Designed for Engagement: Dusk, Sterling, and Ice Storm

Part one of a closer look at Season Two Battle Pass weapon blueprints including strategies, tactics, and tips on how to use them in Warzone loadouts

Designed for Engagement: Dusk, Sterling, and Ice Storm

Part one of a closer look at Season Two Battle Pass weapon blueprints including strategies, tactics, and tips on how to use them in Warzone loadouts

Free-to-play Warzone, a massive combat experience from the world of Modern Warfare®, is live and ready for players to test out their skills and loadouts in both modes: Battle Royale and Plunder. Crafting a Loadout Drop is only one key to success in Warzone, but an important one. 

Read on to get some insights on how weapon blueprints can be a benefit to your Loadout Drops in Battle Royale and Plunder including some tips for using them. 

Blueprints Breakdown

Weapon blueprints are unique customizations of weapons that are meant to amplify a specific playstyle. Weapon blueprints have rarity levels that indicate the strength of a weapon respective to the playstyle that range from Common to Legendary.

When crafting a loadout in Gunsmith, a weapon must be completely leveled up in order to equip and use all of its attachments. Weapon blueprints utilize a variety of attachments including ones that might be locked at the current weapon’s progression level. 

Check out these three suggested loadouts that feature weapon blueprints that are available in the Season Two Battle Pass system. 

Lights Out with the Dusk

Primary Weapon: Dusk (Tier 1)

Secondary Weapon: Two Tone (Tier 26)

Perks: Double Time, Hardline, Amped

Equipment: Smoke Grenade, Throwing Knife

Field Upgrade: Stopping Power Rounds (*Field Upgrades are only useable in Plunder)

The range and damage output of the Dusk makes it a great weapon for players who favor accuracy, stability, and strong firepower in a reliable package. As an LMG, moving with the Dusk will be slower, but you’ll have the capability to hold down areas and secure locations which is an essential skill to safely banking Cash in Plunder. You can use the Smoke including in this loadout to protect you when banking Cash. Pairing the skills of this weapon with Double Time will help you move quicker when the closing circle is upon you and Amped will ensure an even faster weapon swap to the trusty pistol when needed. 

The Two Tone acquired at Tier 26 is an ideal complement to the Dusk. It has a quick fire-rate and reliable damage. As a handgun, you’ll be able to ADS much faster than with the Dusk which can help if you need to eliminate an eliminate in closer quarters. Switching to a pistol is always faster than reloading and Stopping Power Rounds will boost the damage of your secondary to eliminate enemies in a few quick shots. Get an overview of all the Field Upgrades available in Warzone and Modern Warfare® Multiplayer here.

The Dusk is available at a free tier within the Battle Pass system, so once you progress and earn this weapon consider trying it out in your Loadout Drops. 

Hit your Mark with the Sterling Marksman Rifle

Primary Weapon: Sterling (Tier 7)

Secondary Weapon: Bengal (Tier 20)

Perks: Kill Chain, Overkill, Tune Up

Equipment: Heartbeat Sensor, Proximity Mine

Field Upgrade: Recon Drone (*Field Upgrades are only useable in Plunder)

Long range marksmen can rejoice upon equipping the Sterling weapon blueprint. This steady marksman rifle has high accuracy, damage, and range – translation it can hit a target, at a distance, with power. It has a slower fire rate, but you shouldn’t need to land to many shots on target to down a foe. Listen out to audio cues when using this weapon to determine if a foes’ armor has broken. Pro-tips: aim for the head and lead your shots. 

The remainder of this loadout are all tools to aid a long-range player during a Battle Royale or Plunder match. If you’re using the Sterling, equipping the Bengal SMG gives you better coverage at extremely close to close-medium ranges (about a dozen meters out). The Thermal Hybrid scope included on this weapon can cut through Smoke Grenades, which may be thrown by enemies who want to obstruct your view as you try to snipe them with the Sterling. In non-smoke situations in close quarters, all it takes is a quick flip of the hybrid scope to engage with enemies effectively.

You can use the Recon Drone to scout enemies that are escaping the gas to strategize your position, and the Heartbeat Sensor will help you identify any enemies that are closing in. If they get too close, the Proximity Mine will damage or at least alert you to foes. Use Kill Chain to give yourself a better chance of finding Killstreaks in Supply Boxes and Tune Up to help you revive fallen teammates quickly then jump back into battle. 

Ice Storm your Enemies

Primary Weapon: Ice Storm (Tier 17)

Secondary Weapon: .357

Perks: Double Time, Pointman, Tracker

Equipment: Snapshot Grenade, C4

Field Upgrade: Dead Silence (*Field Upgrades are only useable in Plunder)

Give your enemies the cold shoulder with the Ice Storm, a shotgun that will send shivers down their spine. Close quarters experts, aggressive players, and anyone looking to take the fight directly to the enemy – this loadout is for you. The Ice Storm is capable of a one shot kill in close distances, and it has better than average range for a shotgun. The Ice Storm is paired with .357 in case you need a little more distance in a small, lethal package. Use your mobility to close the gaps on your opponents, and you can devastate with this one-two punch. 

Players running this loadout are breach and clear specialist and should consider playing around city and suburban areas to capitalize on the multitude of buildings, just be wary of sharpshooters. Double Time helps you move quickly while Pointman will give your team a in-match Cash boost for completing Contracts. Use Tracker and Dead Silence to stalk your prey, then bring the cold with the Ice Storm. A little unsure of where the enemy is lurking? Toss in a Snapshot Grenade followed by a C4 to pinpoint their position and blow them away. 

Blueprint Specific Tips for Warzone

1.    Remember that Loadout Drops in Battle Royale can be stolen, so make sure the area is clear or position a teammate to help watch your back. 

2.    If playing with the Dusk loadout always use the Throwing Knife in closer quarters combat where quick action is needed. You’ll be able to toss the weapon at an enemy much faster than ADSing with the Dusk. The Throwing Knife is a part of the loadout for a reason, so don’t forget about it. 

3.    If you’re completing a Scavenger Contract, equip the Ice Storm before entering buildings and opening Supply Boxes. Plus, this Legendary blueprint has great range for a shotgun, so you can take out enemies with ease that are lurking indoors. 

4.    Players that love to fight near Broadcast will benefit from the range, vision, and damage output of the Sterling. Find your spot atop Broadcast, a massively tall building, and look through your scope to call-out enemies from afar and take them out in a few well-placed shots. 

5.    The stability of the Dusk excels at holding down and securing areas. Use this in Plunder if your role is guarding Cash Extraction Sites or protecting the squad while using a Cash Deposit Balloon. In Battle Royale, this loadout is ideal for completing Recon Contracts. 

Purchase the Season Two Battle Pass to get access to unlock all of these blueprints within 100 tiers of content that includes 11 Operators and Operator Missions, XP and Weapon XP tokens, 1300 Call of Duty points, and more. 

Want more information on Warzone? Read the Free Official Warzone Strategy Guidefor over 250 tips, an interactive atlas of Verdansk, strategies on game modes, and more. 

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