー、スペシャルオプス、または​<i>​Warzone​</i>​で使うことができるアイテムを手に入れましょう。ディフェンダーパックは、退役兵が労働条件の良い仕事に就職するための手助けを行う非営利組織、Call of Duty基金(C.O.D.E.)を支援しています。ディフェンダーパックや基金についての詳細はゲームブログをご覧ください。

Call of Duty®: Mobile

Disavowed continues this week with more challenges and more ways players can earn rewards. Plus, two limited time game modes return!

Play fast and frenetic in the Rapid Fire Multiplayer mode. Players earn both Scorestreaks and Operator Skills much faster than the standard rate in this mode, resulting in more firepower and more fun and chaotic combat. Also, there’s infinite ammo, so the combat never has to stop. Rapid Fire mode is available until March 26, so jump in now experience this fast-paced mode. 

The final days of the Heavy Shot Challenge are here. Finish off those tasks to earn the KN-44 and Prophet-Sight before the events ends. Get some tips and tricks to completing this challenge on the Games Blog

Live today take aim on the enemy in Sticks and Stones. This classic Call of Duty party game gives players limited armaments and you earn points each time you take down a foe. However, if you get axed, literally, by a Combat Axe your score is bankrupted, and your points reset to 0. Get kills, earn points, and avoid the Combat Axe.

All players have until March 25 to complete the Trap Master challenge. The Trap Master is a new class for Battle Royale that emphasizes cunning and intel to trap and takedown your enemies. If setting traps and tricking your enemies aligns with your playstyle, complete the challenge and earn the Trap Master class for Battle Royale. 

Around the Franchise: Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4

·      This week, get Double XP in the fan-favorite party game Sticks & Stones! Earn in-game points by taking down your foes and secure the most points to claim victory. Avoid the Combat Axe lest you want your score to be reset to zero and use the lethal Axe to “humiliate” and bankrupt your opponents. Here’s a preview of all this week’s playlist updates in Black Ops 4:

·      Multiplayer– 2XP Sticks and Stones, Nuketown, Barebones Moshpit, Bolt-Action Barebones Moshpit, Mercenary Deathmatch Moshpit

·     Blackout – Hot and Heavy (Hot Pursuit and Heavy Metal Heroes), Alcatraz Portals Quads, Quads, Duos, Solos

·     Zombies – Voyage of Despair 

Call of Duty League™

Think you have what it takes to be a pro? Take a look at Quarters, Semis, Finals, & Grand Finals of Call of Duty Challengers™ in Los Angeles and get your squad together and stay tuned to for announcements about upcoming Challengers events. 

Want more insight on Call of Duty League? Check out ‘Contesting the Point’; the latest episode sees Maven and MerK join Malik Forté as they reflect on the Los Angeles Home Series, debating the Røkkr's winning factor vs Atlanta FaZe, if OpTic Gaming are back, Dallas Empire's MVP, and much more. 

Stay tuned to for information on the continuing season and more. 

Be sure to check the Games Blog to get insight on loadout tips for Warzone and a closer look at the newest Operator, Talon. 

We’ll see you online. 


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