Skylanders and Autism Speaks Team Up to "Light It Up Blue"

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes.

by Josh_Taub on February 29, 2016

For several years, it’s been my honor and pleasure to lead the Skylanders brand, where we work as a team to deliver new magical adventures and a legion of heroes to kids around the world.

Today I want to talk about another type of hero.  These individuals also make a difference in their communities.  Like so many superheroes before them, they are often misunderstood or teased because of their particular abilities.  They see the world differently, and even though their surroundings can feel outright hostile to them at times, their very presence makes the world a better place to those special enough to know them and support them.

This year, together with Autism Speaks, we are proud to give these real-life superheroes a limited edition action figure line of their own – the Skylanders Power Blue crew for Skylanders SuperChargers.  Passionately created by our studio with the charity in mind and available in stores now, these four toys were made for some of our biggest fans in the world.  We hope our support for Autism Awareness Month and the Light It Up Blue program on April 2, 2016 reinforces our deep appreciation and gratitude for heroism in all its forms.

My team and I are very privileged to be able to create heroes for a living.  But to parents and loved ones who raise heroes, that’s something truly special.