More Season One Content Has Arrived in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®

Vacant, Shipment, and the Operator Nikto highlight the new Modern Warfare content available now as part of Season One.

More Season One Content Has Arrived in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®

Vacant, Shipment, and the Operator Nikto highlight the new Modern Warfare content available now as part of Season One.

“Sgt. Kamarov, we have Coalition fighters in the A.O.” – Nikto, Modern Warfare.

Nikto is finally here, and he’s brought reinforcements in the form of reimagined Multiplayer maps, new Special Ops content, and more.

Season One continues with even more content for the Modern Warfare community by providing new experiences for Multiplayer warriors and Special Ops soldiers alike.

Here’s what’s available now in Modern Warfare:

Vacant, Shipment, and Winter Docks Come to Multiplayer

Multiplayer Operators have three new maps to dive into, including one that can be played on both Gunfight and regular Multiplayer modes!

Winter Docks: The Holidays have come to Modern Warfare in a new-themed version of the Gunfight Map, Docks, now entitled: Winter Docks. While this 2v2 playground may have the look of jolly and good cheer, expect a tension-filled fight whenever you hop into a match.

Vacant: The classic office locale from Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare® has been reimagined for Modern Warfare’s visceral and photorealistic game engine. Intense interior combat is sure to occur in this abandoned headquarters, so Operators should stay alert.

Shipment: Another Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare masterpiece returns as a map for both core Multiplayer modes and Gunfight. Its small size was essentially built for Gunfight long before the mode came into existence, and veterans will feel right at home battling amongst the containers. Just be prepared for a fight the second you spawn in; you won’t have to travel far to find your enemy here. 

New Game Mode: Cranked

This week, one new limited time game mode will be introduced to the Multiplayer fray:

Cranked: Cranked is a Multiplayer deathmatch-style game mode, first seen in Call of Duty®: Ghosts. After getting a kill in Cranked, players are tasked with getting another kill within a short time frame or they’ll explode.

Expect more game modes to drop throughout Season One!

Operation Strongbox and Classic Special Ops Experiences Bomb Squad and Disinform Arrive

Operation Strongbox: The second phase of Armistice’s plans to destroy Al-Qatala’s financial support involves destroying everything that “The Banker” has holed up in his vault. Conduct the most badass bank heist by using stolen crypto keys to break into his bank, crack open the vault, and escape the premises with enough cash to put “The Banker” out of business.

Classic Special Ops - Bomb Squad: Forces that are still loyal to General Barkov have planted explosives around the city of Al-Raab, Urzikstan. With the help of a helicopter for infiltration and exfiltration, your team must defuse these IEDs before they detonate and wipe out the city. Succeed, and you will not only save many innocent lives, but also deal a critical blow to the General’s stragglers.

Classic Special Ops – Disinform: Al-Qatala insurgents have attacked the fallen US Embassy to steal classified intel. Your mission is to protect the intel by eliminating all hostile forces, transferring the classified data, and moving to exfil for a helo extraction. Battle against the Al-Qatala militant forces and secure the intelligence before it falls into the wrong hands. 

Nikto, Holideadly Bundles Highlight New Store Content

Today marks the arrival of the Spetsnaz Operator Nikto to the Store in the ‘Nikto Operator Bundle’. Grab this bundle today to get the methodical and calculating Nikto, along with three weapon blueprints, a watch, and other personalization content.

Also available in the store is the ‘Holideadly’ bundle, a collection of festive personalization items that will help you spread that holiday cheer… Even if your enemies are on the naughty list! Plus, some of the new bundles include tier skips, allowing you to boost your progression further up the Battle Pass to Tier 100!

Look out for more Store content during the remainder of Season One.

Get the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Pass Edition

Have you yet to drop into Modern Warfare? The start of Season One is a perfect time to save the world with Captain Price. Team up with friends in Special Ops and do battle in Multiplayer.

This digital edition of the game comes with the following:

·      The full game

·      3,000 CP* – enough for you to get the Battle Pass Bundle and then some!

·      A Combat Knife with an exclusive skin

·      XRK Weapons Pack

To get this version of the game, simply visit, select the Battle Pass Edition, your preferred platform, and your region.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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