Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review Roundup

See what critics are saying about Advanced Warfare.

by Scott Lowe on November 05, 2014

It’s only been a few short days since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare made its debut, and already, the response from the community has been incredible. Fans and critics alike have shared their excitement for Advanced Warfare’s inventive new mobility mechanics, fully realized near-future universe, and its robust, more personalized character and loadout customization systems. See what reviewers are saying about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare below.


Cutting Edge Storytelling

“Advanced Warfare's attention to story makes it more intriguing — and, importantly, more fun — than most movies to hit the cinema recently” - USA Today

"The campaign kicks off with a bang, highlighting the new, cutting edge weaponry and equipment at your disposal, and doing an excellent job of immersing you into the futuristic world of Advanced Warfare” - Games Radar

"Advanced Warfare is a deluge of action-film bravado, and it's difficult to not be carried away by its tidal forces" - GameSpot

"Kevin Spacey delivers a blockbuster performance unlike anything we have seen in the gaming world so far” - Cheat Code Central

“These characters, and the rest of the cast, are brought to life with some of the best character models and facial animations I’ve seen” - IGN

“Most of the time, I thought I was looking at a human character in a movie. That’s how good the animations have become” - GamesBeat

“The level design is intricate, the story is amazing" - Cheat Code Central

A Fresh New Take on Multiplayer

"Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare excels in online multiplayer, with brand new mechanics and a complex, loot-filled progression system that hooks you in” - Games Radar

“The Exo suit is the kind of change I was looking for in Call of Duty multiplayer. It’s intuitive, fun, and it affects everything you do” - IGN

“Without a doubt, this is the most skill-based Call of Duty multiplayer since the first Modern Warfare. Not coincidentally, it’s also the most fun.” - EGM

“The new Exo-upgrades really make things explosive in multiplayer” - Game Trailers

"The competitive offering is full of surprises with gameplay mechanics that will make you rethink your online tactics and a progression system that will keep you in for the long run” - Games Radar

“You're no longer a soldier lost in the noise of war - you're a superhero, cutting through the fury with superpowers of your own. The exosuit is central to your suite of powers, and it profoundly alters the rhythm of play” - Eurogamer


Unprecedented Customization

"The wealth of customization options should have players coming back for game after game” - Game Informer

“The new loot system creates the most rewarding progression system the series has seen in years. The loot system makes ranking up incredibly rewarding” - Games Radar

“Despite the wealth of items and skins to earn, it never feels overwhelming” - IGN

“Advanced Warfare's arsenal is a treat, its weapons amplified and polished until you can't help but be impressed by how expensive everything feels" - Eurogamer

Hungry for More

"If this is what Sledgehammer Games delivers as rookies at the helm of the Call of Duty franchise, players have plenty to look forward to” - USA Today

"Advanced Warfare makes for a convincing foundation of futuristic yet relatable combat that is worth exploring and expanding further” - GameSpot

"Sledgehammer has found fun in the future, and we can’t wait to go back to it” - Game Trailers