Create your very own Skylanders and bring them to life with Skylanders Imaginators!

Skylanders Imaginators lets players create their very own Skylanders for the first time! Find out how you can build your own heroes and bring them to life!

by Kevin Kelly on October 03, 2016

When Skylanders Imaginators launches later this month, you’ll be given the power to create your own Skylanders for the first time ever. You’ve been asking for it ever since Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, and now it’s nearly here!

You’ll be able to create your own Skylander – called an Imaginator – from scratch, including their Element and Battle Class (fighting style), everything about the way they look (head, body, legs, arms) and even their name, catchphrase, voice and musical style. Of course, you’ll also be able to equip them in tons of different gear, choose unique colors for their garb, scale body proportions and upgrade them on your adventures. The creation system lets you use the full power of your imagination!

Once you’ve created your Imaginators, you’ll want to bring them into our world. So how will you do that, you ask? That’s where magic and technology meet up in Skylanders Creator, our brand-new mobile app. This free downloadable app not only lets you create your own Imaginators on the go, you can also magically transport your Imaginators created in the console game straight into the app via amazing special audio technology. It’s right out of a science-fiction movie!

Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your Imaginators in the digital world, you can use the Creator app* to bring them to life in the physical world in three extremely cool ways:

  • 3D Printed Imaginator Figure

    Order a custom-printed, full color Imaginator, posed on a base and enclosed in a clear protective dome – making it a true collector’s item. Plus, you can plunk your hero onto the Portal of Power and zap them into the game! Seriously – you’ll have a real version of your very own Skylander that you can hold in your hand and fully play in Skylanders Imaginators! Additionally, you’ll have the option to continue changing the digital version of the character any way you choose using the creation tools in the game. Quantities are limited for the 3D figures.
  • Imaginator Card

    You’ll also be able to purchase a high-quality custom card emblazoned with a full color image of your creation. Not only will the card look extra awesome, it’ll also work just like a Skylander. Place it on the Portal of Power and bring your character to life in Skylanders Imaginators! And just like the 3D figures, at any time you’ll have the option to continue customizing the digital version of the character using the creation tools in the game.
  • Imaginator T-Shirt

    Custom-made cards and T-shirts aren’t the only things you can buy. That’s right. You can also order a custom T-shirt featuring your Imaginator! Your creation will be printed in full-color on the front of the shirt, along with their Battle Class, Element, and whatever name you give them! Show off your creation and announce yourself as a Skylanders fan anywhere you go.

As if all of the above isn’t enough, besides creating your own Skylanders in the app and bringing them to life in the physical world, Skylanders Creator will also feature:

  • Timed Imaginite Chests – Get new creation parts at different times during the day to further customize the look of your Imaginators! Check the app regularly to discover new weapons, gear and other parts!
  • Sensei Chests – Once a day, the Senseis featured in Skylanders Imaginators will give you special parts unique to that Skylander to help you build your part collection!
  • My Imaginators Creation Gallery – The app also features a collection menu where players can access all of their created Imaginators.
  • Share – Share your Imaginators with the world! If you’ve registered on social media sites, upload your created characters to those sites for everyone to see. You can also send text messages and e-mails of your Imaginators to family and friends!
  • Full Character Viewing – You’ll create your Imaginators in landscape view for optimal ease-of-use of the creation tools on your mobile device, but you can get closer views of your characters in portrait view. Pinch, zoom, and rotate are supported as well, giving you full control over how you want to view your creations! 

Wow! That’s a ton of awesomeness! And did we mention the app is free? Skylanders Creator is a not only a companion to Skylanders Imaginators, it also puts a world of creation into your hands wherever you are. The app will launch on October 12, and will be available for iOS and Android devices. For a full list of compatible devices, please check the Skylanders website. We can’t wait to get you creating!

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*Skylanders Creator feature availability varies by territory.