How to Rank Up Fast in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Three simple tips for maximizing your time in multiplayer.

by Scott Lowe on November 19, 2014

Ranking up in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer not only serves as a testament to your skill and commitment, it unlocks new weapons, gear, abilities, and playercard options. But you don’t have to be the MVP round-after-round to progress quickly — here are a few tips to help you gain XP effortlessly.


Diversify Your Loadouts

It’s easy to fall into habit with a certain weapon, perk, or piece of equipment, but branching out beyond your daily driver can result in easy XP gains. Each weapon and every attachment comes with its own set of challenges with significant XP rewards. Best of all, many weapon or attachment challenges can be completed by simply just adding them to your loadout for a few matches.

For example, by just getting 50 kills with any weapon or certain attachment, you’ll complete the first Marksman challenge for a reward of 500 XP. There are five Marksman challenge tiers for each weapon and attachment, ranging from 500 XP to 5,000 XP – and again, all you have to do is play and earn kills.

As you become more proficient with a certain weapon, there are also challenges associated with long-range kills, headshots, and other types of skill-based achievements. Similar challenges can also be earned by trying out new perks, exo abilities, scorestreaks, or different types of grenades and equipment for your exo launcher.

So get out there and shake things up to reap big rewards.


Cash in Unwanted Items for XP

As you spend time playing Advanced Warfare multiplayer, you’ll periodically acquire Supply Drops — a bounty of unique weapons and gear ranging from rare chest pieces to modified versions of your favorite SMG. However, after you’ve accumulated a sizable collection of loot, there may be duplicates or items you don’t have a use for, which can be cashed in for XP.

From within the Armory menu, you can check out everything you’ve earned and redeem any unwanted items for XP. Supply Drop items come in three rarities — Enlisted, Professional, and Elite — each with their own XP conversion value. Enlisted items go for a cool 500 XP, whereas Professional and Elite items net you 1,000 XP and 2,000 XP, respectively.

Rather than hoarding it all, convert your items to XP and push ever closer to your next rank progression.


Try New Modes

Can’t get enough Team Deathmatch? Inseparable from Search and Destroy? We know how you feel, but you’re leaving XP on the table. Much like weapons and equipment, there are a series of challenges associated with each of Advanced Warfare’s 11 current game modes that can be obtained with little effort. While the requirements vary, you can rack up XP bonuses by just winning matches with your team or accumulating points within a certain gametype over time. And should you happen to find yourself an especially adept player within any particular game mode, there are a variety of other skill-based challenges, too.

Have tips for earning XP of your own? Share them in the comments below and for all the latest on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, stay tuned to the Activision Games Blog.