King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember Arriving in July, Watch the New Trailer

Relive the adventures of King Graham.

by Josh__Engen on June 15, 2015

If you’re anything like me, patience isn’t a strong suit, and the fact that Sierra has managed to keep a tight lid on the details of King’s Quest has probably left you hungry for more. We've seen some great trailers, we got a chance to peek behind the curtain on the game’s soundtrack and hand-painted visuals, and the King’s Quest voice actors gave us a glimpse into their process. But we've only gotten a small taste of what's in store for the gameplay and story, and until now, only a small idea of when we'll be able to play it. Well, the folks at Sierra are finally answering all of those questions and more with the debut of a brand-new trailer at E3.

Today’s video marks the first time Sierra has put King’s Quest’s gameplay on display, and the hand-painted artwork looks even more impressive in context. Plus, we got a look at Christopher Lloyd’s old-man Graham, Josh Keaton as a young Graham, Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Gwendolyn, and Zelda Williams as Amaya the Blacksmith.

Anyone who’s familiar with the franchise knows that King’s Quest has a cozy relationship with pop-culture references and puns—especially puns. The first episode’s title, “A Knight to Remember,” will undoubtedly resonate with long-time fans. You'll also be excited to hear that Episode One is arriving sooner than expected. King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember will hit consoles and PC at the end of July.

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