Stay Frosty with Operation Snowblind!

Operation Snowblind brings Infected, a snowy update to Redwood and a storm of Double XP opportunities to Call of Duty: Black Ops III, and is currently live on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

by James Mattone on March 07, 2018

Winter may be almost over, but in Call of Duty: Black Ops III the cold front has just arrived with Operation Snowblind! And just so you don’t go in completely blind, here’s a look at what you can expect:


Call of Duty: Black Ops III gets Infected. This classic survival game mode will rotate in and out of the featured playlists throughout Operation Snowblind, bringing a fan-favorite to Black Ops III for the first time.

Infected, the game mode where survivors can become infected enemies with one swift knife kill, will be available as a public playlist throughout Operation Snowblind. Jump into this game mode with friends or make some of your own in the 18-person lobby, but don’t get too close, as they may be the ones that infect you in the future.

The public Infected playlist will offer Double XP, so you can slice and dice your way to your next Prestige or your final Master Prestige levels.

A Wintery Redwood

Because Redwood is located on the California Coast, it is not usually dusted with snow. However, Operation Snowblind has apparently wreaked havoc with weather patterns, and dumped some fresh powder all over that map.

In Operation Snowblind, Redwood is transformed into Redwood Snow, a wintery battlefield where loadouts of all types can melt your opposition. Redwood Snow will be in the regular map rotation during Operation Snowblind, and will have its own 24/7 playlist where you can earn DoubleXP.

Bundle Up with New Gear

Operation Snowblind also means new gear, and it’s all themed around surviving the arctic tundra. Nine new specialist themes will arrive with the coming cold, as well as a brand-new camo that is cooler than being cool. And what’s cooler than being cold? Ice cold.

In addition to a collection of winterized Specialist themes, Operation Snowblind will also deliver a new Sniper Rifle: the XPR-50. Those familiar with Call of Duty: Black Ops II know that this semi-auto, .50 caliber rifle delivers reliable one-shot kills to the center torso and above. It comfortably takes down enemies at any range and, with Ballistics CPU, the idle sway is practically a non-factor.

Operation Snowblind is live right now, so prepare for the storm and fire up Call of Duty: Black Ops III!

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