Introducing: The Crossbow

A Deadly New Earnable Weapon comes to Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®. Complete a Challenge, add it to your Arsenal, and give it a Shot.

Introducing: The Crossbow

A Deadly New Earnable Weapon comes to Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®. Complete a Challenge, add it to your Arsenal, and give it a Shot.

How fast can you earn the new Crossbow? This powerful projectile weapon is now available through an exciting new challenge. Test your aiming precision and sharpen your hunting skills, then get the Crossbow for yourself.  

Silent and agile, the Crossbow is bad to the bolt: perfect for snipers, marksmen, infantrymen, and everyone in between. Read on to meet the newest addition to the Modern Warfare arsenal and find out how to complete the challenge.

Meet the Crossbow

A modern take on one of warfare’s oldest weapons, the sleek and impressive Crossbow can be found alongside Modern Warfare’s marksman rifles. However, it truly stands in a class of its own.

Check out our top reasons why the Crossbow is a weapon anyone can get behind.

1.    Exclusive customization options

Three new categories of customization are available: cable, arms, and bolts.

Cable:Adjust bolt velocity against bolt accuracy, just the way you want, with 3 unlockable cable styles.

Arms:The Crossbow’s real power lies in the arm design. Arms draw back the cable for each shot, giving Crossbows their deadly schwing. 

Bolt:Much more devastating than a bullet. A single bolt, at the right distance, is a surefire one-hit kill. Try each bolt attachment to find your sweet spot. 

2.    Distinct functionality

The Crossbow has a measured, zen-like deadliness. Similar to marksman rifles, this weapon has a slow shoot-and-reload time that requires patience and precision: no “spray ‘n pray” here.

But, manage to strike an enemy with a single bolt and you’ll be met with a satisfying one-hit kill.

3.    Unique ammunition types

Once you complete the challenge, level up the Crossbow to unlock 3 devastating bolt variants, including Explosive Tip Bolts and Tear Gas Cartridge Bolts. That’s right: not only can you stop enemies in their tracks, you also have the option to blow ‘em up or gas ‘em out.

How to Complete the Challenge

Now you want the Crossbow. So, let’s show you how to get it.

Starting 10am PT January 21, all players will have immediate access to the Crossbow Challenge. This challenge does not expire – however, the sooner you level up your Crossbow, the sooner you can experience its full power.

1.    Navigate to the Loadouts tab.

2.    Choose the loadout you wish to edit, then find the Crossbow amongst the other marksman rifles.

3.    Select the Crossbow and you’ll see the following message: “Unlock Criteria: using a marksman rifle with a Reflex Optic, get 5 kills in 25 different matches.”

4.    Then, simply take your pick of available marksman rifles and start racking up those kills!

5.    You can track your progress any time by returning to the Crossbow in the Marksman Rifles menu.

Check Out The Tips

Before you give the Crossbow Challenge a go, pick up our top suggestions for earning this one-hit-wonder quickly.

1.    Remember: Use a Reflex Sight!

In this Challenge, kills don’t count without a Reflex Sight equipped – no matter if you use the MK2 Carbine or the ‘Long Arm’ blueprint (available for FREE at Battle Pass Tier 55). Reflex Sights start unlocking for this class at weapon level 2 (though some unlock at even higher levels). Visit the Gunsmith to see what Reflex Optics are available to you.

2.    Try a Blueprint

Besides the ‘Long Arm’ blueprint, there’s another recommended marksman rifle blueprint in the Battle Pass: ‘Stay Frosty’. This semi-auto battle rifle comes outfitted with a few impressive attachments, including the FORGE TAC Precision 22.0” Barrel to extend range and velocity. This attachment allows for rapid follow-up shots, a great perk for the patient marksman rifle class. Simply add the Operator Reflex Sight (unlocked at level 2) to the ‘Stay Frosty’ blueprint, and you have a fine tool for completing the challenge.

3.    Play Hardpoint
You can play any Multiplayer mode to complete this challenge. However, Hardpoint’s fixed objective rotation makes it easier to predict enemy movements on any map. If you know the location of the next Hardpoint hill, leave the current Hardpoint early and cut off hostiles on their way there. (Just make sure your team is still occupying the Hardpoint, or risk losing objective points to get your kills.) Follow the enemies, and you’ll soon rack up those needed 5-kills-per match. And speaking of following:

4.    Equip the Tracker Perk

Have you unlocked all perks yet? If so, look no further than the Tracker perk to help you hunt down hostiles. Available as the very last unlock in the Perk 3 slot, Tracker displays a glowing trail of footprints behind fleeing enemies. With Tracker equipped, getting the required 5 kills every match is easy as ready, aim, fire.

5.    Have fun!

No matter how you use it, the Crossbow is an incredibly fun and unique addition to the Modern Warfare armory. So, complete the Crossbow Challenge now to snag one for yourself.

This bad boy can fit in so many one-hit-kills in it. Try it now, and stay frosty.

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