Introducing the Call of Duty: Heroes Beta for iOS

Arriving today in beta, Call of Duty: Heroes brings free-to-play combat and strategy to portable devices.

by Scott Lowe on August 13, 2014

Tomorrow, the Call of Duty: Heroes® Beta goes live in Australia and New Zealand for iPad and iPhone users*.  The Call of Duty: Heroes Beta is a free-to-play combat strategy game that is currently available exclusively on the App Store.  During this Beta period, fans will have the chance to provide feedback to improve the final game experience when it's available on additional devices and countries in the future.


The latest Call of Duty mobile title lets you command an army of legendary heroes, elite soldiers, and an advanced arsenal of weaponry from the Call of Duty universe while building up and customizing a small outpost into an impenetrable base.


Speaking of heroes, the game focuses on some of the most iconic characters in the Call of Duty universe, like Captain Price, Soap, Harper, and more. Build your base, train an elite army, and take your favorite hero into battle as you wage war against your enemies, unleashing epic Killstreaks and tactical expertise unique to each.



But the Call of Duty: Heroes Beta draws more than familiar faces from the Call of Duty franchise - you'll have access to a broad range of infantry and drones, including juggernauts, CLAWs, and Dragonfires. As you play, you'll also earn devastating Killstreaks, like UAV, care packages, drone strikes, and chopper gunners.  Friends can also better their odds by banding together to share and donate heroes and troops, while competing in challenges to reap in-game rewards.



So, when can you play? For now, we're rolling out Call of Duty: Heroes Beta to players in Australia and New Zealand ahead of a broader release later on.  We're excited to get your thoughts, and we can't wait for you all to play the final game!


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CALL OF DUTY and CALL OF DUTY: HEROES are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc.  All other trademarks and tradenames are the properties of their respective owners.


*For the best experience, we recommend playing this game on an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5s/5c, and iPad 2/3/4/Air/Mini/Mini Retina. Due to heavy graphics requirements, this game is NOT compatible with the older iPhone 4 or iPod 4th Generation