Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Contracts: Tips and Tricks

Money and loot — who could ask for more? Read up on strategies for all current Warzone Contracts, including the latest Supply Run Contract.

Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Contracts: Tips and Tricks

Money and loot — who could ask for more? Read up on strategies for all current Warzone Contracts, including the latest Supply Run Contract.

The battle for Verdansk grows more intense with every season, whether you’re fighting solo or alongside a squad. To reach that victory screen you’ll need to fight harder than ever and take every advantage you can get. And what’s a sure way to get the upper hand? Complete those Contracts.

With the most recent addition of the Supply Run Contract in the Season Four Reloaded update, there are now five total Contract types within Verdansk, providing a variety of useful rewards on completion. To ensure success in your next deployment, let’s review some strategies in completing them all.

Tips for Becoming a Contract Killer

Whenever you complete a Contract, your Contract Bonus will increase. This stat, which does not carry over from match-to-match, determines the level of loot and Cash that can be earned by completing Contracts.

A Contract Bonus of 1, which all Operators begin with at the start of a Warzone match, means that you’ll most likely only earn a few thousand in Cash and some XP and weapon XP. However, if you complete five Contracts and have a Contract Bonus level of 6, the next Contract you complete has a high chance of showering you with a much greater amount of Cash, XP, and a greater chance of Epic or Legendary loot.

Now let’s get to the Contracts.

Supply Run

The latest Contract to join Warzone, the Supply Run marks out a specific Buy Station for you and your squad to reach within the allotted time. Get there for a Cash reward and an 80% discount on most items. Even better, there’s no cost for picking up a Self-Revive Kit or redeploying a fallen teammate. The Loadout Drop Marker is not discounted.

You can only select one discounted or free item before the Buy Station returns to its normal prices, so choose wisely.

1. Bring along a vehicle before picking up the Supply Run Contract to improve your chances of reaching the Buy Station in time. You’ve only got two minutes to get there, so the faster you move, the better.

2. That said, avoid blindly rushing in, especially in heavily populated areas. You never know when someone might be waiting for you. In Plunder and Blood Money, consider taking the Recon Drone field upgrade to quickly scout the area before heading in.

3. Supply Runs are a great early game Contract to pursue in Battle Royale. Drop to one outside of the initial circle to reduce your chances of being targeted and pick up a free Self-Revive Kit. It might just save you from a trip to the Gulag…or at least postpone it.

Most Wanted

It’s time to put some skill behind that trash talk. Pick up the Most Wanted Contract to place a bounty on your head, marking your position in the Tac Map for everyone to see. Survive for three minutes for a huge Cash payout and a free automatic redeploy for any eliminated squadmates.

1. Most Wanted Contracts represent the epitome of high risk, high reward play. Make sure that you’re well equipped when taking one on and have some idea of your strategy for staying alive, whether that’s bunkering up in a well-defended location or hopping into a vehicle to stay ahead of approaching Operators. 

2. While the Cash payout is nice, these Contracts show their true potential in reviving your fallen squadmates, making this a great mid- to late-game challenge when your friends are down, and you need the extra support to secure the win.

3. Prefer being the hunter to the hunted? Check your Tac Map for the red crowned icon, indicating the location of a currently active Most Wanted Contract. Pursue the target and eliminate them for a Cash reward and a boost to your Contract Bonus level.


Upon picking up this Contract, you and your squad have only a few minutes to hunt down a player within an enemy squad. Your Tac Map shows the approximate location of the foe, but it’s all up to you to find out precisely where they are and execute them. 

If enough time is available after they are killed, the timer extends and the bounty shifts to another target within that squad. Once all target squad members are eliminated, the Contract is completed and you are rewarded with Cash, XP, and the satisfaction of knocking a squad out of the game!

1. The Bounty Contract tracks a player down to an approximate area, even if they move. Use your Tac Map to find them, and call out to teammates about where they are, especially if they’re on the move.

2. Always pick up a Bounty Contract, even if you’ve got other plans. At the least, it gives you intel on an enemy position that you wouldn’t otherwise have. 

3. It’s possible for more than one squad to be hunting the same bounty target, so as with any location-based objective, be aware of your surroundings. If someone else is closing in, wait for the two parties to engage and then ambush them both.


After activating this contract, your Tac Map will update with an objective marker where you and your team must stand within a small radius around a comms station and upload data. Those who are familiar with Multiplayer can equate this task to capturing an HQ or Domination flag. Capturing the objective will take time, although it can be sped up by having multiple people standing within the objective area.

Completing the upload will award loot and Cash directly onto the location, as well as showing you where the next safe area will be via a yellow circle on the Tac Map.

1. Recon Contracts alert nearby enemies to your position by firing a flare into the air when the objective is being captured. Although you will have to be extra cautious while completing this task, the loot and a look into a future circle are definitely worth the trouble.

2. If you’re playing in a squad, consider sending a sniper or other long-range player to perch up on a vantage point overlooking the comms station. If any enemies follow the flare hoping for an easy kill, that player can call out their position and your squad can attack from multiple directions. 

3. The intel received via completing Recon Contracts will stack, meaning that if you complete several Recons, you’ll see the next several safe areas outlined on your Tac Map. The more you know, the better you can prepare.


Low on loot? This Contract points you to three special Supply Boxes, one at a time by placing a special icon on your Tac Map. Once the first one is opened, the second is marked, followed by the third once both boxes are collected.

Finding even just one, or the first two special Supply Boxes, allows you and your squad to keep any loot or Cash found, but collecting all three offers the best rewards: a chance at rarer loot – Legendary weapons, Field Upgrades, and even Self-Revive Kits – as well as the XP and Cash bonuses.

1. Scavenger Contracts are great at the start of a Battle Royale match, as it allows you and your squad to immediately get started on building a loadout with high level loot. This may make places with Scavenger Contracts popular areas to drop in, though, so be prepared for a fight when deciding to parachute over to them.

2. Completing an early game Scavenger Contract sets you up to immediately move onto another Contract type, since you’ll be geared up and ready to engage with anyone who crosses you along the way. Talk about a good start. 

3. Scavenger Contracts are also great following a victory at the Gulag. Pick one up, hit all three Supply Boxes, and you’ll be back to prime fighting form in no time.

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Want more information on Warzone? Read the Free Official Warzone Strategy Guide for over 250 tips, an interactive atlas of Verdansk, strategies on game modes, and more. 

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