The Basics of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®: Field Upgrades

No Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Operator is complete without a Field Upgrade. Read on to see how each of these powerful tools can help you in Multiplayer.

The Basics of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®: Field Upgrades

No Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Operator is complete without a Field Upgrade. Read on to see how each of these powerful tools can help you in Multiplayer.

In Multiplayer, an Operator drops into battle with a Field Upgrade, an in-game equipment asset that operates on a cooldown. Once charged, they grant particular advantages when utilized correctly.

When a Field Upgrade is ready to use,  its teal-colored meter fills indicating it is available for deployment. Tactical use of Field Upgrades can turn the tide of battle for you or your team, and each one is tailored to a specific style of play.

You can select a Field Upgrade while in the in-game Pause menu, or navigate to the Weapons section of the main Multiplayer menu and see all Field Upgrades, along with a tutorial on how to use each one.

At first, you’ll have access to the Munitions Box and Recon Drone, but as you level up your Operator, the full suite of nine Field Upgrades will be at your disposal.

Here’s a breakdown of Modern Warfare’s Field Upgrades:

Munitions Box

Recharge Rate: Medium

Upon activation, your soldier will deploy a box of ammo, grenades, and weapons for you and your teammates. Any friendly Operator who runs by this box will have their ammo and grenades replenished. If you see an enemy Munitions Box, don’t try to shoot it down as it may explode, killing you in the process. However, at a safe distance, it could be a trap that you can set off when unsuspecting enemies are within its radius.

Recon Drone

Recharge Rate: Slow

Pilot a small, remote-controlled drone, ideally from a safe position behind cover, around the map. The drone is fully-maneuverable with precise yaw and pitch control, but with a limited health and fuel supply, meaning it can’t be used indefinitely and can be shot down. Enemies, equipment, and vehicles are shown on the drone’s camera display (foes appear as white circles), then you can mark them to earn points and track them, even through walls.

Dead Silence

Recharge Rate: Fast

Dead Silence temporarily makes your footsteps quieter, allowing you a greater freedom to move closer to enemy installations, locations, or activities with less of a fear of discovery. Of course, you need to remember your weapons still make a sound! If you’re attempting Finishing Moves (a unique takedown from behind), or wish to become a clandestine Operator, this is a Field Upgrade you should consider. 

Stopping Power Rounds

Recharge Rate: Slow

Add a bit more firepower to your arsenal with a magazine or clip full of Stopping Power Rounds. These ballistics are more powerful than your stock ammunition, as they deal extra damage to enemies and equipment. Activating Stopping Power Rounds will only supply ONE magazine or a clip full of boosted ammunition to your equipped weapon, so ensure that weapon is the one you want to load up with Stopping Power Rounds. 

Trophy System

Recharge Rate: Fast

This autonomous defense system destroys up to three pieces of equipment or enemy projectiles that dare to enter its zone of control. Whether it is a Smoke Grenade or an RPG rocket, this tiny robot can come up big by intercepting any hostile projectiles outside of bullets. 

Deployable Cover

Recharge Rate: Fast

Quickly deployable, this roughly five-by-four feet metal ballistic cover can provide critical protection under certain circumstances during a Multiplayer battle. Perhaps an enemy is dug-in across a courtyard, with limited cover opportunities? Then throw out the Deployable Cover to slide into a protected location instead of being picked off en route to engage the foe. Aside from the reasonable protection this affords you or a teammate, you can also mount your weapons to the horizontal top, or vertical sides of the Cover, granting you stability bonuses to your firing while doing so.

Tactical Insertion

Recharge Rate: Fast

Should you wish to spawn at a particular location on a map, perhaps close to an objective or power position, you can drop down a lit flare to mark it as your next spawn point. The next time you succumb to enemy fire, you automatically return to the flare’s location, to continue the battle; hopefully with a tactical advantage! These insertion flares can be seen and neutralized by others, so strategic use of them is of paramount importance.

EMP Drone

Recharge Rate: Medium

Straight from Hadir’s hanger of remote-controlled planes, this EMP Drone detonates a powerful electromagnetic pulse that disables all electronics in the area. Upon activation, the EMP Drone can be targeted to any area on the map via tablet. Once you select an area, the plane will dive down and explode, dealing significant damage to anyone in its immediate area and wiping out enemy radar, equipment, or other tech within a small radius from its point of impact.

Weapon Drop

Recharge Rate: Medium

Need to bring in the big guns? The Weapon Drop Field Upgrade brings a cache full of high-powered weapons via drone to a drop point marked by a dyed smoke grenade, which looks similar to a Care Package marker. Once the drone drops this box off, you or your teammates can interact with it to either add an additional attachment to your weapon or equip a fully-customized weapon that uses all five attachment slots. The weapon and attachments are all randomly generated, but that roll of the dice may give you or a teammate exactly what you need to turn the tide of battle.


The Choice is Yours: Pros and Cons of Field Upgrade Pro

Initially, you have one Field Upgrade. However, once you achieve Rank 45, you’ll have the option of using Field Upgrade Pro, which gives you the ability to bring two Field Upgrades into battle.

Field Upgrade Pro is not only great for those indecisive Operators, but also those who may want to pick between two powerful in-game abilities depending on the situation. For example, Tactical Insertion combined with a Trophy System could give you offensive spawn placement and a boost to your objective defense.

So, should you go Pro? What Field Upgrade – or Upgrades – is best for you? The answers to these questions, and more, are up to you. Don’t worry about committing to one (or two) Field Upgrades in battle though; you can easily swap out Field Upgrades within the in-game Pause menu. Experiment with all nine of these Field Upgrades and have fun trying out these brand-new tools in battle.

We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.


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