Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare AE4 Bonus Weapon Now Available

Early access for Season Pass holders starts today.

by Scott Lowe on December 11, 2014

Although the first DLC Pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Havoc, won't arrive until early next year, Season Pass owners on Xbox One or Xbox 360 can gain access to the new AE4 assault rifle as an early access bonus weapon starting today. The AE4 is a directed energy weapon, but unlike its heavy-class sibling the EM1, it functions and handles like a traditional assault rifle — it fires fully-automatic bursts of energy and its batteries must be reloaded. Season Pass holders will receive both the stock AE4 and a special AE4 Widowmaker variant, which offers a unique design and special attributes.

Everyone that picks up the Havoc DLC Pack early next year will receive the AE4, but anyone who already owns or redeems a Season Pass between now and Havoc's release can equip it in their loadout and jump into matches immediately. Check out the trailer above to see it in action.

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